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Teen Titans vs Alpha Flight

Teen Titans (5): Nightwing, Donna Troy, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy

Alpha Flight (13): Guardian, Puck, Sasquatch, Aurora, Northstar

“This again?” Puck complains, rolling his eyes. “Better get one with it.” He trots off, the rest of the team follows.

“Titans, TOGETHER!” Nightwing forms up his group.

“Really Nightwing, are you sure?” Beast Boy teases, and the five take off after Alpha Flight.

“I saw these guys in their first fight.The Canadian one’s powers are all from his suit, I’ll bet if I can get a minute.” He lifts his right arm, and forms it into a cannon. He raises it high and shoots at Guardian, flying above the rest of his team.

“Ha! That literally didn’t tickle, I didn’t feel a thing! How’d you guys win your first fight?” Guardian reacts.

Cyborg looks at the readouts from his probe, “Uh huh… okay… and…” he blasts out again, this time Guardian stops mid air and plummets to the ground. “How about that one? Did that one hurt?”

“Aw jimminy…” Puck picks up his pace and holler back to the Beaubier twins, “Might want to speed this up about now.” The two dash ahead.

Northstar arrives at Cyborg , in the back of the line and punches into his fleshy cheek. “Try that cannon on me, this power is 100%, all natural. He speeds around punching him again. He zips past and grabs Cyborg’s arm and takes off to the stadium wall, smashing him into it. He sneers down, checking to see if he’s finished yet or not.

Northstar sighs as Cyborg rolls over and taunts, “Big mistake.”

“Why, because you can cancel my powers too?”

“No, because you took your eyes off of Nightwing.”

CLUNK. Nightwing wraps his twin escrima sticks across Northstar’s head, knocking him over. Cyborg pushes himself up and forms his arm into a sonic pulse blaster and points it down. “Though I’m pretty sure this will cancel out your powers.” The blast rends him unconscious, and the Titans turn back to the rest of the battle.

Across the way, Sasquatch’s long legs carry him to the forefront. Beast Boy charges ahead, turning himself into a bear, and the two meet halfway. There’s a tumble of fur, claws, and teeth, and the green bear is tossed aside.

“Hey bro, not cool!” Beast Boy pops into gorilla and charges again, bowling over Sasquatch. He rolls over immediately and as Beast Boy pounces to press an advantage, Sasquatch reaches out and grabs him around the throat. Instinctively, Beast Boy transforms into a bee and flies out of his grasp. “Okay buddy, what do I have to do here?” The tiny bee grows huge, and the form of an elephant is presented, charging, tusks first. Sasquatch grabs the ivory and wrestles the animal to the ground, slamming him down, then lifting the creature off of the ground, and tossing it away. As he flies through the air, Beast Boy pops into a birds and soars to safety.

Puck cartwheels up to Donna Troy, “What do you do legs?” Silently, she kicks out quickly, Puck jumps back. “Well, okay then!” He leaps into the air and balls up, ready to knock into to, but she easily sidesteps. He recovers, and jumps up again. His natural agility is difficult for most to continue evading and he begins to grow frustrated with his futile efforts. “Hey Lady, what is your deal?”

“A little of this, a little of that…” She whips out her lasso and snares the bantam brawler.

“Whoah, when this is all over, you have GOT to let me buy you a drink!”

“When this is all over, you may not be able to.” She yanks the lasso high and pulls it down sharply, smashing Puck into the ground multiple times. She’s have kept going but Aurora flies up and punches into her midsection. The speed of her attack pushes Donna back, and she drops the lasso, though the damage is more than done, Puck is out.

Aurora bolts forward and unleashes a flurry of attacks. She probably more surprised than Puck was that Wonder Girl is able to deflect, dodge, and evade most of them. Aurora move at hypersonic speeds, and the few glances blows that she’s landing aren’t causing much harm. She continues pushing until her teammate, Sasquatch lumbers behind them and grabs Wonder Girl by the top of her head, lifts, and heaves her into the ground. He releases her jet black locks and stomps down.

“Azarath Metrion Zinthos.” A circle glowing black and purple envelopes Sasquatch. “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” The circle rises, forming a black cylinder around the beast. Sasquatch begins to scream in agony. “AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!” Sasqatch drops to his knees screaming, clutching at his head. The black column fills with white light that explodes out, blinding the participants of the fight. As it settles Walter Langkowski is left kneeling, powerless. “You are no longer bonded to the great beast Tanaraq.”

“I’m… I’m…free?

“You could call it that.” Beast Boy approaches from the air as a pterodactyl and turns into a hippo on his descent, squashing the scientist below. He pops back into his humanoid form to chec the damage. “Yeah, he’s done.”

Aurora zips up to him, in his moment of vulnerability and socks him in the face. The velocity rends him unconscious.

As he’s getting back to his team, Cyborg witness the the attack and groans” Another speedster?!” She flies up to him faster than his sensors can get an accurate read. He blasts all around her position, but her can’t get a clean shot, as he’s tracking she rushes up and back. Creating just enough distance, she waits, an eternity to her less than a second to the world. Cyborg fires at distance, Aurora races the shot, grabs Nightwing, and pulls him into the line of fire, and sprints off. To the naked eye, Nightwing teleports in front of the shot and gets taken out.

Cyborg cries out, “Nightwing NO!” In the moment of grief, Aurora comes back around attacking his armored components, jostling just enough internally to kick in his self repair mode. “I might go offline for a minute, if anyone else wants to help!”

As Aurora continues to crash Cyborg’s systems faster than he can build them back up, Wonder Girls slides in, able to move just quickly enough to stop the onslaught.

“I think you’re done.” She grab’s Aurora by the elbow, holding the would be punch back. Wonder girl spins her around and punches Aurora in the face. Dropping her, she looks around. “Why haven’t we won here yet?” She sees James Hudson frantically trying to repair his Guardian suit.

Wonder Girl and Raven stride up together. Raven’s hands begin glowing with her dark energy, and she pulls a chunk of ground underneath them off of the rock and above their final adversary’s head. “Almost forgot about this guy.”

WINNER: Teen Titans