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Ultimates vs Champions (1975)

Ultimates (3): Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Miss America, Captain Marvel, Galactus

Champions (11): Ghost Rider (Blaze), Hercules, Black Widow, Iceman, Angel

“You wanted more of a challenge Herc’?” Black Widow chides the god as their team stands all but slack jawed staring into the sky, up at Galactus.

Ghost Rider revs his demonic Harley, “Better get to it.” He speeds off, a trail of hellish flames streaking behind.

“He’s no Unus!” Iceman skates off.

“I WISH we got to fight to Unus here.” Angel takes to the skies.

Galactus stares down at his team. “As lifebringer, I feel no compulsion to fight there heroes. I realize that you are under the influence of Psycho-Man. For some reason, I am unable to help you here, but I do not have to participate.”

“We don’t need you.” Blue Marvel stares out at the advancing Champions. “I’m good for at least two of them.”

“Oh man, I totally forget they used to all be on a team together… does that Warren have his feather wings? Are we fighting against young versions of our friends!? I’m glad I’m not in one of my old costumes.” Captain Marvel looks herself over. “Well, let’s quit standing around here and get to it.” She takes flight and streaks off.

Blue Marvel zooms past and tackles Ghost Rider off his bike. The wisps of flame coming off his skull lingering in the air as he rockets off his ride. “One down!” He whips around to take on another foe when he’s jerked back to the fallen demon hybrid. A fiery chain wrapped around his ankle.

“I don’t think so.” The flames intensify as Ghost Rider pulls himself up the chain, wrapping it around his arm, one step at a time. While there’s still a small amount of slack, and the Blue marvel has realized that he isn’t getting away, he turns back and punches Ghost Rider in his skull. It explodes. Surprisingly, the tiny flaming chunks pull themselves together almost instantaneously. “Try again.”

Miss America jogs up behind, “Can I try?” She punches Ghost Rider in the chest. The punch leaves a gaping hole pouring out light. The hole forms into a star, spinning around and the flames start pulling in. As the draw off his body, patches of skin start forming around his bones until the portal closes and the blonde haired man, Johnny Blaze is left standing.

“What.. what just happened?” he questions, turning his hands over in front of himself.

“Punched a hole into Heaven, I guess.” America punches again. Johnny Blaze does not have the stern constitution of Ghost Rider. “You heard Carol, keep it moving!” She gestures to Blue Marvel as she jogs off to punch someone else.

“It would appear that there’s far more in this world than even I understand.” He flies behind her.

High above Angel and Iceman get to Captain Marvel. “New look for you Carol, when did you’ve give up the swimsuit?” Iceman jokes.

“And the mask?” Angel adds.

“Right around the time I stopped caring maybe?” She flashes her photon burst in a wide pattern, blinding the two mutants. She then streaks in takes out Angel with a quick concussive blast, he spins through the air with lifeless wings until he lands with a thud on the ground.

“You’re real  power is energy absorption, right? What happens when all that energy slows down?” Iceman pours on the cold. Captain Marvel ices over and turns blue. Iceman slides down to the ground to focus his full efforts on pushing everything he has into the attack.  Standing next to a giant chunk of ice, a cool white mist begins coming off the mutant. He’s found with Carol Danvers before, her knows her strength, her power, and he knows his only chance is to force her energy to a standstill. He continues pushing himself until there’s nothing left in him. He collapses in a fleshy heap next to the almost lifeless glacier next to him.

“We did we form this team again?” Black Widow complains as she shoots out a couple of tranq darts at the Black Panther, knocking that they’ll fall useless the moment they hit the vibranium weave suit. Her hope was only to distract him long enough to get in one or two good blows. She runs up and leaps, wrapping her legs around his head around his neck and twisting. The surprise of the attack is just enough to take the Panther off his feet and place him on his back.

“Surely you know that there’s no way you can win against me, Natasha. So many other Avengers, yes, but not me.” Black Panther flips up back onto his feet.

“I wasn’t planning to, just letting the meathead get close enough to take over.”

“Eh?” Black Panther pushes out as he’s grabbed from behind by the much, much stronger demigod, Hercules.

“A sound strategy, is it not?” Hercules boasts, squeezing the King of Wakanda as he dangles, kicking his legs, trying to twist out of the mighty grip. “With your speed and cunning, surely you would have made this fight last longer than I’d like. I have a number of our friends to get to!”

“You oaf!” Grunting, struggling. Any other man, any lesser being would be crushed at this point, suffocated to death. Exasperated, Black Panther is finally freed by the Blue Marvel flashing in and pushing the god over.

“You dare try to tangle with the god or strength?” Hercules collects himself and grabs hold of the Blue Marvel. Wrestling around, he flips the Blue Bomber of Battle and drives him into the ground. Brasher scrambles up and punches back, lighting blue encasing his fist. He punches out again, Hercules’s head jerks back. He punches again, and a faint mist of blood poofs out of Hercules’s mouth. “Well, it seems you’ve some strength yourself, HAVE AT THEE!”

Hercules begins striking back and the two inexhaustible heroes exchange blows while Black Widow tries to figure how they could possible have a chance. She sneaks around the heavyweights, and past the frozen Kree hybrid, past her fallen mutant comrades, and selects the perfect tool for the job. She kicks into the Black Panther’s back as hard as she can and rolls. In one fluid movement she gets the jumps onto America Chavez with her Widow Sting at full charge.

Ms America shrugs off the attack and laughs, “Sorry Widow, I respect you, but you know what comes next.” She launches a titanic punch. But Widow is faster, and has far more training, she leaps over the fist and allows it to hit the charging T’Challa behind her. Vibranium Weave or not, Ms America is REALLY good at punching things, and sends her teammate flying. The impact against the wall, the punch, and the stress of Hercules’s attack is too much to recover from for this battle. Ms America clasps her hands over her mouth in shock as Black Widow tries to press her momentary advantage.

She pulls two devices out of her belt, “I hope Stark got these right.” She jumps over America and tosses them out. The land of Ms America’s chest an stark sparking. A small puff of smoke fizzles out and they fall off.

“I guess they don’t make them like them used to!” Chaves turns to confront Black Widow.

“Da, that smoke was a one time use.” Ms America’s eyes roll into the back of her head, she falters, and drops. “Now the Blue one…” She whips around looking for the final combatant. Taking just one step, she finds him, as he speeds in front of her, carrying the Greek god on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry miss, but this is the only way.” He gently puts a hand on her shoulder and his hand glows. Black Widow falls.

WINNER: Ultimates