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Batman Day Special Facebook Live Show

Saturday Sep 19th 12 PM to 5 PM

Our first ever Ultimate Comics Live Show Batman Day Bat-Tacular! We’re celebrating all things about everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader as we trundle through the streets of Gotham with Bat-Jeremy, Harrison the Boy Wonder, and Bat-Grace! Will they be donning cool Bat-looks? Tune in to find out!

Tune in for a Bat-tacular 5 hour Special on Facebook Live where you can buy the hottest Batman comics and toys from the comfort of your living room. We’ll have hot key issues, full runs, action figures, statues and more! Bat-fans can expect comics from the Golden Age of Batman to Batman Joker War and everything in between, (including but not limited to: Dark Knight Returns, Batman Years 1-3, Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics, a full run of Batman Rebirth, classic Neal Adams Batman issues, and more)!

We’ll be giving away a Batman Black and White statue SIGNED by Gerard Way during the show! Head to the event linked below to find out how you can win.

Batman Day Facebook Live Show

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Stillwater #1

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist/Cover: Ramón K. Perez
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Rus Wooton

We begin our story with a rather disheartening introduction to Daniel, our main character. After losing his job and getting into a nasty bar fight, he receives a mysterious letter claiming his recently deceased great-grand-aunt has left him an inheritance he must collect from the town of Stillwater. His best friend, Tony, tags along for the ride and they quickly realize that Stillwater is not your average small town. To quote Tony: “Yeah, this is deeply into horror movie territory now.”

The people of Stillwater are keeping a big secret and they become suspicious and closed off when two strangers roll up into town. After witnessing a traumatic event and being further confused by the outcome, Daniel seeks answers the people of this strange small town are not willing to give. The townspeople turn on the two outsiders and Daniel and Tony have to face the consequences of their trespassing. No one is allowed to know the secret of Stillwater, that, within its borders, no one can die. At the very last moment, just when we think all is lost, a mysterious woman arrives and, while she doesn’t save the day, she does buy Daniel a bit more time.

“Stillwater” is a wonderfully written and illustrated mystery that I have personally been looking forward to since its original solicitation. After reading the first issue, I am desperate for more and eagerly await issue two. I highly recommend this to fans of Image’s “Family Tree,” IDW’s “Sleeping Beauties,” or AWA Upshot’s “Grendel, Kentucky.”

Review by Jen Ricano

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What’s New at Ultimate? 9/9

First appearances, Ultraman’s Marvel debut, Alex Ross’s Timeless Variants and big Ultimate Comics Live Show events!

This week at Ultimate Comics!
Ultraman in his Marvel Comics debut, penned by Kyle Higgins of Boom’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fame and acclaim. If you’ve been digging MMPR or you’re a fan of Ultraman, pick it up!
Web of Venom Wraith #1! A Venom space cowboy story?? Yes, please!
A special oversize issue for Superman #25 with a brand new first appearance! First appearance of who? We’re not telling! You’ll have to read it to find out.

Hot Books to Pick Up this Week!

Pick Up the First of the Alex Ross Timeless Variants! Then Collect Them All!

Alex Ross is doing a series of incredible portraits of all of your favorite characters in the Marvel Universe! Pick up the first cover, Alex Ross’s Namor, this week with Empyre Fallout Fantastic Four #1. Then be sure to collect them all! And yes, you can add all covers to your pull, just let your local Ultimate Comics know!

Don’t miss our upcoming Facebook Live Events!

Ultimate Comics Live Show Batman Day BAT-TACULAR!

We also have some exciting Ultimate Comics Live Show Specials coming up! Like our first ever Ultimate Comics Live Show Batman Day Bat-Tacular! We’re celebrating all things about everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader as we trundle through the streets of Gotham with Bat-Jeremy, Harrison the Boy Wonder, and Bat-Grace! Will they be donning cool Bat-looks? Tune in to find out!

Saturday Sep 19th 12 PM to 5 PM
Ultimate Comics Live Show Batman Day Celebration

Sep 19th Batman Day Bat-Tacular!

Ultimate Comics Live Show Toy and Comic Bonanza

Sunday, September 27th get ready for a giant Ultimate Comics Live Show special! Join your host Siena for a 4 hour show featuring the hottest toys and comics with the amazing deals you’ve come to expect from Ultimate Comics Live! Special guests, retro toy commercials and more, this one is going to be a fun one.
(Siena is digging around the depths of the Super Secret Warehouse to make sure we’re showcasing only the coolest of the cool comics and toys. Don’t miss out!)

Sunday Sep 27th 12 PM to 5 PM
Featuring new and vintage toys, comics and more!

Sep 27th Toy and Comic Bonanza

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Big Girls #1

Writer: Jason Howard
Artist: Jason Howard
Letterer: Fonografiks

In the latest series from Image Comics, readers are introduced to a post-apocalyptic world where men are literal monsters and the only people capable of stopping them are “Big Girls.” In issue one, readers meet Ember, a Big Girl tasked with protecting the “Preserve” – a safe haven for people from the monstrous giant men that threaten their very survival. This issue does an excellent job at world building, integrating pertinent information into the flow of the story. The characters are three-dimensional, each with their own motivations for what they do. Despite the borderline fantastical aspects of this series, the characters themselves are very human. Readers will see Ember question the morality behind what she and other Big Girls are tasked to do every day, as well as the effects her job has on her psychological state. This first issue ends with a twist that hooked me personally and makes “Big Girls” an easy add to my pull list. Jason Howard is both the artist and writer for “Big Girls,” ensuring a cohesive relationship between the art and the story. This series is perfect for fans of “Saga” and “Decorum,” as well as anyone who likes seeing strong female characters.

Review by Jen Ricano

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Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude

Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Guillermo Sanna
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Joe Carmagna
Cover Artist: Ryan Ottley and Nathan Fairbairn

Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude is a one-shot from current Amazing Spider-Man writer, Nick Spencer. Spider-Man mostly sits out of the frame in this one, however, as Spencer tells the life story of one of Spidey’s darker villains, Sin Eater. While the intention is to inform readers about the primary antagonist in Spencer’s upcoming ASM arc, this book can be read on its own without much context or future commitment.

On the surface, this looks like another ASM book from Spencer and Ottley. However, flip open to any random page and you’ll think you’ve opened Bendis’s Alias or a Brubaker/Phillips book. The images are stark, and when you take a closer look at the words they don’t make the book much happier. Spencer leaves behind most of the lighthearted humor readers are accustomed to from his Spider-Man dialogue and favors a tale that’s closer to a grim crime thriller than a superhero story. It certainly shows off his versatility as a writer, considering how well he’s able to do both.

Despite Ottley’s work gracing the cover, the interior art team has a style significantly less cartoony than Ottley’s typical stuff. Sanna tends to use thick lines and zooms in on the details important to the story, doing a lot with a bit less. Bellaire follows that example by using only a few muted colors on most pages, emphasizing the grittiness of the book’s tone. It combines well, and though jarring at first compared to the recent ASM arcs I’ve read, I really appreciated its use to tell the story.

This book is good to read for anyone who is eager for the upcoming Sins Rising arc of Amazing Spider-Man. However, it also steps out of the superhero comfort zone and uses a lot of mature subjects and a bit of surrealism to give the tortured backstory and recap of a villain that hasn’t been seen since the ’80s. If any part of the previous sentence appeals to you in the slightest, this comic is worth picking up. While the book certainly encourages readers to continue on to ASM, it isn’t required to appreciate the story.

Review by Andrew Fellner

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School Donation Program

As part of our commitment to our community, Ultimate Comics will donate $1000 worth of graphic novels to local schools. If you are an educator in Wake, Durham or Orange County public schools and would like to request books for your school please complete the form below. You may request up to 10 TOTAL books per school. Requests will be accepted until July 3rd at 5 PM. If we are able to fulfill your request, you will be contacted via email. Pickup will be available from your choice of our three Ultimate Comics locations. For questions send an email to

Ultimate Comics School Book Request Form

Akissi: Tales of Mischef

The plucky, trouble making Akissi is back with her mischief on The Ivory Coast! This time, she has to keep herself from drowning, stand up to a bully, make peace with her arch nemesis, the prettiest girl in school, and evade a witch doctor’s potion. Inspired by her childhood, writer Marguerite Abouet takes readers on even more hilarious adventures. Lessons learned along the way include being friends with people you don’t like, standing up for yourself, and dealing with the consequences of your actions. (Grades 3 – 7)

Big Black: Stand at Attica

The uprising at Attica Prison remains one of the bloodiest civil rights confrontations in American history … but without Frank “Big Black ” Smith it could have been even worse. Before his death, Frank “Big Black” Smith worked with Jared Reinmuth, the son of his lawyer, to share the true story of his time in Attica State Prison. This is an unflinching look at the price of standing up to injustice. (Grades 10 – 12)

Bingo Love

When Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray met at church bingo in 1963, it was love at first sight. Forced apart by their families and society, Hazel and Mari both married young men and had families. Decades later, now in their mid-’60s, Hazel and Mari reunite again at a church bingo hall. Realizing their love for each other is still alive, what these grandmothers do next takes absolute strength and courage. (Grades 8 – 12)

Bitter Root

Once known as the greatest monster hunters of all time, the Sangerye family specialized in curing the souls of those infected by hate. But those days are fading. A terrible tragedy has claimed most of the family, leaving the surviving cousins divided between by the desire to cure monsters or to kill them. Now, though, there’s a new breed of monster loose on the streets of Harlem, and the Sangerye family must either come together or watch the human race fall to untold evil. (Grades 8 – 12)

Marvel Action Black Panther Vol 1: Stormy Weather

A marvelous new era begins here! Readers of all ages can get lost in the technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda. Follow the all-new adventures of its monarch, the Black Panther! King T’Challa is responsible for defending his people-and the world-from any threats and he gets plenty of help, and sass, from his genius sister Shuri. (Grades 3 – 6)

Marvel Action Black Panther Vol 2: Rise Together

Every 25 years, Wakanda’s ruler trades places with one of their subjects to gain perspective on their kingdom. T’Challa’s turn has come, and while working in a Vibranium refinery, he uncovers a plot to sell the priceless metal on the black market. Plus, when one of the Black Panther’s advisers suffers an injury during an attack, the adviser requests the aid of a traditional healer over modern medicine. Shuri scoffs at the idea, but soon a curse forces her on an epic quest. (Grades 3 – 6)

Ironheart Vol 1: RiRi Williams

From the streets of Chicago, an armored hero rises! Clad in her own high-tech suit, Riri Williams is ready to show the world what she can do as the self-made hero of tomorrow. But is she ready for all the problems that come with stepping into Iron Man’s boots? Like her first big Marvel villain! The laundry list of criminals looking to destroy Tony Stark’s legacy! And that other guy also running around as Iron Man! As Riri’s adventures go viral, she soon claims her own alter ego: Ironheart! But her idealism is put to the test by a world she doesn’t yet understand – and a headstrong Tony Stark A.I. who thinks he knows best! How far will Riri go to do what she knows is right? (Grades 7 – 9)

Ironheart Vol 2: Meant to Fly

Riri Williams steps boldly out of Tony Stark’s shadow to forge her own future! When one of Spider-Man’s old foes holds a group of world leaders hostage, Ironheart must up her game. Luckily, Riri has a will of steel, a heart of iron and a new A.I. on her side! Unluckily, the search for a kidnapped friend will send her stumbling into an ancient power – and it’s deadly! Plus: When Miles Morales goes missing, who better to search for him than his fellow Champion Riri? And more amazing friends join the fun – including Nadia Van Dyne, the unstoppable Wasp! The Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange! And Princess Shuri of Wakanda! But can Riri and her allies stop the sinister Ten Rings and their plans for destruction?

Kindred Graphic Adaptation

A graphic-novel adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s groundbreaking science-fiction classic offers an unflinching look at slavery, race, and the role of women in society. Butler’s most celebrated, critically acclaimed work tells the story of Dana, a young black woman who is suddenly and inexplicably transported from her home in 1970s California to the pre-Civil War South. As she time-travels between worlds, one in which she is a free woman and one where she is part of her own complicated familial history on a southern plantation, she becomes frighteningly entangled in the lives of Rufus, a conflicted white slaveholder and one of Dana’s own ancestors, and the many people who are enslaved by him. (Grades 11 – 12)

The Life of Frederick Douglass

A graphic novel biography of the escaped slave, abolitionist, public speaker, and most photographed man of the nineteenth century, based on his autobiographical writings and speeches, spotlighting the key events and people that shaped the life of this great American. Taking you from Douglass’s life as a young slave through his forbidden education to his escape and growing prominence as a speaker, abolitionist, and influential cultural figure during the Civil War and beyond, The Life of Frederick Douglass presents a complete illustrated portrait of the man who stood up and spoke out for freedom and equality. Told from Douglass’s point of view and based on his own writings, This provides an up-close-and-personal look at a history-making American who was larger than life.

March: Book 1

John Lewis rose from humble beginnings to become a national leader of the civil rights movement. This is his story, from an Alabama farm to the March on Washington and beyond. (Grades 8 – 12)

March: Book 2

After the success of the Nashville sit-in movement, Lewis’ commitment to social change through nonviolence is stronger than ever – but as he and his fellow Freedom Riders board a bus into the vicious heart of the deep south, they will be tested like never before. Ttheir courage will attract the notice of powerful allies, and once Lewis is elected chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, he’ll find himself helping to lead the greatest demonstration in American history: the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. (Grades 8 – 12)

March: Book 3

With the stakes continuing to rise, white supremacists intensify their opposition through government obstruction and civilian terrorist attacks, a supportive president is assassinated, and African-Americans across the South are still blatantly prohibited from voting. To carry out their nonviolent revolution, Lewis and an army of young activists launch a series of innovative projects, including the Freedom Vote, Mississippi Freedom Summer, and a pitched battle for the soul of the Democratic Party waged live on national television. (Grades 8 – 12)

Miles Morales Vol 1: Spider-Man

When Peter Parker falls, the world needs a Spider-Man – and young Miles Morales takes up the mantle! Before Peter died, Miles was poised to start the next chapter in his life in a new school. Then, a spider’s bite granted the teenager incredible arachnid-like powers. Now, Miles has been thrust into a world he doesn’t understand, with only gut instinct, his well-intentioned best friend Ganke and a little thing called responsibility as his guides. But what was the story behind the spider that bit him? How is Miles going to get his hands on a cool new costume? And is there any way he can be ready to face the deadly sting of the Scorpion? Find out if Miles Morales can live up to the legacy of Spider-Man! (Grades 7 – 9)

Mile Morales Vol 2: With Great Power

Miles Morales is finding his feet as the new Spider-Man! But will his first team-up be with his uncle Aaron, the villainous Prowler? Caught in a moral crisis, Miles must choose between battling his uncle – or joining him to keep his family safe! Which path will the young hero take? Plus: When the nation goes to war, Miles Morales heeds Captain America’s call – and joins the Ultimates! But is he ready for an A-list villain? There’s a new Venom in town, and he’s hungry! As the deadly menace strikes all too close to home and Miles’ fragile secret comes ever nearer to being exposed, he turns to the one person who can help him: Gwen Stacy! The final battle will change both their lives as Miles confronts the dark side of Peter Parker’s legacy! (Grades 7 – 9)

Miles Morales Vol 3: With Great Responsibility

Spider-Man no more? None of Miles Morales’ incredible powers could prevent his mother’s death or spare his father from a life-changing injury in a brutal fight against Venom. Miles is convinced he caused the tragedy – so in an emotion-filled decision, he has put away the costume, swearing never to fight as Spider-Man again! But when two new super-powered teenagers, Cloak and Dagger, emerge and the Taskmaster breaks up their fight with the juvenile delinquent Bombshell, innocent lives are at stake! It’s a job for someone with great power and great responsibility – but will that be Miles? And if he returns to the suit, will it be just in time for his universe to face Cataclysm? (Grades 7 – 9)

Monster Mayhem

Zoe’s favorite thing to do, besides inventing robots, is watch classic monster movies. She pretends she doesn’t need friends, while inside she’s longs for connection. Then one day, Zoe finds a mysterious ring on her way home from school. She puts it on, gives it a twist, and… FRZAAKK! There’s a massive burst of light! The next morning, a familiar monster appears at Zoe’s window. He’s from one of her favorite kaiju movies, and he likes Zoe and wants to be her friend. Has her secret wish been fulfilled? But it turns out that Zoe’s ring has brought more than just this friendly monster to life. More monsters have arrived, and they are hungry! (Grades 3 – 6)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 2: Full Moon

Brains and brawn! Tony Stark, Victor von Doom, T’Challa, Amadeus Cho…the greatest minds in the Marvel Universe all have one thing in common: They’re not smarter than a fourth-grader! Lunella Lafayette is the smartest there is – and her brain is matched by Devil Dinosaur’s brawn! They’ll need both to stand up to some of the worst villains the world has to offer – and maybe even one of its greatest heroes! Because while Reed Richards, the guy who used to be the cleverest of all, is away, his best pal, Benjamin J. Grimm, is here to defend his pole position! Then Lunella has her biggest adventure yet: A journey to the Living Planet! But are you ready for Moon Girl to meet…Girl-Moon? And who exactly are Devil Girl and Moon Dinosaur?!

My Video Game Ate My Homework

Meet Dewey Jenkins, a 13-year old schoolkid who’s about to fail science class. Follow him on an amazing adventure that leads Dewey and his friends to a virtual world where they will have to overcome all sorts of digital creatures and solve a number of puzzles in order to get home.

My Video Game Ate My Homework is a funny, fast-paced adventure that shows the importance of cooperation and teamwork, as well as the importance of using your own unique abilities to solve problems. It’s illustrated in Dustin Hansen’s colorful, cartoony style, and filled with lots of sight gags and nods to video-gaming tropes. (Grades 7 – 9)

Prince of Cats

PRINCE OF CATS is the B side to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, played at an ’80s block party in a New York where underground sword dueling blossomed alongside hip-hop, punk, disco, and no wave. It’s a deconstruction of Romeo and Juliet’s romantic meta narrative focusing on the minor players, with Tybalt at the center. (Grades 9 – 12)

Princeless Vol 1: Save Yourself

Adrienne Ashe never wanted to be a princess. She hates fancy dinners, is uncomfortable in lavish dresses, and has never wanted to wait on someone else to save her. However, on the night of her 16th-birthday, her parents, the King and Queen, locked her away in a tower guarded by a dragon to await the rescue of some handsome prince. Now Adrienne has decided to take matters into her own hands! (Grades 4 – 7)

Princeless Vol 2: Get Over Yourself

A new collection of the adventures of everyone’s favorite runaway princess, the incomparable Adrienne. This time she’s out to rescue her older sister Angelica, the most beautiful princess in the world.  It won’t be easy though. Not only does Adrienne have to deal with Angelica’s legions of admirers and their sibling rivalry, but the King has hired a band of ruthless mercenaries to track her down. Can she save Angelica? Does she want to? And how will she deal with these deadly knights who are after her head? (Grades 4 – 7)

Princeless Vol 3: The Pirate Princess

Adrienne has been on the run and working to save her sisters, but when she finds another princess locked away in a tower, she decides to spring her!  But Raven Xingtao, the daughter of the Pirate King, is more of a handful that Adrienne could have ever expected.  Before she knows it, Adrienne is off on a whirlwind adventure to complete Raven’s quest for revenge! (Grades 4 – 7)


Hip-Hop, Sci-Fi and Kung Fu all hit the turn-tables for the mash-up mix of the year! In 1980s Brooklyn young mix-master Wax scratches the perfect beat and accidentally summons a UFO that transports his family, best friend, and current crush to the robot-dominated planet of Discopia. Now Wax and his crew must master the intergalactic musical martial art of Sci-Fu to fight the power and save Earth. Word to your mother. (Grades 4 – 7)

Tuskegee Heirs: Flames of Destiny

A futuristic sci-fi action-adventure series set 80 years into the future that follows a squadron of young, gifted aviators, who are forced to become Earth’s last line of defense against a menacing race of artificially intelligent villains bent on destroying civilization. Trained at the legendary Moton Field, by Col. Mars (our own fictional descendant of the Tuskegee Airmen), these five teens and their crew embody strong moral ethics and team strategies used by the Red Tails themselves to overcome their problems. Follow along as our team travels the globe in an effort to save  civilization, exposing little known history and geography along the way. (Grades 5 – 8)

You Brought Me the Ocean

Jake Hyde lives in the middle of the desert, yet he yearns for the ocean and is determined to leave his hometown for a college on the coast. But his best friend, Maria, wants nothing more than to make a home in the desert, and Jake’s mother encourages him to always play it safe. Yet there’s nothing “safe” about Jake’s future – not when he’s attracted to Kenny Liu, swim team captain and rebel against conformity. And certainly not when he secretly applies to Miami University. Jake’s life begins to outpace his small town’s namesake, which doesn’t make it any easier to come out to his mom, or Maria, or the world. (Grades 7 – 10)

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Wynd #1

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Michael Dialynas
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar

In the idyllic setting of Pipetown lives a young boy named Wynd. He’s your average youngster – bright, curious, and just a little rebellious. But Wynd is different, and that’s dangerous for him. He’s got magical ancestry, as evidenced by his pointed ears which he must hide in order to remain undiscovered. According to the kingdom’s Blood Laws magical creatures and people with magical abilities, no matter how slight, are outlawed – and the offence is punishable by death. If Wynd is found out, it could spell some serious bad news for him and those who harbor him.

Oakley, Wynd’s friend, works for the city’s engineering corps and is the order to Wynd’s chaos. She makes sure he’s up and ready for the day, and that he’s got on pants, but the calm before the storm can only last so long. Thorn is the son of the gardener at the palace, and also the young prince’s friend and confidante. His good heart and optimistic nature make him a very likeable guy, but is he perhaps too soft for the harsh realities he is to face? Prince Yorik is moody – no surprise given the royal pressures he’s under. He is burdened with knowledge he wants to share, but can he trust anyone enough to do it? Who knows what’s in store for the future? Will Wynd and his best friend Oakley be able to live their lives as normal? Will Thorn and Prince Yorik weather the courtly conspiracies that threaten the kingdom? Friendships and loyalties will be tried and tested as we read along in the next issue.

For fans of Middlewest and Once & Future, prepare yourselves for a new adventure! The award-winning creative team of James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas make for an excellent pair to guide us into this bright new world. Beneath the whimsy on the surface lies a very intricate and intense story that is bound to have readers on the edge of their seats. Bright colors and a cheery design belie the dark themes in store for us as we continue into this world. Grab a copy and dive in today!

Review by Megan Goble

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Dark Nights: Death Metal #1

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artists: Greg Capullo
Inker: Jonathan Glapion
Colorist: FCO Plascencia
Letterer: Tom Napolitano

The world’s gone mad. Perpetua, the DCU’s creation goddess and big bad of Scott Snyder’s recent Justice League run, has chosen the Batman Who Laughs as her champion. And with her power, he has remade the entire universe in his image: a warped, bat-centric nightmare. This book is brimming with surprises, not the least of which being the fact that it actually works. A lesser writer may crumble under the weight of spinning one cogent narrative out of every major event from DC’s continuity. But not Snyder. He’s just here to rock our faces off.

Joining him in the tried-and-true duet is fan-favorite Greg Capullo. Whatever insane, out-of-control, nobody’s-ever-done-this-before idea Snyder can throw at him, Capullo is able to capture with stunning detail. Whether depicting an army of Batmen or the depths of Hell itself, Capullo’s art boasts bravado few other artists could even dream of. And he’s tearing into this one like he’s got something to prove.

Dubbed as the “encore,” Dark Nights: Death Metal feels like the culmination of decades of storytelling. It touches upon enough story threads to make your head spin. But to the patient reader, this book serves as a much-needed explanation for events both past and ongoing. Slather on a healthy serving of pure comics fun and you have yourself a recipe for the ultimate DC event title. 

Review by Harrison Stewart

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Birds of Prey #1 (2020)

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Penciller: Emanuela Lupacchino
Inker: Ray McCarthy
Colorist: Trish Mulvihill and John Kalisz
Letterer: Steve Wands

This first issue of the new DC Black Label book, Birds of Prey, has violence, drugs cartel, old flames, and grudging new friendships. It’s a whirlwind story revolving around our three heroines, Black Canary, Huntress, and Harley Quinn. They each have a past, and some deeds catch up quicker than most.

Black Canary is out of the game for good, or is she? After a late night call from an unexpected source, she’s pulled back into the fray once again. Huntress and Detective Rene Montoya have a contentious relationship, both trying to protect Gotham from their own angle. Montoya is tired of doing things by the book, but Huntress has her reservations about Montoya’s intentions. Harley’s out of prison and looking to do some good for once; no more joking around. Trying to tread the righteous path, she stumbles headlong into something that might just work – a partnership with Huntress, Black Canary, and a Gotham City police officer. Together these unlikely allies have to follow the thread of violence back to its source and save Gotham any way they can.

With splashy action panels, bright colors, and clean line work, this issue really pops. It’s action packed, with danger seemingly around every corner. Buckle up for a wild ride from start to finish, and hang on tight!

Review by Megan Goble

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Year Zero #1

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Sal Cipriano
Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews

Year Zero is the fifth miniseries from creator-emphatic publisher AWA. From writer Benjamin Percy (Green Arrow, X-Force, Wolverine) and artist Ramon Rosanas (Astonishing Ant-Man, Mighty Captain Marvel), Year Zero blends a hefty dose of Stephen King’s The Stand with a sprinkling of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.

Beginning on a research base in Antarctica, the story works its way around the globe as it explores five unique individuals from backgrounds differing as much ideologically, theologically, professionally, and economically as they do geographically. The only thing they have in common now is that the majority of Earth’s inhabitants have been infected with a disease, and they must rely on themselves to figure out how to prevent this from being humanity’s “final chapter.”

Percy’s writing gives each character a unique voice, further distinguishing them from the others. Meanwhile, Rosanas’s art is full of detail, giving each locale a distinct look and rarely allowing a panel’s background to be filled with simply a solid color. Even when they are, Loughridge’s colors lend a particular palette to every location, giving yet another layer of distinction between the characters and their settings.

Year Zero #1 offers a promising introduction to a five-issue miniseries that takes a global approach to a pandemic apocalypse from the eyes of a few individuals. Although the timing of the subject matter is an unfortunate coincidence (the book was originally due out April 1st, with an appended letter from the writer dated March 3rd), the series seems like it will focus much more intently on the characters than the pandemic surrounding them. If you haven’t gotten sick of that p-term yet, and you’ve enjoyed any of the other work from these creators, this book is worth checking out.

Review by Andrew Fellner