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JLA vs Defenders

JLA (1): Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal), Aquaman

Defenders (2): Doctor Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Namor, Valkyrie

“We appear to be the final two teams.” Martian Manhunter states, “And these five seem to be particularly volatile,” He pauses a moment to consider his thoughts. “I think that I have a plan.”

Across the way Doctor Strange’s eyes perk up, “they’re attacking us already, using a telepathic intrusion on one of us!” His eyes dart around the group. “Oh no…” His fear is palpable. “By the hor…” He’s cut short.

“HULK SMASH!” The Hulk’s eyes are full of rage as he hammers his fists into the ground scattering the Defenders. “Hulk hate fish man, and he hate sword girl, magic man, and shiny man!”

The Silver Surfer takes to his board to address the immediate concern, “Hulk, we are you friends, we don’t want to hurt you. We’re on the same team.” He uses the power cosmic to try to calm the savage Hulk.

“It’s almost working,” the Martian Manhunter feels the Hulk’s blind anger starting to quell. “Arrow.”

The Green Arrow takes aim, and slides an arrow in just under Silver Surfer’s arm. It explodes on impact.

“Puny shiny man, you try and trick hulk? NO ONE TRICK HULK!” The Silver Surfer can span light years in a matter of minutes, but he isn’t quick enough to avoid the Hulk’s grasp. He’s fought toe to toe with Galactus, but he isn’t strong enough to escape the Hulk’s grip. And he’s flown through the heart of suns, but he cannot withstand the beating unstoppable beating the the Hulk puts forward.

“He’s being manipulated, I’m trying as hard as I can to break him free, but the telepathic attack was so subtle, so direct.” Doctor Strange calls out, “You have to restrain the Hulk!”

“I am sick of doing your dirty work Strange! If they have a telepath, I’ll rip all of their head’s off!” Namor flies off to attack the JLA.

“As much as I hate to agree with Namor, he has a point, I think the only way to stop the Hulk is to stop whoever’s controlling him.” Valkyrie takes off as well.

“You don’t understand, he’s not controlling the Hulk, he just made him angry, beyond reason. We can get him back, I just can’t do it while I’m running from the Hulk!”

“Magic man! Always bossing Hulk around, HULK STRENGTH NOT YOURS!” THe Hulk lurches for Doctor Strange, who floats back, already fearing an attack.”

“The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!” Soft magenta bands wrap around the Hulk’s powerful frame. “Vishanti help me!” Doctor Strange waves his hands and tentacles raise up from the ground, holding the Hulk down, only making him angrier. “By the all seeing Eye of Agamotto, let your mind be clear!” Doctor Strange pushes his chest out, and beam of purple energy hit the Hulk on the forehead.”

The Hulk roars in opposition and pulls his arms apart, shattering the mystical constructs holding him back. He rips his feet from the ground and leaps into the air. “YOU THINK YOU CONTROL HULK’S MIND, BUT HULK TOO STRONG!” He grabs the totem from around Strange’s neck and drags it to the ground, pulling the doctor with him. In his titanic fist, the Hulk crushes the talisman.

“The… the Eye of Agamotto… you’ve just…” It glows red and explodes throwing Doctor Strange and Hulk both apart. The Hulk recovers, Doctor Strange does not.

“No one can control the Hulk.” He drops to a seated position and watches as the Justice League battles the JLA.

“So I hear you’re the King of Atlantis?” Namor shouts, making the personal attack first. “How unfair that an alternate universe me could be so weak.” He punches Aquaman in the face, and viciously continues the attack. He gets hit with an arrow, that breaks against his shoulder. Namor picks up Aquaman’s trident and hurls it Green Arrow, impaling him. “Not your fight boy.”

“Hurk.” The Green Arrow doubles over and falls. “Might need a little help with one.” He mutter to Martian Manhunter.

“You have no idea the control it’s taking to keep the beats calm. Making him angry was so easy, but keep him calm is nearly impossible!”  the Manhunter from Mars exclaims, barely noticing Green Arrow’s wounds.

Green Lantern tries to save Aquaman, creating a large fish net, but gets cut short as Valkyrie charges in and slashes down on his wrist, lopping off his ring hand. Green Lantern screams as he reverts to a bomber jacket and blue jeans. He drops to the knees scrambling to grab the power ring.

“You’ve accepted your fate.” Valkyrie moves to strike again when the Flash races in and scoops up his friend. “Another one of you?” Remembering her previous fight with Impulse.

“Oh yeah, I owe you one for that!” The Flash races in an makes a hundred attacks as fast as he can. As Valkyrie begins to swing her sword around the Flash reaches out and grabs the hand, vibrating it back and forth, and matches the frequency of the sword. It phases out of her hand lands with a clang on the ground.

“What sorcery?” She exclaims, as her sword falls to the ground with a clang.

“There’s more open space in most solid objects, between the smallest particles of matter, than actual matter, you get everything lined up right, and you can pass right through!” Flash taunts and Valkyrie punches out at him, he phases himself and she stumbles through. “And that’s a Flash Fact!” He turns and punches her before noticing that Aquaman is not doing well. He dashes off to save him.

“There is only one King of Atlantis!” Namor raises the bloodied, limp body of Aquaman overhead flying into the air, ‘IMPERIUS REX!” Namor heaves Aquaman into the ground. A trail of blood flowing from his forehead, the Sub-Mariner looks up just in time to see the streak of red, bearing Aquaman’s trident.

Seeing the arrow shatter against Namor’s skin, the Flash forgoes a traditional attack, and tries to phase the weapon into Namor’s chest, when he notices Valkyrie has followed the short distance.

“You run from a fight?! Coward!” She cuts down through the Flash, but he zips away, leaving the sword buried deep into Namor’s shoulder.

“Are you sure you guys are even a real team.” The Flash mocks as he creates a speed tornado around Valkyrie. He darts back to Green Arrow’s quiver and unleashes every single arrow in his arsenal. Adjusting the trajectory along the way, to make sure each arrow hit, despite Valkyrie’s best defenses. The electric arrows, the explosions, the smoke clouds, the nets, handcuffs, boxing glove, acid, fire, drill, glue, and more.

“You insolent little…: Valkyrie pushes through the all, but limps through them, clearly affected. Staggered. She chases after the Flash.

“Missed me.” He dodges her first slow attack. “Missed again.”

Valkyrie begins flailing around, in her last desperate attempts, and falls while trying to strike the Flash. “I have the stamina of a god, I’ll catch you eventually!”

“Good point.” Flash acknowledges. “Hey John, we’re almost done here, think you lend a hand? Just on sec, and then I think that I can help you with your thing!”

“Very well.” The Martian Manhunter floats over and punches Valkyrie.

“Great, now, I need you to really, really, the big guy out, I have an idea. If he gets stronger when he’s angry, that means he gets weaker when he’s not, hopefully you can get him weak enough that I can one punch him out before he even sees me coming in.”

“Very well.” The Martian Manhunter focuses all of his telepathy into the already much more calm Hulk. The soothing thoughts are enough. The Hulk lays down almost asleep.

“Best chance we’re going to get.” The Flash takes off after the Hulk, but stops just short, as he notices the giant green monster shrinking to the visage of Doctor Bruce Banner, napping on the ground. “Huh. Looks like won!”