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Asgardians vs Teen Titans

Asgardians (2): Fandral the Fair, Hogun the Horrible, Volstagg the Voluminous, Thor, Lady Sif

Teen Titans (5): Nightwing, Donna Troy, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy

“THOR! Wait.” Sif shouts at the very onset of our battle. “Don’t go charging in half-cocked like you did the past few times.”

“Half-cocked?!” Thor declares, “The god of Thunder is never half-cocked”

Volstagg snickers amongst the Warriors Three, Fandral tries not to, and Hogun looks at them both disapprovingly.

“We’ve seen them.” Sif continues, “Their leader seems to not have powers, but is cunning, and has great heart. Their sorceress is quite adept in the dark arts, one of them appears to be all manner of Midgardian machinations, the green on has an animalistic spirit, and the orange warrior seems to hold the most power.”

“Aye,” Thor bumbles, “And we’re all gods of Asgard. Who amongst us wants to handle the sorceress? They’re the most difficult lot.”

The Warriors Three all stand silent, sheepishly looking back at Thor. His eyes dart around and notices his three friends figuring him, and turns to Sif, who looks on in agreement.

“You do kind of have the most experience with them.” Sif offer as consolation.

“TO BATTLE!” Thor swings the mighty Mjolnir and takes to the skies. He pauses at the top of the stadium and hovers, whirling the hammer. “Your might pales in comparison to the Mighty Thor!”

“Wasn’t this EXACTLY what I told him not to do?” Sif asks the Warriors Three.

“Aye”, Volstagg nods in agreement.

“Though he wouldn’t be Thor if he listened.” Fandral shrugs, draws his swords, and takes off.

Lightning begins dancing around the Teen Titans.

“This guy is serious.” Cyborg states matter of factly. “I think that I can absorb most of this electricity, but it’s all magically charged.” He lifts his arm and it forms into a dish, acting as a lightning rod.

“I should be able to help with that.” Raven begins muttering something under her breath and a black wisp snakes out of her mouth and surrounds Cyborgs arm. A silver electric circles the mist.

“How long do you think you can hold that up?” Nightwing asks Cyborg.

“Don’t know…for sure…” He forms a plasma cannon with his left hand and starts a constant stream in the direction of the four grounded Asgardians. “Raven is helping a lot, but processing this much… it’s taking everything I have to keep my circuits from fusing… So… anytime you want to jump in…” Cyborg pushes out.

“On it!” Beast Boy transforms into a Pterodactyl, flaps his large, leathery wings, and take raises up to fight.

The thunder holds as Thor diverts his attentions to the prehistoric creature. “Foul beast. You dare to attack the god of thunder?!?”

“You know it!” Beast Boy glides in, maw opened, and clamps his dagger teeths around Thor. Thor pulls his arm up and bashes Mjolnir down on the dinosaur’s beak. Beast Boy drops the god and reverts to his human form. Beginning to fall, Beast Boy pops into a Chimpanzee and grabs a hold of Thor’s foot. “Okay, that hurt blondie, now how about you try THIS on!

“Tis no monster could slay the god of thunder!” Thor boasts, as the chimp climbs up his leg, swings around and grabs a hold of his head. Beast Boy grows in size and weight, a green blue whale. Thor plummets under the surprise of 150 tons.

“Fatter than you are Volstagg!” Fandral jests as his friend is crushed.

“Their heavy’s down, time to strike!” Nightwing tosses his escrima stick towards the charging Asgardians. The stick lands true, striking Fandral in the nose.

“HA!” Hogun bursts out, commenting on the stick bouncing off his friend and falling, harmlessly to the ground.“That is funny!”

Volstagg bends his massive frame to lift the weapon. “A stick?”

“Not a good sign.” Dick Grayson remarks.

“Fear not Nightwing, Starfire is here!” Starfire raises into the air and blasts into the cadre of advancing gods. The explosions push their charge around the Titans, but doesn’t stop them.

“Mine.” Sif runs around the through the shots being fired and snatches the escrima out of Volstagg’s hands. She aims and throws the stick at Starfire. Sif has considerably more strength

CLUD! “OW!” The club lands square between her eyes and the blasting stops as Starfire falls through the air. Sif bends her powerful knees and jumps. She meets the Teen Titan mid fall and slashes her to the ground.

“STAR!” Nightwing hollers out in horror as he rushes to her aid, picking up his weapon along the way. He turns to Sif and lashes out, though Sif is a trained warrior, and considerably stronger, Nightwing’s battle fury and impeccable acrobatics allow him to get her off guard. She strikes around, continually hitting air and he bounds over her attack, and while they don’t do much he, he continues hitting her about. He clicks the two escrima together and the ends begin to buzz with electricity.

Nightwing glares at his opponent and continues his assault. With the additional charge, the hits starts to add up and really piss Sif off, she grows erratic and launches one unbalanced attack towards Nightwing’s center. He dodges, and right behind him, and Raven lay in wait, forming a massive black hole above her target. The circle drops and Sif is encased in a stoic magic, as much as she struggles to free herself, she cannot.

“That’s two down!” Cyborg celebrates.

“That still leaves the Warriors Three!” Fandral dances in with his sword and swings at Nightwing. Nightwing springs back and attempts to fend off the attack. Fandral is not quite as strong as Sif, but he is faster, and more agile, and better with a sword, and the two begin an ongoing sparring session.

Hogun lumbers up to Cyborg, deceptively quiet, but Cyborg’s advanced tech allows him to prepare. Hogun swings his mace at Cyborg’s head, but misses. Standing the spot the Titan once stood is a holographic reproduction. Cyborg uses the feint to blast Hogun with his sonic cannon. The shot knocks him back a couple of feet, but he presses forward. Cyborg hits him again, this one knocking him back about a foot. Hogun reaches Cyborg, and gets shot again, though this time, he’s prepared. He clubs Cyborg in the chest, knocking him over.

Hogun raises his mace again to finish his opponent when he’s hit in the chest with a black disk or dark magic, Raven swoops in save the day and scoops up Cyborg. “Not today,” Raven continues blasting at Hogun as she passes.

Volstagg wanders up as Raven’s head is turned attacking Hogun, and she doesn’t notice his bulk impeding her progress and she knocks into him. She drops Cyborg and pops upright in surprise. “My sincerest apologies my dear,” he mutters, as he steps he stomps down on Cyborg, denting his chestplate.

Raven is so preoccupied with Volstagg that she almost misses Hogun trying to follow up behind, her her sixth sense alerts her and she dodges in time. Hogun comes barreling into Volstagg and knocks him with his mace. Raven whispers some arcane words and Hogun freezes in place, stuck to Volstagg’s impressive tummy.

“What an unfortunate development.” Volstagg remarks, as Raven raises her hands to begin casting a spell to disable the two. Hogun and Volstagg begin helplessly trying to push and pry one another apart, all the while trampling Cyborg underneath.

Fandral dances over, still locked trying to defeat NIghtwing one on one, but seeing his friends need help. “If I get the witch, do you think it frees you two? Think we’d get Sif back too? I think I’ve got this guy exactly where I need him.” He shouts while parrying an attack from Nightwing and swashbuckling out in return.

“Not sure.” Hogun states bluntly.

“But it can’t hurt!” Volstagg adds encouragingly.

Fandral vaults over his warrior brethren, away from Nightwing and dashes towards Raven to break her spell. Nightwing is swift enough to pursue and intercept. Raven’s spell is reaching it’s fever pitch when behind them all when the massive green whale behind them starts to spark.

“Yeow!” It bellows as it starts to fidget. It looks like it’s lifting it’s midsection, just a little at first, then you notice that it’s head and tail are the only parts touching the ground. And finally, through the small margins under, you see the god of thunder, eyes blue with rage, sweat dripping down his face, heave the whale off of his brawny shoulders and on top of the six remaining combatants.

Beast Boy looks terrified as Thor leaps into the air, trusty Mjolnir circling behind him. Thor follows the hammer down, striking the whale. Beast Boy almost immediately reverts to his human form, showing the Titans and Warriors three all crushed underneath. Thor is the only fighter left standing.

WINNER: The Asgardians