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Brotherhood of Evil Mutants vs Outsiders

Brotherhood (5): Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Toad, Mastermind

Outsiders (12): Black Lightning, Geo-Force, Katana, Metamorpho, Halo

“These look like some bad dudes” Metamorpho helps.

“Indeed.” Geo-Force replies, “So let’s get on wit it!” And the five take off towards the Evil Mutants.

“What do we have here?” Magneto ponders, “Aren’t they rambunctious.” Magneto rises above his four conscripted compatriots in an aura of sparkling blue magnetic energy. Shoring together the powers of one of the most basic forces of the physical world he creates a dome around his team, and forces it out. The energy pushes back the five intruders and knocks them to the ground. “I don’t who you are, or why you’re here, but I’m sure your powers are dubious at best compared to the Mutant Master of Magnetism!”

“The master of magnetism, right? How about, gravity?!” Geo-Force pulls down underneath Magneto, the gravitons overwhelming the forces of magnetism, pulling Magneto to the ground.

Scowling, Magneto points and commands, “Brotherhood, ATTACK!” And instantly, Toad hops over the rest of the team and lands in the middle of the collected outsiders. He bounds straight up and kicks his legs out in different directions, booting Geo-Force and Black Lighting straight back. He lands, recovers and jumps into kicking Halo and Metamorpho. Halo flies back, but to Toad’s surprise, his foot is stuck inside of Metamorpho’s chest.

“Nice try buddy!” Metamorpho consolidates his fist into heavy rock, and punches through Toad. He drops the mutant and re solidifies, when he’s hit by a hex blast from the Scarlet Witch. Turning his attention to her, he vaporizes himself to float towards her. As he begins, he’s rounded by Quicksilver, around and around, forming a wind tunnel, trapping the Element Man in a turbine.

Katana slices into the vortex and Quicksilver stops on a dime, barely stopping at the edge of the blade. She pulls back and slices at Quicksilver again. He whirls around her attacks, dodging with ease, and in a moment, he pulls the blade from her hands.

“Yow!” Quicksilver drops the blade, shaking his hands.

“Soultaker is mine to wield alone.” Katana somersaults grabbing the sword as she passes. “You may be fast, but are you as fast as… lightning?”

From just behind where Katana was, Black Lightning fires a bolt of electricity stopping the speedster cold, leaving him convulsing on the ground.

Scarlet Witch blasts back on her brother’s behalf, and Black Lightning’s powers divert to Katana,Black Lightning quickly cuts his stream off, but he’s too late, Katana drops to the ground along side Quicksilver.

A Scarlet Witch prepares another hex blast, Halo soars overhead and blasts out her orange aura, pushing Scarlet Witch over. She pops up quickly, but Halo presses the advantage. “You can’t escape me, and I’m not letting you magic someone else!” Halo forces out a green aura to trap the Scarlet Witch in stasis.

Scarlet Witch pushes out a hex just fast enough to push the stasis field to Metamorpho, trapping him as soon as he began to get back in the battle.

Seeing his daughter fighting, Magneto searches the field for metal and finds Katana’s blade, soultaker. Silently it levitates up to and through Halo.

“NOOOO!” Geo-Force shouts, blasting the rock underneath Magneto, throwing him back. He runs up and grabs Soultaker, leaps into the air, and stabs Magneto in the gut.

Much to his surprise, Magneto disappears, Black Lighting is laying on the ground. Mastermind is found a few feet away laughing and rubbing his hands together. The distraction was just enough for Magneto to grab the sword again and club Geo-Force in the back of the head.

WINNER: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants