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Stillwater #1

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist/Cover: Ramón K. Perez
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Rus Wooton

We begin our story with a rather disheartening introduction to Daniel, our main character. After losing his job and getting into a nasty bar fight, he receives a mysterious letter claiming his recently deceased great-grand-aunt has left him an inheritance he must collect from the town of Stillwater. His best friend, Tony, tags along for the ride and they quickly realize that Stillwater is not your average small town. To quote Tony: “Yeah, this is deeply into horror movie territory now.”

The people of Stillwater are keeping a big secret and they become suspicious and closed off when two strangers roll up into town. After witnessing a traumatic event and being further confused by the outcome, Daniel seeks answers the people of this strange small town are not willing to give. The townspeople turn on the two outsiders and Daniel and Tony have to face the consequences of their trespassing. No one is allowed to know the secret of Stillwater, that, within its borders, no one can die. At the very last moment, just when we think all is lost, a mysterious woman arrives and, while she doesn’t save the day, she does buy Daniel a bit more time.

“Stillwater” is a wonderfully written and illustrated mystery that I have personally been looking forward to since its original solicitation. After reading the first issue, I am desperate for more and eagerly await issue two. I highly recommend this to fans of Image’s “Family Tree,” IDW’s “Sleeping Beauties,” or AWA Upshot’s “Grendel, Kentucky.”

Review by Jen Ricano