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Guardians of the Galaxy-3000 vs Birds of Prey

Guardians of the Galaxy (8): Vance Astro, Yondu, Charlie 27, Martinex, Starhawk

Birds of Prey (9): Oracle, Huntress, Black Canary, White Canary, Lady Blackhawk

“Okay, we’ve got what appear to be five metas.” Oracle flips open a computer on the side of her chair, “I realize I’m not normally in the field with you, but I think I can find something on these guys if you can give me a few minutes…” She begins frantically typing away. “Not wifi, no 4G, no… no… NO! I’ve got nothing!” Let’s see what they’ve got and I’m sure I can get a plan together!”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way!” Black Canary rallies her troops and the four take off.

Vance Astro witnesses the charge and steps in front of his team, he hurls the ancient shield which once belonged to Captain America. It flies through the air as the four heroes sprint towards the Guardians. Black Canary, with martial trained reflexes, vaults over the disk.

“My shield now!” Oracle hollers from the rear, still frantically trying to analyse her opponents and connect to any available information system. “Wait… I… I’m not set up for it but give me another minute!”

“One minute might be all we need!” Huntress calls back, pulling her crossbow and loosing a bolt at her aggresors. The arrow strikes the mammoth chest of Charlie-27 and shatters. “Oh boy… one minute might be all we have.” Huntress corrects herself.

“Arrows? I’ve got that covered.” Yondu pulls his bowstring back and lets an arrow fly. Black Canary is able to just sidestep the projectile, as gracefully as she did the shield. Yondu lets out a small whistle and behind the women, the arrow turns and flies back.

“Behind you!” Oracle cries, but her warning is too late. The arrow takes root in White Canary’s back and she falls to the ground just as they reach the Guardians.

Martinex flares out a heat blast bushing the Birds back for just a moment. Lady Blackhawk leaps over the flames and jumps onto Yondu, she starts striking him about the face while he tries to fight her off. Huntress pushes through and tackles Starhawk, while Black Canary runs around and kicks Charlie-27 in the head, rolls off the attack, and lands on Vance Astro.

Yondu’s surprise is enough to allow Lady Blackhawk the upper hand, but Huntress just doesn’t have enough power to falter Charlie-27. He reaches over and grabs the ace pilot, tossing her aside. He moves to grab Huntress, but this time she’s ready to use his own power against him. She’s able to grab his arm and flip him onto his back. Yondu gets up and fires an arrow at Huntress straight up, he whistles and it turns towards Huntress.

Black Canary notices the pattern, “EEEEEEEEEE!” Her canary cry causes the arrow to lose course and drop to the ground. She turns from her position and ducks under an ice attack from Martinex. She slides past Charlie-27 and punches Yondu in the gut. She flips back and grabs Starhawk in a headlock, wrestling her to the ground. From her back, Starhawk forces out a photonic blast, knocking Black Canary back. She see Charlie-27 getting to his feet and pushes out another Canary cry, with all of her force. Charlie-27 grabs at his ears, his eyes roll back in his head, and blood starts dripping down his earlobes. He falls to the ground unconscious.

Starhawk floats up behind Black Canary, “Neat trick here’s mine!” And hits her square with another energy blast, taking her out. Blackhawk jumps to her aid, but Vance Astro rushes in and pushes out with his psychokinesis. The mental attack leaves Lady Blackout down. Huntress is kicking and punching around Martinex, and starting to show the slightest sign of effect, when she’s grabbed from the back by Starhawk, who tosses her aside and blasts her towards Oracle.

The Guardians of the Galaxy descend on the remaining Bird of Prey, while she’s frantically trying to hack into the Beyonder’s data source. Not noticing the Guardians upon her, she breaks through, “I’m in! Girls, I’m in, these guys are the Guardians of the… “ An ominous shadow looms over her computer screen as Vance Astro, Starhawk, Martinex, and Yondu reach their target.

“I believe this is mine” Astro grabs his shield and shuts down the incredible mind of Oracle with a psychic push.

WINNER: Guardians of the Galaxy (3000)