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Ultimates vs Metal Men

Ultimates (3): Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Miss America, Captain Marvel, Galactus

Metal Men (14): Gold, Tin, Lead, Mercury, Platina

The Metal Men bounce around and make jokes, “We can do this!” Gold encourages.

“May… maybe… we’ve fought tough foes before…” Tin offers.

“I know how to win! Mercury is the only metal that’s liquid at room temperature!” Mercury wraps his legs into a coiled tail and hops into battle.

Platina rolls her chromed eyelids and walks away.

Lead stomps towards the action.

Galactus, able to alter his size to fit any situation, has appeared with his teammates approximately ten feet tall. While they talk strategy, he grows to the height of the dome over the arena, confining him within. He reaches down and scoops up all four Metal Men in one hand and tosses them into his gargantuan mouth.

Stunned, the remaining Ultimates stare at the Lifebringer, silent.

These creatures are not life, you four are. It was cosmic duty to protect you as efficiently as possible.

WINNER: Ultimates