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School Donation Program

As part of our commitment to our community, Ultimate Comics will donate $1000 worth of graphic novels to local schools. If you are an educator in Wake, Durham or Orange County public schools and would like to request books for your school please complete the form below. You may request up to 10 TOTAL books per school. Requests will be accepted until July 3rd at 5 PM. If we are able to fulfill your request, you will be contacted via email. Pickup will be available from your choice of our three Ultimate Comics locations. For questions send an email to

Ultimate Comics School Book Request Form

Akissi: Tales of Mischef

The plucky, trouble making Akissi is back with her mischief on The Ivory Coast! This time, she has to keep herself from drowning, stand up to a bully, make peace with her arch nemesis, the prettiest girl in school, and evade a witch doctor’s potion. Inspired by her childhood, writer Marguerite Abouet takes readers on even more hilarious adventures. Lessons learned along the way include being friends with people you don’t like, standing up for yourself, and dealing with the consequences of your actions. (Grades 3 – 7)

Big Black: Stand at Attica

The uprising at Attica Prison remains one of the bloodiest civil rights confrontations in American history … but without Frank “Big Black ” Smith it could have been even worse. Before his death, Frank “Big Black” Smith worked with Jared Reinmuth, the son of his lawyer, to share the true story of his time in Attica State Prison. This is an unflinching look at the price of standing up to injustice. (Grades 10 – 12)

Bingo Love

When Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray met at church bingo in 1963, it was love at first sight. Forced apart by their families and society, Hazel and Mari both married young men and had families. Decades later, now in their mid-’60s, Hazel and Mari reunite again at a church bingo hall. Realizing their love for each other is still alive, what these grandmothers do next takes absolute strength and courage. (Grades 8 – 12)

Bitter Root

Once known as the greatest monster hunters of all time, the Sangerye family specialized in curing the souls of those infected by hate. But those days are fading. A terrible tragedy has claimed most of the family, leaving the surviving cousins divided between by the desire to cure monsters or to kill them. Now, though, there’s a new breed of monster loose on the streets of Harlem, and the Sangerye family must either come together or watch the human race fall to untold evil. (Grades 8 – 12)

Marvel Action Black Panther Vol 1: Stormy Weather

A marvelous new era begins here! Readers of all ages can get lost in the technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda. Follow the all-new adventures of its monarch, the Black Panther! King T’Challa is responsible for defending his people-and the world-from any threats and he gets plenty of help, and sass, from his genius sister Shuri. (Grades 3 – 6)

Marvel Action Black Panther Vol 2: Rise Together

Every 25 years, Wakanda’s ruler trades places with one of their subjects to gain perspective on their kingdom. T’Challa’s turn has come, and while working in a Vibranium refinery, he uncovers a plot to sell the priceless metal on the black market. Plus, when one of the Black Panther’s advisers suffers an injury during an attack, the adviser requests the aid of a traditional healer over modern medicine. Shuri scoffs at the idea, but soon a curse forces her on an epic quest. (Grades 3 – 6)

Ironheart Vol 1: RiRi Williams

From the streets of Chicago, an armored hero rises! Clad in her own high-tech suit, Riri Williams is ready to show the world what she can do as the self-made hero of tomorrow. But is she ready for all the problems that come with stepping into Iron Man’s boots? Like her first big Marvel villain! The laundry list of criminals looking to destroy Tony Stark’s legacy! And that other guy also running around as Iron Man! As Riri’s adventures go viral, she soon claims her own alter ego: Ironheart! But her idealism is put to the test by a world she doesn’t yet understand – and a headstrong Tony Stark A.I. who thinks he knows best! How far will Riri go to do what she knows is right? (Grades 7 – 9)

Ironheart Vol 2: Meant to Fly

Riri Williams steps boldly out of Tony Stark’s shadow to forge her own future! When one of Spider-Man’s old foes holds a group of world leaders hostage, Ironheart must up her game. Luckily, Riri has a will of steel, a heart of iron and a new A.I. on her side! Unluckily, the search for a kidnapped friend will send her stumbling into an ancient power – and it’s deadly! Plus: When Miles Morales goes missing, who better to search for him than his fellow Champion Riri? And more amazing friends join the fun – including Nadia Van Dyne, the unstoppable Wasp! The Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange! And Princess Shuri of Wakanda! But can Riri and her allies stop the sinister Ten Rings and their plans for destruction?

Kindred Graphic Adaptation

A graphic-novel adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s groundbreaking science-fiction classic offers an unflinching look at slavery, race, and the role of women in society. Butler’s most celebrated, critically acclaimed work tells the story of Dana, a young black woman who is suddenly and inexplicably transported from her home in 1970s California to the pre-Civil War South. As she time-travels between worlds, one in which she is a free woman and one where she is part of her own complicated familial history on a southern plantation, she becomes frighteningly entangled in the lives of Rufus, a conflicted white slaveholder and one of Dana’s own ancestors, and the many people who are enslaved by him. (Grades 11 – 12)

The Life of Frederick Douglass

A graphic novel biography of the escaped slave, abolitionist, public speaker, and most photographed man of the nineteenth century, based on his autobiographical writings and speeches, spotlighting the key events and people that shaped the life of this great American. Taking you from Douglass’s life as a young slave through his forbidden education to his escape and growing prominence as a speaker, abolitionist, and influential cultural figure during the Civil War and beyond, The Life of Frederick Douglass presents a complete illustrated portrait of the man who stood up and spoke out for freedom and equality. Told from Douglass’s point of view and based on his own writings, This provides an up-close-and-personal look at a history-making American who was larger than life.

March: Book 1

John Lewis rose from humble beginnings to become a national leader of the civil rights movement. This is his story, from an Alabama farm to the March on Washington and beyond. (Grades 8 – 12)

March: Book 2

After the success of the Nashville sit-in movement, Lewis’ commitment to social change through nonviolence is stronger than ever – but as he and his fellow Freedom Riders board a bus into the vicious heart of the deep south, they will be tested like never before. Ttheir courage will attract the notice of powerful allies, and once Lewis is elected chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, he’ll find himself helping to lead the greatest demonstration in American history: the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. (Grades 8 – 12)

March: Book 3

With the stakes continuing to rise, white supremacists intensify their opposition through government obstruction and civilian terrorist attacks, a supportive president is assassinated, and African-Americans across the South are still blatantly prohibited from voting. To carry out their nonviolent revolution, Lewis and an army of young activists launch a series of innovative projects, including the Freedom Vote, Mississippi Freedom Summer, and a pitched battle for the soul of the Democratic Party waged live on national television. (Grades 8 – 12)

Miles Morales Vol 1: Spider-Man

When Peter Parker falls, the world needs a Spider-Man – and young Miles Morales takes up the mantle! Before Peter died, Miles was poised to start the next chapter in his life in a new school. Then, a spider’s bite granted the teenager incredible arachnid-like powers. Now, Miles has been thrust into a world he doesn’t understand, with only gut instinct, his well-intentioned best friend Ganke and a little thing called responsibility as his guides. But what was the story behind the spider that bit him? How is Miles going to get his hands on a cool new costume? And is there any way he can be ready to face the deadly sting of the Scorpion? Find out if Miles Morales can live up to the legacy of Spider-Man! (Grades 7 – 9)

Mile Morales Vol 2: With Great Power

Miles Morales is finding his feet as the new Spider-Man! But will his first team-up be with his uncle Aaron, the villainous Prowler? Caught in a moral crisis, Miles must choose between battling his uncle – or joining him to keep his family safe! Which path will the young hero take? Plus: When the nation goes to war, Miles Morales heeds Captain America’s call – and joins the Ultimates! But is he ready for an A-list villain? There’s a new Venom in town, and he’s hungry! As the deadly menace strikes all too close to home and Miles’ fragile secret comes ever nearer to being exposed, he turns to the one person who can help him: Gwen Stacy! The final battle will change both their lives as Miles confronts the dark side of Peter Parker’s legacy! (Grades 7 – 9)

Miles Morales Vol 3: With Great Responsibility

Spider-Man no more? None of Miles Morales’ incredible powers could prevent his mother’s death or spare his father from a life-changing injury in a brutal fight against Venom. Miles is convinced he caused the tragedy – so in an emotion-filled decision, he has put away the costume, swearing never to fight as Spider-Man again! But when two new super-powered teenagers, Cloak and Dagger, emerge and the Taskmaster breaks up their fight with the juvenile delinquent Bombshell, innocent lives are at stake! It’s a job for someone with great power and great responsibility – but will that be Miles? And if he returns to the suit, will it be just in time for his universe to face Cataclysm? (Grades 7 – 9)

Monster Mayhem

Zoe’s favorite thing to do, besides inventing robots, is watch classic monster movies. She pretends she doesn’t need friends, while inside she’s longs for connection. Then one day, Zoe finds a mysterious ring on her way home from school. She puts it on, gives it a twist, and… FRZAAKK! There’s a massive burst of light! The next morning, a familiar monster appears at Zoe’s window. He’s from one of her favorite kaiju movies, and he likes Zoe and wants to be her friend. Has her secret wish been fulfilled? But it turns out that Zoe’s ring has brought more than just this friendly monster to life. More monsters have arrived, and they are hungry! (Grades 3 – 6)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 2: Full Moon

Brains and brawn! Tony Stark, Victor von Doom, T’Challa, Amadeus Cho…the greatest minds in the Marvel Universe all have one thing in common: They’re not smarter than a fourth-grader! Lunella Lafayette is the smartest there is – and her brain is matched by Devil Dinosaur’s brawn! They’ll need both to stand up to some of the worst villains the world has to offer – and maybe even one of its greatest heroes! Because while Reed Richards, the guy who used to be the cleverest of all, is away, his best pal, Benjamin J. Grimm, is here to defend his pole position! Then Lunella has her biggest adventure yet: A journey to the Living Planet! But are you ready for Moon Girl to meet…Girl-Moon? And who exactly are Devil Girl and Moon Dinosaur?!

My Video Game Ate My Homework

Meet Dewey Jenkins, a 13-year old schoolkid who’s about to fail science class. Follow him on an amazing adventure that leads Dewey and his friends to a virtual world where they will have to overcome all sorts of digital creatures and solve a number of puzzles in order to get home.

My Video Game Ate My Homework is a funny, fast-paced adventure that shows the importance of cooperation and teamwork, as well as the importance of using your own unique abilities to solve problems. It’s illustrated in Dustin Hansen’s colorful, cartoony style, and filled with lots of sight gags and nods to video-gaming tropes. (Grades 7 – 9)

Prince of Cats

PRINCE OF CATS is the B side to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, played at an ’80s block party in a New York where underground sword dueling blossomed alongside hip-hop, punk, disco, and no wave. It’s a deconstruction of Romeo and Juliet’s romantic meta narrative focusing on the minor players, with Tybalt at the center. (Grades 9 – 12)

Princeless Vol 1: Save Yourself

Adrienne Ashe never wanted to be a princess. She hates fancy dinners, is uncomfortable in lavish dresses, and has never wanted to wait on someone else to save her. However, on the night of her 16th-birthday, her parents, the King and Queen, locked her away in a tower guarded by a dragon to await the rescue of some handsome prince. Now Adrienne has decided to take matters into her own hands! (Grades 4 – 7)

Princeless Vol 2: Get Over Yourself

A new collection of the adventures of everyone’s favorite runaway princess, the incomparable Adrienne. This time she’s out to rescue her older sister Angelica, the most beautiful princess in the world.  It won’t be easy though. Not only does Adrienne have to deal with Angelica’s legions of admirers and their sibling rivalry, but the King has hired a band of ruthless mercenaries to track her down. Can she save Angelica? Does she want to? And how will she deal with these deadly knights who are after her head? (Grades 4 – 7)

Princeless Vol 3: The Pirate Princess

Adrienne has been on the run and working to save her sisters, but when she finds another princess locked away in a tower, she decides to spring her!  But Raven Xingtao, the daughter of the Pirate King, is more of a handful that Adrienne could have ever expected.  Before she knows it, Adrienne is off on a whirlwind adventure to complete Raven’s quest for revenge! (Grades 4 – 7)


Hip-Hop, Sci-Fi and Kung Fu all hit the turn-tables for the mash-up mix of the year! In 1980s Brooklyn young mix-master Wax scratches the perfect beat and accidentally summons a UFO that transports his family, best friend, and current crush to the robot-dominated planet of Discopia. Now Wax and his crew must master the intergalactic musical martial art of Sci-Fu to fight the power and save Earth. Word to your mother. (Grades 4 – 7)

Tuskegee Heirs: Flames of Destiny

A futuristic sci-fi action-adventure series set 80 years into the future that follows a squadron of young, gifted aviators, who are forced to become Earth’s last line of defense against a menacing race of artificially intelligent villains bent on destroying civilization. Trained at the legendary Moton Field, by Col. Mars (our own fictional descendant of the Tuskegee Airmen), these five teens and their crew embody strong moral ethics and team strategies used by the Red Tails themselves to overcome their problems. Follow along as our team travels the globe in an effort to save  civilization, exposing little known history and geography along the way. (Grades 5 – 8)

You Brought Me the Ocean

Jake Hyde lives in the middle of the desert, yet he yearns for the ocean and is determined to leave his hometown for a college on the coast. But his best friend, Maria, wants nothing more than to make a home in the desert, and Jake’s mother encourages him to always play it safe. Yet there’s nothing “safe” about Jake’s future – not when he’s attracted to Kenny Liu, swim team captain and rebel against conformity. And certainly not when he secretly applies to Miami University. Jake’s life begins to outpace his small town’s namesake, which doesn’t make it any easier to come out to his mom, or Maria, or the world. (Grades 7 – 10)

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JLA vs Defenders

JLA (1): Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal), Aquaman

Defenders (2): Doctor Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Namor, Valkyrie

“We appear to be the final two teams.” Martian Manhunter states, “And these five seem to be particularly volatile,” He pauses a moment to consider his thoughts. “I think that I have a plan.”

Across the way Doctor Strange’s eyes perk up, “they’re attacking us already, using a telepathic intrusion on one of us!” His eyes dart around the group. “Oh no…” His fear is palpable. “By the hor…” He’s cut short.

“HULK SMASH!” The Hulk’s eyes are full of rage as he hammers his fists into the ground scattering the Defenders. “Hulk hate fish man, and he hate sword girl, magic man, and shiny man!”

The Silver Surfer takes to his board to address the immediate concern, “Hulk, we are you friends, we don’t want to hurt you. We’re on the same team.” He uses the power cosmic to try to calm the savage Hulk.

“It’s almost working,” the Martian Manhunter feels the Hulk’s blind anger starting to quell. “Arrow.”

The Green Arrow takes aim, and slides an arrow in just under Silver Surfer’s arm. It explodes on impact.

“Puny shiny man, you try and trick hulk? NO ONE TRICK HULK!” The Silver Surfer can span light years in a matter of minutes, but he isn’t quick enough to avoid the Hulk’s grasp. He’s fought toe to toe with Galactus, but he isn’t strong enough to escape the Hulk’s grip. And he’s flown through the heart of suns, but he cannot withstand the beating unstoppable beating the the Hulk puts forward.

“He’s being manipulated, I’m trying as hard as I can to break him free, but the telepathic attack was so subtle, so direct.” Doctor Strange calls out, “You have to restrain the Hulk!”

“I am sick of doing your dirty work Strange! If they have a telepath, I’ll rip all of their head’s off!” Namor flies off to attack the JLA.

“As much as I hate to agree with Namor, he has a point, I think the only way to stop the Hulk is to stop whoever’s controlling him.” Valkyrie takes off as well.

“You don’t understand, he’s not controlling the Hulk, he just made him angry, beyond reason. We can get him back, I just can’t do it while I’m running from the Hulk!”

“Magic man! Always bossing Hulk around, HULK STRENGTH NOT YOURS!” THe Hulk lurches for Doctor Strange, who floats back, already fearing an attack.”

“The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!” Soft magenta bands wrap around the Hulk’s powerful frame. “Vishanti help me!” Doctor Strange waves his hands and tentacles raise up from the ground, holding the Hulk down, only making him angrier. “By the all seeing Eye of Agamotto, let your mind be clear!” Doctor Strange pushes his chest out, and beam of purple energy hit the Hulk on the forehead.”

The Hulk roars in opposition and pulls his arms apart, shattering the mystical constructs holding him back. He rips his feet from the ground and leaps into the air. “YOU THINK YOU CONTROL HULK’S MIND, BUT HULK TOO STRONG!” He grabs the totem from around Strange’s neck and drags it to the ground, pulling the doctor with him. In his titanic fist, the Hulk crushes the talisman.

“The… the Eye of Agamotto… you’ve just…” It glows red and explodes throwing Doctor Strange and Hulk both apart. The Hulk recovers, Doctor Strange does not.

“No one can control the Hulk.” He drops to a seated position and watches as the Justice League battles the JLA.

“So I hear you’re the King of Atlantis?” Namor shouts, making the personal attack first. “How unfair that an alternate universe me could be so weak.” He punches Aquaman in the face, and viciously continues the attack. He gets hit with an arrow, that breaks against his shoulder. Namor picks up Aquaman’s trident and hurls it Green Arrow, impaling him. “Not your fight boy.”

“Hurk.” The Green Arrow doubles over and falls. “Might need a little help with one.” He mutter to Martian Manhunter.

“You have no idea the control it’s taking to keep the beats calm. Making him angry was so easy, but keep him calm is nearly impossible!”  the Manhunter from Mars exclaims, barely noticing Green Arrow’s wounds.

Green Lantern tries to save Aquaman, creating a large fish net, but gets cut short as Valkyrie charges in and slashes down on his wrist, lopping off his ring hand. Green Lantern screams as he reverts to a bomber jacket and blue jeans. He drops to the knees scrambling to grab the power ring.

“You’ve accepted your fate.” Valkyrie moves to strike again when the Flash races in and scoops up his friend. “Another one of you?” Remembering her previous fight with Impulse.

“Oh yeah, I owe you one for that!” The Flash races in an makes a hundred attacks as fast as he can. As Valkyrie begins to swing her sword around the Flash reaches out and grabs the hand, vibrating it back and forth, and matches the frequency of the sword. It phases out of her hand lands with a clang on the ground.

“What sorcery?” She exclaims, as her sword falls to the ground with a clang.

“There’s more open space in most solid objects, between the smallest particles of matter, than actual matter, you get everything lined up right, and you can pass right through!” Flash taunts and Valkyrie punches out at him, he phases himself and she stumbles through. “And that’s a Flash Fact!” He turns and punches her before noticing that Aquaman is not doing well. He dashes off to save him.

“There is only one King of Atlantis!” Namor raises the bloodied, limp body of Aquaman overhead flying into the air, ‘IMPERIUS REX!” Namor heaves Aquaman into the ground. A trail of blood flowing from his forehead, the Sub-Mariner looks up just in time to see the streak of red, bearing Aquaman’s trident.

Seeing the arrow shatter against Namor’s skin, the Flash forgoes a traditional attack, and tries to phase the weapon into Namor’s chest, when he notices Valkyrie has followed the short distance.

“You run from a fight?! Coward!” She cuts down through the Flash, but he zips away, leaving the sword buried deep into Namor’s shoulder.

“Are you sure you guys are even a real team.” The Flash mocks as he creates a speed tornado around Valkyrie. He darts back to Green Arrow’s quiver and unleashes every single arrow in his arsenal. Adjusting the trajectory along the way, to make sure each arrow hit, despite Valkyrie’s best defenses. The electric arrows, the explosions, the smoke clouds, the nets, handcuffs, boxing glove, acid, fire, drill, glue, and more.

“You insolent little…: Valkyrie pushes through the all, but limps through them, clearly affected. Staggered. She chases after the Flash.

“Missed me.” He dodges her first slow attack. “Missed again.”

Valkyrie begins flailing around, in her last desperate attempts, and falls while trying to strike the Flash. “I have the stamina of a god, I’ll catch you eventually!”

“Good point.” Flash acknowledges. “Hey John, we’re almost done here, think you lend a hand? Just on sec, and then I think that I can help you with your thing!”

“Very well.” The Martian Manhunter floats over and punches Valkyrie.

“Great, now, I need you to really, really, the big guy out, I have an idea. If he gets stronger when he’s angry, that means he gets weaker when he’s not, hopefully you can get him weak enough that I can one punch him out before he even sees me coming in.”

“Very well.” The Martian Manhunter focuses all of his telepathy into the already much more calm Hulk. The soothing thoughts are enough. The Hulk lays down almost asleep.

“Best chance we’re going to get.” The Flash takes off after the Hulk, but stops just short, as he notices the giant green monster shrinking to the visage of Doctor Bruce Banner, napping on the ground. “Huh. Looks like won!”


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Asgardians vs Teen Titans

Asgardians (2): Fandral the Fair, Hogun the Horrible, Volstagg the Voluminous, Thor, Lady Sif

Teen Titans (5): Nightwing, Donna Troy, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy

“THOR! Wait.” Sif shouts at the very onset of our battle. “Don’t go charging in half-cocked like you did the past few times.”

“Half-cocked?!” Thor declares, “The god of Thunder is never half-cocked”

Volstagg snickers amongst the Warriors Three, Fandral tries not to, and Hogun looks at them both disapprovingly.

“We’ve seen them.” Sif continues, “Their leader seems to not have powers, but is cunning, and has great heart. Their sorceress is quite adept in the dark arts, one of them appears to be all manner of Midgardian machinations, the green on has an animalistic spirit, and the orange warrior seems to hold the most power.”

“Aye,” Thor bumbles, “And we’re all gods of Asgard. Who amongst us wants to handle the sorceress? They’re the most difficult lot.”

The Warriors Three all stand silent, sheepishly looking back at Thor. His eyes dart around and notices his three friends figuring him, and turns to Sif, who looks on in agreement.

“You do kind of have the most experience with them.” Sif offer as consolation.

“TO BATTLE!” Thor swings the mighty Mjolnir and takes to the skies. He pauses at the top of the stadium and hovers, whirling the hammer. “Your might pales in comparison to the Mighty Thor!”

“Wasn’t this EXACTLY what I told him not to do?” Sif asks the Warriors Three.

“Aye”, Volstagg nods in agreement.

“Though he wouldn’t be Thor if he listened.” Fandral shrugs, draws his swords, and takes off.

Lightning begins dancing around the Teen Titans.

“This guy is serious.” Cyborg states matter of factly. “I think that I can absorb most of this electricity, but it’s all magically charged.” He lifts his arm and it forms into a dish, acting as a lightning rod.

“I should be able to help with that.” Raven begins muttering something under her breath and a black wisp snakes out of her mouth and surrounds Cyborgs arm. A silver electric circles the mist.

“How long do you think you can hold that up?” Nightwing asks Cyborg.

“Don’t know…for sure…” He forms a plasma cannon with his left hand and starts a constant stream in the direction of the four grounded Asgardians. “Raven is helping a lot, but processing this much… it’s taking everything I have to keep my circuits from fusing… So… anytime you want to jump in…” Cyborg pushes out.

“On it!” Beast Boy transforms into a Pterodactyl, flaps his large, leathery wings, and take raises up to fight.

The thunder holds as Thor diverts his attentions to the prehistoric creature. “Foul beast. You dare to attack the god of thunder?!?”

“You know it!” Beast Boy glides in, maw opened, and clamps his dagger teeths around Thor. Thor pulls his arm up and bashes Mjolnir down on the dinosaur’s beak. Beast Boy drops the god and reverts to his human form. Beginning to fall, Beast Boy pops into a Chimpanzee and grabs a hold of Thor’s foot. “Okay, that hurt blondie, now how about you try THIS on!

“Tis no monster could slay the god of thunder!” Thor boasts, as the chimp climbs up his leg, swings around and grabs a hold of his head. Beast Boy grows in size and weight, a green blue whale. Thor plummets under the surprise of 150 tons.

“Fatter than you are Volstagg!” Fandral jests as his friend is crushed.

“Their heavy’s down, time to strike!” Nightwing tosses his escrima stick towards the charging Asgardians. The stick lands true, striking Fandral in the nose.

“HA!” Hogun bursts out, commenting on the stick bouncing off his friend and falling, harmlessly to the ground.“That is funny!”

Volstagg bends his massive frame to lift the weapon. “A stick?”

“Not a good sign.” Dick Grayson remarks.

“Fear not Nightwing, Starfire is here!” Starfire raises into the air and blasts into the cadre of advancing gods. The explosions push their charge around the Titans, but doesn’t stop them.

“Mine.” Sif runs around the through the shots being fired and snatches the escrima out of Volstagg’s hands. She aims and throws the stick at Starfire. Sif has considerably more strength

CLUD! “OW!” The club lands square between her eyes and the blasting stops as Starfire falls through the air. Sif bends her powerful knees and jumps. She meets the Teen Titan mid fall and slashes her to the ground.

“STAR!” Nightwing hollers out in horror as he rushes to her aid, picking up his weapon along the way. He turns to Sif and lashes out, though Sif is a trained warrior, and considerably stronger, Nightwing’s battle fury and impeccable acrobatics allow him to get her off guard. She strikes around, continually hitting air and he bounds over her attack, and while they don’t do much he, he continues hitting her about. He clicks the two escrima together and the ends begin to buzz with electricity.

Nightwing glares at his opponent and continues his assault. With the additional charge, the hits starts to add up and really piss Sif off, she grows erratic and launches one unbalanced attack towards Nightwing’s center. He dodges, and right behind him, and Raven lay in wait, forming a massive black hole above her target. The circle drops and Sif is encased in a stoic magic, as much as she struggles to free herself, she cannot.

“That’s two down!” Cyborg celebrates.

“That still leaves the Warriors Three!” Fandral dances in with his sword and swings at Nightwing. Nightwing springs back and attempts to fend off the attack. Fandral is not quite as strong as Sif, but he is faster, and more agile, and better with a sword, and the two begin an ongoing sparring session.

Hogun lumbers up to Cyborg, deceptively quiet, but Cyborg’s advanced tech allows him to prepare. Hogun swings his mace at Cyborg’s head, but misses. Standing the spot the Titan once stood is a holographic reproduction. Cyborg uses the feint to blast Hogun with his sonic cannon. The shot knocks him back a couple of feet, but he presses forward. Cyborg hits him again, this one knocking him back about a foot. Hogun reaches Cyborg, and gets shot again, though this time, he’s prepared. He clubs Cyborg in the chest, knocking him over.

Hogun raises his mace again to finish his opponent when he’s hit in the chest with a black disk or dark magic, Raven swoops in save the day and scoops up Cyborg. “Not today,” Raven continues blasting at Hogun as she passes.

Volstagg wanders up as Raven’s head is turned attacking Hogun, and she doesn’t notice his bulk impeding her progress and she knocks into him. She drops Cyborg and pops upright in surprise. “My sincerest apologies my dear,” he mutters, as he steps he stomps down on Cyborg, denting his chestplate.

Raven is so preoccupied with Volstagg that she almost misses Hogun trying to follow up behind, her her sixth sense alerts her and she dodges in time. Hogun comes barreling into Volstagg and knocks him with his mace. Raven whispers some arcane words and Hogun freezes in place, stuck to Volstagg’s impressive tummy.

“What an unfortunate development.” Volstagg remarks, as Raven raises her hands to begin casting a spell to disable the two. Hogun and Volstagg begin helplessly trying to push and pry one another apart, all the while trampling Cyborg underneath.

Fandral dances over, still locked trying to defeat NIghtwing one on one, but seeing his friends need help. “If I get the witch, do you think it frees you two? Think we’d get Sif back too? I think I’ve got this guy exactly where I need him.” He shouts while parrying an attack from Nightwing and swashbuckling out in return.

“Not sure.” Hogun states bluntly.

“But it can’t hurt!” Volstagg adds encouragingly.

Fandral vaults over his warrior brethren, away from Nightwing and dashes towards Raven to break her spell. Nightwing is swift enough to pursue and intercept. Raven’s spell is reaching it’s fever pitch when behind them all when the massive green whale behind them starts to spark.

“Yeow!” It bellows as it starts to fidget. It looks like it’s lifting it’s midsection, just a little at first, then you notice that it’s head and tail are the only parts touching the ground. And finally, through the small margins under, you see the god of thunder, eyes blue with rage, sweat dripping down his face, heave the whale off of his brawny shoulders and on top of the six remaining combatants.

Beast Boy looks terrified as Thor leaps into the air, trusty Mjolnir circling behind him. Thor follows the hammer down, striking the whale. Beast Boy almost immediately reverts to his human form, showing the Titans and Warriors three all crushed underneath. Thor is the only fighter left standing.

WINNER: The Asgardians

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 New Gods vs Nextwave


New Gods (2): Orion, Highfather, Lightray, Mister Miracle, Big Barda

Nextwave (13): Monica Rambeau, Machine Man, Tabitha Smith, Elsa Bloodstone, The Captain

The residents of New Genesis sit, intently watching their youngest member Scott Free, Mister Miracle, sit on the ground cross legged, fiddling with his Mother Box.

Looking out across the field and noting her opponents moments of preparation, Monica Rambeau turns to her… “unique” compatriots, “We’ve made it this far, might as well go one or two more rounds, right?”

Machine Man stares out at the opposition, “Not quite fleshies, not quite not, they seem to be some kind of deities, though much newer than Thor or Hercules.”

“New Gods?” Sounds like a lot of monsters, don’t it?” Elsa Bloodstone digs through some pouches looking very intently until she pulls out a few very large, very shiny shells. “God killers, got a couple of them. The trick is hittin’ ‘em just right.” She pops the shells into her shotgun and slings it over her shoulder.

The Captain looks around at his group and belches, “What? We’re all saying ☠☠☠☠ then? ☠☠☠☠ to that!” He pulls a small brown bottle out of his coat and begins consuming the beverage direct from the bottle contained within.

Tabby chimes in before the rally to action, “Everything goes boom once you hit it hard enough!”


A wide blue tube of swirling energy opens up in front of the New Gods, one by one they walk through until none of them remain save Mister Miracle. He looks up at the Beyonder, smiles, gives a salute, and walks out. The portal closes behind him. Mister Miracle has never found a prison, of any sort, that he couldn’t escape eventually.

WINNER: Nextwave

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Asgardians vs Excalibur

Asgardians (2): Fandral the Fair, Hogun the Horrible, Volstagg the Voluminous, Thor, Lady Sif

Excalibur (10): Captain Britain, Meggan, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Nightcrawler

“Curse you, Beyonder!” Thor lamented as he surveyed his next opponents, for across the arena there stood stalwart friends of old, the heroic mutants of Excalibur! He addressed his fellow Asgardians, “I know these heroes of old! I beg you, friends: dispense with them gently.” With a whirl of Mjolnir, he took to the air, followed by Captain Britain.

“Pick your targets carefully, you lot! They’re Asgardian but they’re not invincible. Pete, you take the big one quick as you can; you’re on Thor if I fall. Kurt, don’t let Sif get the drop on you, her sword lets her teleport!” With that, Brian took to the sky after Thor.

Kurt strode towards the Asgardians nonchalantly. “Friends! It appears you are overburdened by weapons. It so happens I am a fair-to-middling swordsman of the Deutsche Schule! Perhaps one of you could be so sporting as to lend me a blade…?” The blonde man with a passing resemblance to Errol Flynn, Fandral by name if Kurt remembered correctly, blinked at him, nonplussed. “Er… certainly! Why not?” said the Asgardian, and tossed him an extremely lightweight, well-made kurzeschwert with quite interesting Nordic (or pre-Nordic!) markings along the hilt and down the fuller! “Danke, Fandral! En garde!” And with that, the dance began!

Fandral was grateful for such a pleasant diversion. Last round’s warriors had been so… serious. It was enjoyable to take a few moments and just trade remarks and ripostes with this jovial dark elf! But what’s this? The blue devil had teleported behind him and attempted to surprise him! A new challenge! What fun! As they danced, the elf’s movements across the battlefield became somewhat predictable. I attack here, he teleports there. He teleports there, I block here. And so on, and so on. “I’m sorry, my friend, but this has become boring,” Fandral drawled, and turned away from Nightcrawler, holding his sword out so that– *BAMF!* “Argh!” –the elf teleported onto Fandral’s sword (in a nonvital area of course). “Better luck next time. Tschus!

Hogun the Grim was displeased with his opponent. She would not stay still or fight back! This diminutive Midgard maiden was some sort of ghost! His mace passed through her without doing any harm, no matter where the blow may fall! “Sorry, Hagar the Horrible! Gotta be quicker than that!” the foolish sprite said as his mace whistled through the air again and again, sometimes right through her face! Hogun chased her across the arena as the disrespectful human ducked away from him again and again, until he found himself right behind his sworn companion, Volstagg! Then the fool stuck her head through Volstagg’s back, and stuck her tongue out at Hogun! This indignity could not be borne any longer! He reared back and swung with all his might, connecting with– Volstagg! Who, distracted by his fight with the metallic man on the other team, turned at the feeling of impact and lashed out with his staff– connecting with Hogun’s face and knocking the Grim Warrior out for the moment. “What– Hogun?? Why did you hit me! I’m sorry, old friend! Oh no–”

Colossus, familiar with Kitty’s tactics, took advantage of Volstagg’s distracted mistake and put all his strength into a devastating right cross, dropping the gigantic Einherjar with the red beard. “Thanks, Katya! This one had me tied up for a while. Where do we stand?”

“Kurt’s down but breathing. Brian and Thor are duking it out up there.” She pointed above the arena, as if Piotr needed to be told that the bursts of light a hundred feet above him were related to Thor and Captain Britain– besides Ben Grimm and the Hulk, perhaps two of the only others in the world who were stronger than himself. “Looks like Meggs is trying to keep Sif from using her sword to teleport. And here comes–” she broke off as the blonde man in green Piotr had seen earlier rushed towards them.

“You defeated my sworn brothers of the Einherjar! Have at thee, metal golem– urk!” the swordsman fell beside his brothers, victim of another haymaker punch from Lake Baikal’s champion boxer. The Asgardian’s blade did not break on Piotr’s skin– in fact, it poked him, such that he actually felt it! But neither did it break his skin. This metal of the gods was no joke, Piotr mused.

“Do you think you can take Thor if he takes down the Captain?” Kitty asked. Piotr thought for a moment.

“Probably not,” he said quietly. “But we will see.”

Apart from the fiasco with the Warriors Three, Sif was also having problems with her mark. This is no mutant or human, she thought, this is a fairy from some other realm! No matter how she attacked, this Meggan moved at the last second, or diverted her sword with a blast of force, or used some petty earth magick to unsteady Sif’s feet so that she missed! “Sorry, milady!” said the fairy in a mocking tone, “but Excalibur doesn’t fall to lesser swords!”

Sif paused, and looked to the sky, just in time to see a flash of light and a human-shaped figure begin to fall… one not wearing a cape or bearing a hammer. “Look you to the sky, fairy,” said Sif, and pointed. “Long ago did your isle fall to the power of the Norse. Aethelred fell to the Danes; now see Merlin’s champion fall to Mjolnir.”

Meggan watched with horror as Captain Britain plummeted to the ground with a resounding KROOMM. “Brian!” she cried, and as her attention was diverted, Sif’s sword fell. She was merciful, and its magicks merely hurt her instead of killing her.

“I’ve done as you wished, Thor,” she muttered, observing the unconscious forms of the Warriors Three. “For all the good it will do…”

Kitty and Piotr stood tall as Thor and Sif approached them. “Thou hast fought valiantly, Xavier’s children,” said Thor. “Stand down, for I do not wish to hurt thee.”

Kitty and Piotr exchanged glances, and then moved as one toward Thor. A flash of lightning enveloped the arena, and as the smoke cleared, the two X-Men lay at Thor’s feet.

“Valiant to the last,” Thor remarked to Sif. “Valhalla would welcome them!”

WINNER: The Asgardians

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Masters of Evil vs Young Justice

Masters of Evil (3): Baron Zemo, Ultron, Black Knight, Radioactive Man, Enchantress

Young Justice (6): Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Impulse

As the young team emerges from dealing with the “freaks” from the last fight. They proceeded with a sense of cockiness on what or who they think they are going to come against next.

Impulse dashes from side to side commenting on how weird the fish guy was, only to be cut off by a deep accented voice from behind stated, “Aren’t you children a long way from home?” The all turn around to see standing in the short distance Baron Zemo, Ultron, Black Knight, Radioactive Man, and the captivating but deadly Enchantress.

Before they knew it the fight broke out and all split up, paired to take each on. As the Enchantress started to glow bright, speaking the words to cast a horrific spell towards anyone she could catch in her eyesight. Speedy accurately fired two tricks arrows quicker than the witch could speak. Binding and gagging her before she could speak another word.

Superboy and Radioactive Man paired off next. Sizing each other up and before Superboy could take the step to charge, Radioactive Man shoots a strong power ray of energy. Hitting Superboy square in the chest, shooting him across the landscape. Superboy hit the ground and skids to a halt. Radioactive Man laughs surprised to the fact that SB went as far as he did. Not knowing that as Superboy laid on the ground his places a secret Lexcorp created Shield patch. That compresses Superboy’s human DNA to increase his Kryptonian side. Superboy fly straight towards Radioactive Man hitting in the face. Superboy continues to throw punch after punch knocking him further back. Then a strike in the mid center of  Radioactive Man and hits his containment belt, cracking it.  Causing the belt to start to overload, emitting a strong pulsating ray of energy.

Worried that the belt wouldn’t hold the contained radiation much longer, Radioactive Man attempts to flee but is caught quickly by Superboy. Knowing what will come to next Radioactive Man uttered “You not going to like this.” Superboy replies “What’s that?” All of a sudden the containment field shutdown and an explosion knocks them but far in opposite directions away from the continuing fight.

Seeing the aftermath of the explosion, Impulse returns his attention to the others. He attempts to assist whoever he can but only to be cut off short by the robot was known to many as Ultron. Impulsively the young hero attempts to dash back and forth as Ultron tries to hit the speedster with blasts from his Concussion Beams. Only to miss him by mere milliseconds.

Seeing this the cocky teenager joking states ” What’s wrong Tin Man? Too fast for you?” Then with ultra-fast calculations, Ultron grabs Impulse and states “On the contrary…. NO!” Grabbing the left leg of the yellow blur and snaps it, like snapping a toothpick.

“Alright Knight!” Stated Wonder Girl. “It would seem that you are the next to get checked, mate!” “What?!?” Replied the Black Knight. “Did you just do a chess pun?” She stated “Whatever! Are we going to do this or what?” “Well….” he started and then unsheathing the legendary Ebony Blade. Preparing for the attack, she changes her stand only to be surprised when he turns and jams the swords end straight into the back of Ultron. “Did you calculate that, you bastard?”

Surprised but this she stands in disbelief. Only to be jolted back to the fight when Black Knight screams at her to help the others and then he turns to Impulse to assess his injury.

During the whole climax of the others, Robin dodges shots and sword swings from Zemo with only the type of easy that the Boy Wonders to pull off. Having his patients tested Zemo, lets out a grunt of frustration and screams “Why would you just stand still?” Seeing that he is wearing his opponent down, Robin chuckles with the reply, “ What would be the fun of that, Captain Eggplant?”, bouncing into a back handspring.

Readjusting his stand Zemo, states “Do you know who I AM, BOY?” “I have taken down countries, seen governments crumble!” “It that suppose to impress me?” replied Robin.  As Zemo tried to approach toward Robin, he notice Speedy and Wonder girl take strategic position on each of his sides. “What is your next move?” asked Robin. Before he could get a answer Zemo jump into a backflip narrowing a shot and a swing for his side opponents. Only to dash toward the darkness and out of site. “Good job team” Robin congratulates the few still standing.

WINNER: Young Justice

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Teen Titans vs Alpha Flight

Teen Titans (5): Nightwing, Donna Troy, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy

Alpha Flight (13): Guardian, Puck, Sasquatch, Aurora, Northstar

“This again?” Puck complains, rolling his eyes. “Better get one with it.” He trots off, the rest of the team follows.

“Titans, TOGETHER!” Nightwing forms up his group.

“Really Nightwing, are you sure?” Beast Boy teases, and the five take off after Alpha Flight.

“I saw these guys in their first fight.The Canadian one’s powers are all from his suit, I’ll bet if I can get a minute.” He lifts his right arm, and forms it into a cannon. He raises it high and shoots at Guardian, flying above the rest of his team.

“Ha! That literally didn’t tickle, I didn’t feel a thing! How’d you guys win your first fight?” Guardian reacts.

Cyborg looks at the readouts from his probe, “Uh huh… okay… and…” he blasts out again, this time Guardian stops mid air and plummets to the ground. “How about that one? Did that one hurt?”

“Aw jimminy…” Puck picks up his pace and holler back to the Beaubier twins, “Might want to speed this up about now.” The two dash ahead.

Northstar arrives at Cyborg , in the back of the line and punches into his fleshy cheek. “Try that cannon on me, this power is 100%, all natural. He speeds around punching him again. He zips past and grabs Cyborg’s arm and takes off to the stadium wall, smashing him into it. He sneers down, checking to see if he’s finished yet or not.

Northstar sighs as Cyborg rolls over and taunts, “Big mistake.”

“Why, because you can cancel my powers too?”

“No, because you took your eyes off of Nightwing.”

CLUNK. Nightwing wraps his twin escrima sticks across Northstar’s head, knocking him over. Cyborg pushes himself up and forms his arm into a sonic pulse blaster and points it down. “Though I’m pretty sure this will cancel out your powers.” The blast rends him unconscious, and the Titans turn back to the rest of the battle.

Across the way, Sasquatch’s long legs carry him to the forefront. Beast Boy charges ahead, turning himself into a bear, and the two meet halfway. There’s a tumble of fur, claws, and teeth, and the green bear is tossed aside.

“Hey bro, not cool!” Beast Boy pops into gorilla and charges again, bowling over Sasquatch. He rolls over immediately and as Beast Boy pounces to press an advantage, Sasquatch reaches out and grabs him around the throat. Instinctively, Beast Boy transforms into a bee and flies out of his grasp. “Okay buddy, what do I have to do here?” The tiny bee grows huge, and the form of an elephant is presented, charging, tusks first. Sasquatch grabs the ivory and wrestles the animal to the ground, slamming him down, then lifting the creature off of the ground, and tossing it away. As he flies through the air, Beast Boy pops into a birds and soars to safety.

Puck cartwheels up to Donna Troy, “What do you do legs?” Silently, she kicks out quickly, Puck jumps back. “Well, okay then!” He leaps into the air and balls up, ready to knock into to, but she easily sidesteps. He recovers, and jumps up again. His natural agility is difficult for most to continue evading and he begins to grow frustrated with his futile efforts. “Hey Lady, what is your deal?”

“A little of this, a little of that…” She whips out her lasso and snares the bantam brawler.

“Whoah, when this is all over, you have GOT to let me buy you a drink!”

“When this is all over, you may not be able to.” She yanks the lasso high and pulls it down sharply, smashing Puck into the ground multiple times. She’s have kept going but Aurora flies up and punches into her midsection. The speed of her attack pushes Donna back, and she drops the lasso, though the damage is more than done, Puck is out.

Aurora bolts forward and unleashes a flurry of attacks. She probably more surprised than Puck was that Wonder Girl is able to deflect, dodge, and evade most of them. Aurora move at hypersonic speeds, and the few glances blows that she’s landing aren’t causing much harm. She continues pushing until her teammate, Sasquatch lumbers behind them and grabs Wonder Girl by the top of her head, lifts, and heaves her into the ground. He releases her jet black locks and stomps down.

“Azarath Metrion Zinthos.” A circle glowing black and purple envelopes Sasquatch. “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” The circle rises, forming a black cylinder around the beast. Sasquatch begins to scream in agony. “AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!” Sasqatch drops to his knees screaming, clutching at his head. The black column fills with white light that explodes out, blinding the participants of the fight. As it settles Walter Langkowski is left kneeling, powerless. “You are no longer bonded to the great beast Tanaraq.”

“I’m… I’m…free?

“You could call it that.” Beast Boy approaches from the air as a pterodactyl and turns into a hippo on his descent, squashing the scientist below. He pops back into his humanoid form to chec the damage. “Yeah, he’s done.”

Aurora zips up to him, in his moment of vulnerability and socks him in the face. The velocity rends him unconscious.

As he’s getting back to his team, Cyborg witness the the attack and groans” Another speedster?!” She flies up to him faster than his sensors can get an accurate read. He blasts all around her position, but her can’t get a clean shot, as he’s tracking she rushes up and back. Creating just enough distance, she waits, an eternity to her less than a second to the world. Cyborg fires at distance, Aurora races the shot, grabs Nightwing, and pulls him into the line of fire, and sprints off. To the naked eye, Nightwing teleports in front of the shot and gets taken out.

Cyborg cries out, “Nightwing NO!” In the moment of grief, Aurora comes back around attacking his armored components, jostling just enough internally to kick in his self repair mode. “I might go offline for a minute, if anyone else wants to help!”

As Aurora continues to crash Cyborg’s systems faster than he can build them back up, Wonder Girls slides in, able to move just quickly enough to stop the onslaught.

“I think you’re done.” She grab’s Aurora by the elbow, holding the would be punch back. Wonder girl spins her around and punches Aurora in the face. Dropping her, she looks around. “Why haven’t we won here yet?” She sees James Hudson frantically trying to repair his Guardian suit.

Wonder Girl and Raven stride up together. Raven’s hands begin glowing with her dark energy, and she pulls a chunk of ground underneath them off of the rock and above their final adversary’s head. “Almost forgot about this guy.”

WINNER: Teen Titans

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Ultimates vs Champions (1975)

Ultimates (3): Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Miss America, Captain Marvel, Galactus

Champions (11): Ghost Rider (Blaze), Hercules, Black Widow, Iceman, Angel

“You wanted more of a challenge Herc’?” Black Widow chides the god as their team stands all but slack jawed staring into the sky, up at Galactus.

Ghost Rider revs his demonic Harley, “Better get to it.” He speeds off, a trail of hellish flames streaking behind.

“He’s no Unus!” Iceman skates off.

“I WISH we got to fight to Unus here.” Angel takes to the skies.

Galactus stares down at his team. “As lifebringer, I feel no compulsion to fight there heroes. I realize that you are under the influence of Psycho-Man. For some reason, I am unable to help you here, but I do not have to participate.”

“We don’t need you.” Blue Marvel stares out at the advancing Champions. “I’m good for at least two of them.”

“Oh man, I totally forget they used to all be on a team together… does that Warren have his feather wings? Are we fighting against young versions of our friends!? I’m glad I’m not in one of my old costumes.” Captain Marvel looks herself over. “Well, let’s quit standing around here and get to it.” She takes flight and streaks off.

Blue Marvel zooms past and tackles Ghost Rider off his bike. The wisps of flame coming off his skull lingering in the air as he rockets off his ride. “One down!” He whips around to take on another foe when he’s jerked back to the fallen demon hybrid. A fiery chain wrapped around his ankle.

“I don’t think so.” The flames intensify as Ghost Rider pulls himself up the chain, wrapping it around his arm, one step at a time. While there’s still a small amount of slack, and the Blue marvel has realized that he isn’t getting away, he turns back and punches Ghost Rider in his skull. It explodes. Surprisingly, the tiny flaming chunks pull themselves together almost instantaneously. “Try again.”

Miss America jogs up behind, “Can I try?” She punches Ghost Rider in the chest. The punch leaves a gaping hole pouring out light. The hole forms into a star, spinning around and the flames start pulling in. As the draw off his body, patches of skin start forming around his bones until the portal closes and the blonde haired man, Johnny Blaze is left standing.

“What.. what just happened?” he questions, turning his hands over in front of himself.

“Punched a hole into Heaven, I guess.” America punches again. Johnny Blaze does not have the stern constitution of Ghost Rider. “You heard Carol, keep it moving!” She gestures to Blue Marvel as she jogs off to punch someone else.

“It would appear that there’s far more in this world than even I understand.” He flies behind her.

High above Angel and Iceman get to Captain Marvel. “New look for you Carol, when did you’ve give up the swimsuit?” Iceman jokes.

“And the mask?” Angel adds.

“Right around the time I stopped caring maybe?” She flashes her photon burst in a wide pattern, blinding the two mutants. She then streaks in takes out Angel with a quick concussive blast, he spins through the air with lifeless wings until he lands with a thud on the ground.

“You’re real  power is energy absorption, right? What happens when all that energy slows down?” Iceman pours on the cold. Captain Marvel ices over and turns blue. Iceman slides down to the ground to focus his full efforts on pushing everything he has into the attack.  Standing next to a giant chunk of ice, a cool white mist begins coming off the mutant. He’s found with Carol Danvers before, her knows her strength, her power, and he knows his only chance is to force her energy to a standstill. He continues pushing himself until there’s nothing left in him. He collapses in a fleshy heap next to the almost lifeless glacier next to him.

“We did we form this team again?” Black Widow complains as she shoots out a couple of tranq darts at the Black Panther, knocking that they’ll fall useless the moment they hit the vibranium weave suit. Her hope was only to distract him long enough to get in one or two good blows. She runs up and leaps, wrapping her legs around his head around his neck and twisting. The surprise of the attack is just enough to take the Panther off his feet and place him on his back.

“Surely you know that there’s no way you can win against me, Natasha. So many other Avengers, yes, but not me.” Black Panther flips up back onto his feet.

“I wasn’t planning to, just letting the meathead get close enough to take over.”

“Eh?” Black Panther pushes out as he’s grabbed from behind by the much, much stronger demigod, Hercules.

“A sound strategy, is it not?” Hercules boasts, squeezing the King of Wakanda as he dangles, kicking his legs, trying to twist out of the mighty grip. “With your speed and cunning, surely you would have made this fight last longer than I’d like. I have a number of our friends to get to!”

“You oaf!” Grunting, struggling. Any other man, any lesser being would be crushed at this point, suffocated to death. Exasperated, Black Panther is finally freed by the Blue Marvel flashing in and pushing the god over.

“You dare try to tangle with the god or strength?” Hercules collects himself and grabs hold of the Blue Marvel. Wrestling around, he flips the Blue Bomber of Battle and drives him into the ground. Brasher scrambles up and punches back, lighting blue encasing his fist. He punches out again, Hercules’s head jerks back. He punches again, and a faint mist of blood poofs out of Hercules’s mouth. “Well, it seems you’ve some strength yourself, HAVE AT THEE!”

Hercules begins striking back and the two inexhaustible heroes exchange blows while Black Widow tries to figure how they could possible have a chance. She sneaks around the heavyweights, and past the frozen Kree hybrid, past her fallen mutant comrades, and selects the perfect tool for the job. She kicks into the Black Panther’s back as hard as she can and rolls. In one fluid movement she gets the jumps onto America Chavez with her Widow Sting at full charge.

Ms America shrugs off the attack and laughs, “Sorry Widow, I respect you, but you know what comes next.” She launches a titanic punch. But Widow is faster, and has far more training, she leaps over the fist and allows it to hit the charging T’Challa behind her. Vibranium Weave or not, Ms America is REALLY good at punching things, and sends her teammate flying. The impact against the wall, the punch, and the stress of Hercules’s attack is too much to recover from for this battle. Ms America clasps her hands over her mouth in shock as Black Widow tries to press her momentary advantage.

She pulls two devices out of her belt, “I hope Stark got these right.” She jumps over America and tosses them out. The land of Ms America’s chest an stark sparking. A small puff of smoke fizzles out and they fall off.

“I guess they don’t make them like them used to!” Chaves turns to confront Black Widow.

“Da, that smoke was a one time use.” Ms America’s eyes roll into the back of her head, she falters, and drops. “Now the Blue one…” She whips around looking for the final combatant. Taking just one step, she finds him, as he speeds in front of her, carrying the Greek god on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry miss, but this is the only way.” He gently puts a hand on her shoulder and his hand glows. Black Widow falls.

WINNER: Ultimates

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Defenders vs Renegades

Defenders (2): Doctor Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Namor, Valkyrie

Renegades (7): Pete Stanchek, Faith, Torque, Flamingo, Kris Hathaway

Pete Stanchek looks around, the rest of his team standing there with him. Even under the dark influence surrounding them, his fragile mind cannot accept the bizarre reality of the situation and his mind has betrayed him before. “What happened? We just fought those other guys and…” he grabs Kris, give a big, unwanted hug. He grabs Faith, and inspects Torque, then stares out at Flamingo. “We’re back, we’re all back.” he pats himself down. “No, this is just another trick, WHERE ARE YOU HARADA!?” Pete envelopes himself in an amber psychic aura and blasts into the air. He’s trapped in the crackling purple electric plasma encasing the arena and starts punching at it. “I’LL GET TO YOU! MARK MY WORDS, I WON’T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!”

“Maybe someone should go, I dunno, try to talk to him or something?” Flamingo suggests. Without needing to, the whole team looks to Faith Herbert.”

“Yeah, I know, I’ll go.” She takes off after him.

Before the other three members turn back around, they’re met by an enthusiastic “HULK SMASH!” Seeing Torque is the largest of the three, he punches him first. The shot smashes him into the ground so hard the his hard light projection instantly shatters and the body underneath blacks out as it flies across the field.

Valkyrie charges in immediately behind and grabs Flamingo. “You hath great power within you warrior, I witnessed it in your first battle in this realm.”

“You bet your skinny ass I am.” She pushes out her fire, fully engulfing her aggressor.

“I’m sorry young one, but you’ll find that I do not burn so easily.” Valkyrie pulls her sword back and stabs Charlene Dupree. The fire licks around and dissolves.

Kris Hathaway stands in the middle of her fallen friends clutching her head in horror and confusion, “WHAT THE $&*^ IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!”

Doctor Strange strides up to her smiles. He places his hand on her cheek. A small rune emanates from his fingertips, circling around her face. She drops asleep in his arms. He catches her falling body and lays her gently on the ground. He looks up at Valkyrie and Hulk. “Not everything has to be so brutish.” Valkyrie scoffs and Hulk roars as he stands looking around for someone else to punch.

Namor saunters up the group and looks up, I suppose these two are for myself and the Surfer.” He asks with raised brow.

“The ambient Powers Cosmic are weak in this realm, but my reserves in them are full. I saw that man in his previous encounter, and I believe that I may aid him. To me my board.” Silver Surfer hops onto his cosmic board and takes to the skies

“And you need me to hurt the cheerful one. Cowards, the lot of you.” Namor flies after the former herald of Galactus.

“Hey buddy, how’s it going up here?” Faith gingerly probes at her friend.

“Why? Why does this keep happening? What sick game is this?” I’ve seen you all hurt, maimed, and killed too many times. I know that I have a problem, I know that none of this is real, and I KNOW that my mind is strong enough to get out of this!”

“Pete, I need you to listen to me, listen to my voice. I need you to understand what’s happening here. Our friends got beat real bad last time, and you saved us, and we’re here to fight again. Until we can get out of here, we have to keep fighting, teh half of the teams that lost are gone, they’re just GONE Peter.”

“So what? So we can fight again, and again, and then what? We fight each other? I know this scenario. This is my nightmare. It’s always been my nightmare, because ultimately, I’m always the one that hurts you, no matter how much I think I’m not.”

“Pete. Pete, you can’t think that way, you…”

Namor grabs her ankle and yanks her down. “I take no pride in this, but what must be done, must be done.” She smashes into the ground, her flight field probably saving her life. She starts to get up, but the diving body of Namor has other plans as he barrels into the fallen target.

High above, Silver Surfer reaches out with his cosmic senses into the damaged mind trying to soothe him. “Rest easy young one.” A white light crawls from the Surfer’s fingertips and weaves around through Peter’s forehead.

“I… I… I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know why we’re here…” He begins to cry.

“Most of us in this life, and most in others, do not either.” The Silver Surfer calmly states. “I am sorry that things have to be this way, but they must.” He unleashes an awesome explosion of cosmic energy, Stancheck collapses, and the Surfer glides down to regroup with his team, carrying his victim. “I do not care for these tactics either, Doctor Strange, but this is the unfortunate grouping you’ve assembled, and when there’s a fight that needs to be won, it is the Defenders job to do so.”

WINNER: Defenders