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Masters of Evil vs Young Justice

Masters of Evil (3): Baron Zemo, Ultron, Black Knight, Radioactive Man, Enchantress

Young Justice (6): Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Impulse

As the young team emerges from dealing with the “freaks” from the last fight. They proceeded with a sense of cockiness on what or who they think they are going to come against next.

Impulse dashes from side to side commenting on how weird the fish guy was, only to be cut off by a deep accented voice from behind stated, “Aren’t you children a long way from home?” The all turn around to see standing in the short distance Baron Zemo, Ultron, Black Knight, Radioactive Man, and the captivating but deadly Enchantress.

Before they knew it the fight broke out and all split up, paired to take each on. As the Enchantress started to glow bright, speaking the words to cast a horrific spell towards anyone she could catch in her eyesight. Speedy accurately fired two tricks arrows quicker than the witch could speak. Binding and gagging her before she could speak another word.

Superboy and Radioactive Man paired off next. Sizing each other up and before Superboy could take the step to charge, Radioactive Man shoots a strong power ray of energy. Hitting Superboy square in the chest, shooting him across the landscape. Superboy hit the ground and skids to a halt. Radioactive Man laughs surprised to the fact that SB went as far as he did. Not knowing that as Superboy laid on the ground his places a secret Lexcorp created Shield patch. That compresses Superboy’s human DNA to increase his Kryptonian side. Superboy fly straight towards Radioactive Man hitting in the face. Superboy continues to throw punch after punch knocking him further back. Then a strike in the mid center of  Radioactive Man and hits his containment belt, cracking it.  Causing the belt to start to overload, emitting a strong pulsating ray of energy.

Worried that the belt wouldn’t hold the contained radiation much longer, Radioactive Man attempts to flee but is caught quickly by Superboy. Knowing what will come to next Radioactive Man uttered “You not going to like this.” Superboy replies “What’s that?” All of a sudden the containment field shutdown and an explosion knocks them but far in opposite directions away from the continuing fight.

Seeing the aftermath of the explosion, Impulse returns his attention to the others. He attempts to assist whoever he can but only to be cut off short by the robot was known to many as Ultron. Impulsively the young hero attempts to dash back and forth as Ultron tries to hit the speedster with blasts from his Concussion Beams. Only to miss him by mere milliseconds.

Seeing this the cocky teenager joking states ” What’s wrong Tin Man? Too fast for you?” Then with ultra-fast calculations, Ultron grabs Impulse and states “On the contrary…. NO!” Grabbing the left leg of the yellow blur and snaps it, like snapping a toothpick.

“Alright Knight!” Stated Wonder Girl. “It would seem that you are the next to get checked, mate!” “What?!?” Replied the Black Knight. “Did you just do a chess pun?” She stated “Whatever! Are we going to do this or what?” “Well….” he started and then unsheathing the legendary Ebony Blade. Preparing for the attack, she changes her stand only to be surprised when he turns and jams the swords end straight into the back of Ultron. “Did you calculate that, you bastard?”

Surprised but this she stands in disbelief. Only to be jolted back to the fight when Black Knight screams at her to help the others and then he turns to Impulse to assess his injury.

During the whole climax of the others, Robin dodges shots and sword swings from Zemo with only the type of easy that the Boy Wonders to pull off. Having his patients tested Zemo, lets out a grunt of frustration and screams “Why would you just stand still?” Seeing that he is wearing his opponent down, Robin chuckles with the reply, “ What would be the fun of that, Captain Eggplant?”, bouncing into a back handspring.

Readjusting his stand Zemo, states “Do you know who I AM, BOY?” “I have taken down countries, seen governments crumble!” “It that suppose to impress me?” replied Robin.  As Zemo tried to approach toward Robin, he notice Speedy and Wonder girl take strategic position on each of his sides. “What is your next move?” asked Robin. Before he could get a answer Zemo jump into a backflip narrowing a shot and a swing for his side opponents. Only to dash toward the darkness and out of site. “Good job team” Robin congratulates the few still standing.

WINNER: Young Justice