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Crime Syndicate of America  vs FF

CSA (3): Owlman, Ultraman, Superwoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick

FF (13): Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Darla Deering, Medusa, Zero-G

Owl Man peers through his mask at the rest of his team, and knows they feel it too. The Crime Syndicate of America from Earth 3 generally need little provocation to start a fight, and while most probably couldn’t tell the difference, he knows that something makes him want to fight the rainbow oddballs across the stadium. He’s about to call to his “friends” when he realizes there’s no need, Johnny Quick is gone already, Ultraman has taken to the air, and power ring is creeping behind Superwoman as she marches towards punching someone.

Simultaneously, Ant-Man looks at his compatriots with steely determination, “Alright team, the Fantastic Four chose US for a reason! Let’s put together a plan!… So… anyone?”

The confident suggestion to formulate a plan, while well meaning, did little to help as before any FF member had a chance to respond, Johnny Quick streaks in and punches Ant-Man in the jaw at super speed. The helmet takes a good piece of the blow, but the force turns his head sideways and floors him.

“How about don’t get punched?” She Hulk pounds into the ground shaking it up, forcing the speedster to stumble and fall.

“How about we pull them apart, piece by piece?” Medusa suggests while reaching her magnificent auburn locks out to apprehend their foe.

“How about, why am I ever here with you guys? I’m not really a part of this!” The youngest member of the team, Alex Power offers, as he scuttles behind Medusa.

“How about, we CLOBBER ‘EM!” Darla pushes her two “Thing Rings” together, and not a moment too soon, as the orange rocks fly from shrunken down size to cover her power she’s met by Superwoman.

“A good idea!” Superwoman charging in, belts the She-Thing in the chest. Causing her to fly back from the team, smash against the wall, and slump into a pile of crumbled rock which once armored her.

“How about…”, Ant-Man begins as he pushes himself up.

“How about, no.” Superwoman steps out and presses her heel into the back of Ant-Man’s head, denting the helmet.

“How about…” She-Hulk let’s her actions finish the sentence and lashes out at Superwoman with a stiff uppercut, causing her to fly back.

Witnessing the events transpire, Ultraman usually likes to take his time, gingerly settle down, and really intimidate his opponents before making his opening move. But seeing his love get decked like that left his already limited patience tried, and he swoops down, two fists forward and pick up speed to attack She-Hulk.

She-Hulk, being pretty used to battles by now, catches the shift in his momentum and quickly turns her attention upward, “Oh I’m sorry, is she your girlfriend or something?” and rears back her arm to repel the oncoming missile. The moment before he arrives, as she starts punching forward, she’s surprised to find her fist held, suspended behind her by a giant glowing green lobster claw. It’s all Jen can do to utter a faint, “Uh oh….” as Ultraman’s attack hits square at full force.

Gee, seeing his friend punched out so quickly, pushes out, forcing the gravity around Ultraman to increase tenfold. Ultraman looks up and smiles. Seeing what little effect this has, Power pours it on, increasing the localized gravity to 100 times the normal force. No effect still. He maxes out his powers, letting the planet beneath them pull down. This is the moment that Ultraman relishes. As he slowly walks amid the increased pressure, starting to sweat, just barely, as the boy in front of him is slowly covered in black rectangles, as he call on all of the force he possibly can. As Ultraman reaches within striking distance, the two are at a virtual standstill. He pushes out, raising his arms through the increased gravity. Finally, the strain of the young one it too much, he collapses at Ultraman’s feet. The glorified gangtser bends down, just enough to reach the frightened child below, and swats him away.

Medusa tosses the crimson clad criminal towards the green ringed villain and topples him, causing his construct to break, but too late to help She-Hulk. Medusa’s hair turns sharply and latches onto to Ultraman’s arms and legs. He’s visibly struggling to escape and then noticeably shocked when he can’t.

“But… how?” Ultraman mutters before the hair starts pulling him, with enough stress that even his invincible body starts to feel it.

She finally turns her gaze to the superman and sneers. The moment would be more than enough for most to get distracted, but Medusa is Queen of the Inhumans. A member of the Royal Family, she was chosen for being one of the most powerful of her incredibly powerful people. It would be forgivable if she missed the stealth of Owlman as he sneaks behind her and pulls a torch to her hair. Though, she doesn’t.

“Wha…?” Owlman steps away as Medusa’s crimson whips swat towards him. Superwoman, recovered, barrels into the fray from behind. Medusa, not to be caught off guard, Ultraman still in grip, flips her captive behind, creating a shield between the two women. Owlman jumps back and pulls out three owlarangs, tossing them towards his opponent. Each get swatted by strands of hair as Ultraman begins sparring with Superwoman behind, being played like a puppet. Superwoman ducks, and dodges, trying to get around Ultraman before the stress and frustration finally get to her and she gives up and punches him in the face. The power behind the undefended attack, the exhaustion of pushing through the gravity fields, and the struggle of attempted escape are too much, and Ultraman’s head drops unconscious.

Owlman continues to press the attack, trying to engage Medusa hand to hand. He’s even more surprised that she’s an adept combatant, and a LOT stronger than he gave her credit for. Ducking in and out of calculated strikes, Owlman questions his partner, “What are you?”

“I’m kicking your ass,” she sneers just before grabbing one of Owlman’s strikes in her hand, pulling him forward, and tossing him to the side. She finally drops the debilitated Ultraman and turns to Superwoman, who has pulled out her golden Lasso of Submission, spinning it in the air.

“I’m getting through to you one way or another!” And with lighting speed the rope wraps around the majestic mane of Medusa. Again and again until the powerful hair falls limp under the spell of the binding. Superwoman uses the moment of shock to suckerpucnh Medusa. With little time to retaliate the attack lands. Medusa’s focus turns to freeing her hair, while trying to deflect an array of hits until finally one rings true, square to the nose, at incredible speed, with magnificent force. Medusa falls to the ground.

Like the previous battles, Superwoman is expecting herself to reappear in her seat, teammates revived, with her defeated expunged from the stadium. She looks around, thinking it may be a trick. She kicks over the body of Medusa, motionless, barely breathing. The large green She-Hulk remains lying. The girl with purple hair still encased in a pile of rocks. The young boy that Ultraman was (probably) a little too cruel too appears to have actually died. And she wonders aloud to herself, “Maybe we have to kill them all?” Smiling she turns to her most recent conquered.

As she reaches down, out of nowhere, a small bug flies and punches into her chin, with an incredibly tight density, hitting like a bullet. Ant-Man, a little dinged, and a little wobbly emerges from his shrunken form, ready to finish this battle.

Luckily for Superwoman, she’s bulletproof. Without moving, her heat vision blares from her eyes. As the beam approaches Scott Lang’s chest, the battle ends.

WINNER: Crime Syndicate of America