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Mann’s World #1 Review

Writer: Victor Gischler
Artist: Niko Walter
Colorist: Snakebite Cortez
Letterer: Andworld Design

“Mann’s World” begins as a tale of four best friends on a guys’ weekend to a resort planet that has everything from a pool to scenic views to big game hunting…only the big game on this planet are alien creatures. Just in the first issue, we as readers learn more about all four of our main characters, including their flaws. These flaws lead them to get on the bad side of the locals, working class people who despise the resort that controls their planet. Very soon, the hunters become the hunted. It will be interesting to see how each of the main characters addresses their flaws as they are forced to survive on a foreign planet where both the local wildlife and the local people would rather see them dead. With gritty art and fleshed out characters, “Mann’s World” is a must- read for any sci-fi fan.

Review by Jennifer Ricano

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Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Steve Beach
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Tom Napolitino
Cover Artist: Kai Carpenter
Cartographer: Jared Blando

It’s been ten years since the last god fell, bringing peace to the realm of Cain Anuun. But now, as echoes of dissent and pain sound throughout the kingdom of men, their champion and queen, Cyanthe, has set out in secret to see the land for herself. Aided by her handmaiden, Nykeo, Cyanthe travels to a distant village at the foot of the marshlands. There she’s taken in by a kind couple with many children, none of them their own. Orphans are common in this place – as are the ghosts. Lost children, still searching for a home. And when a boy goes missing in the night and Cyanthe and Nykeo go looking for him, they must face the creature lurking beyond the village and the secret that brought them there.

A standalone one-shot expanding upon Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s The Last God universe, Songs of Lost Children is a tight, tense horror just right for the time of the year when the air takes a chill and the shadows grow long. Writer Dan Watters (Coffin Bound, Lucifer) pulls more out of a moody monster story than you might expect and manages some deft twists of character that hint at the larger world beyond without requiring prior knowledge of the mythos.

On the note of prior knowledge, it’s here I must confess my bias. The book is drawn by friend and collaborator Steve Beach (The Witching Hour, Lost Boys of the U.S. Bremen), and frankly I’ve been waiting to get my grubby paws on a copy ever since I heard he got the gig. Even so, I won’t recuse myself from saying the art is exquisite. Gothic and painstakingly precise, Steve’s devotion to detail and keen sense of storytelling are on full display –heightened further by the colors from Dave Stewart (Basketful of Heads, Gideon Falls). Adding hues to Steve’s pages, whereon he often makes a zen-like practice out of fitting as much black ink as inhumanly possible, is no easy task and has felled many a talented colorist. But Stewart more than rises to the occasion, and together they’ve crafted a visual style that makes me yearn for more from the duo.

Dark, rich, scary, and fun, Songs of Lost Children is just the right Halloween treat for your pull list’s sweet tooth. But be warned: this book bites back. Pick up a copy at an Ultimate Comics location near you.

Review by Cliff Bumgardner

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NC Comicon Bull City 2020 Cancelled

Dear friends and family of the show,

After speaking at length with the town of Durham and the DCC it is our unfortunate task to inform you that it has been decided we must postpone the November NC Comicon at Durham Convention Center to a later date in 2021.

Our staff and crew are saddened by the delay, but after countless months of research and discussion with the professionals we have determined that a show of our size and scale cannot safely be conducted during the height of this pandemic.

The good news! We WILL be returning in 2021, at the earliest date that is safely possible. Our first priority will always be the well-being and safety of our vendors, guests, and attendees, and we have no doubts that we will be able to put on a bigger, better, more fun and certainly more secure show as we adapt in these unprecedented times.

Thank you all so very much for your patience and understanding. We cannot wait to see every single one of you at the new and improved NC Comicon, YOUR hometown show!

The Staff & Crew of the NC Comicon

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Rorschach #1

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Jorge Fornes
Colorist: Dave Stewart

Rorschach is dead — has been for 35 years. So what does it mean when a man dressed in the oh-so-familiar fedora and mask makes an attempt on a presidential candidate’s life? Therein lies a tale rife with conspiracy theories, high-stakes political intrigue and moral quandaries that are anything but black and white.

Tom King wisely chooses to move the world of Watchmen forward rather than back, showing us what it looks like in the present day. He makes no attempt to ape the structure and style of Alan Moore’s masterpiece. Instead, King borrows the world and builds on it, taking Moore’s ideas to their logical conclusions in an updated context.

Likewise, Jorge Fornes’ style is completely his own. He nails the pulp noir style with heavy shadows and elegant line work, setting the scene for what is sure to be a mystery full of twists and turns. Yes, Rorschach is dead. But in the hands of this talented and passionate team of creators, the world that produced him is alive and quite unwell. Just as it should be.

Review by Harrison Stewart

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Ultimate Comics Live Giga Q&A with Alex Paknadel and John Le

Ultimate Comics is partnering with Vault Comics to celebrate the launch of their biggest book yet (pun intended), Giga #1, with an exclusive Q&A with creators Alex Paknadel and John Le!

Join the Ultimate Comics Live Show on October 27th at 7 PM Eastern for this one of a kind fan event. We’ll be chatting Giga #1, Vault Comics, giant robots, the creative process, and more! And you’ll have the chance to ask the creative team behind one of the hottest creator-owned series of 2020 your questions!

We’ll also be debuting not one, but two exclusive Giga #1 “Giga Glow” variants, two of the first Glow-in-the-Dark covers done by Vault Comics! Tim Daniel and Nathan Gooden’s homage to Marvel Comics’ Shogun Warriors #1, these covers come complete with a vintage trade dress. Collectors can pick up the original colored glow variant or the Blacklight glow variant for just $14.99 each or grab the set for just $24.99! Both covers glow in the dark as shown in the mock-ups below. Pre-order today at or grab your set live during the show!

You can enter to win a FREE set of these exclusive variants by sharing the linked giveaway post and hitting going on the Facebook event.  

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Devil’s Red Bride

Writer: Sebastian Girner
Artist: John Bivens
Colorists: Iris Monahan
Letterer: Jeff Powell
Publisher: Vault Comics

In 16th Century Japan, we follow a young woman named Ketsuko during two time periods: the “present day” and three years prior. Ketsuko takes the place of her brother to lead their clan into battle, but he is the one to take the credit once the fighting is done. In the present day, we learn that Ketsuko is quite possibly the last of her clan right as she is set to begin a journey through the mountains. Three years prior, we are in the midst of an important battle between Ketsuko’s clan and a rival clan that, in the present day, has taken over much of Japan. On top of being a great warrior in disguise, Ketsuko has another secret: there is a voice only she can hear that is asking to be let in. While the source of the voice is not revealed, the context from the rest of the issue leads us to believe that it is a devil speaking to Ketsuko.

This issue does a wonderful job of setting up the two journeys that we will see take shape across time while also leaving us with some questions. There is definite gore and violence in this book, but it is done in such a way that it doesn’t turn the average reader away. I personally am not a fan of gore or violence, but the inclusion of such in this book did not hinder my enjoyment. I felt that this story was Mulan-esque with a horror twist and I am very interested to see where this goes.

Review by Jen Ricano

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Ultimate Comics Durham is MOVING!

Your favorite comic shop Durham is moving!

The last chance for you to visit us at our current location is December 24th Christmas Eve! Help us lighten the load. Head over today to pick up any outstanding pulls of holds you have. And of course make sure to check out our moving sales!

We’ll be open at our brand new location on December 30th just in time for New Comic Book Day! Our new spot is even bigger and better than ever, with even more room for comics, back issues, graphic novels, toys, and more!

The address of our new store is 3742 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd , Durham NC 27707.

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Ultimate Comics Live Show Toy and Comic Bonanza!

Sunday, September 27th get ready for a giant Ultimate Comics Live Show special!

Join your host Siena for a 4 hour show featuring the hottest toys and comics with the amazing deals you’ve come to expect from Ultimate Comics Live! Special guests, retro toy commercials and more, this one is going to be a fun one. It’s the only place you’ll be able to pick up super cool toy & comic sets like these! We’re prepping everything from retro toys, old school Toy Biz, Marvel Legends in package and loose, and more! Don’t miss out!

Click here for show page

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Dollar Comic, Blowout Toy, and Graphic Novel Super Sale

We’re hosting another Ultimate Comics Super Sale with
BRAND NEW stock at our massive 20,000 square foot
location at O2 Fitness next to our Durham/Chapel Hill Store!

All New – All Different Toys and Goodies

We’re keeping things socially distant with only 60 people in at a time! We’ve restocked with thousands of new comics from our super secret warehouse, all $1.00 Each! Fill a Diamond Box (over 200 comics) for ONLY $95. That’s right, a bulk deal on all new stock! Graphic novels, Toys and Action Figures ALL 50% OFF marked prices! We require masks and only allow 1 person at a table at a time. Admission is free, first come first serve!
We’re restocking each day so you will find great stuff every day no matter when you make it over! 

Friday Sept 18th 5PM – 9PM

Saturday Sept 19th 10AM – 4PM

Sunday Sept 20th 10AM – 4PM