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Legion of Super-Heroes vs Howling Commandos

Legion of Super-Heroes (5): Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, Matter-Eater Lad, Mon-El

Howling Commandos (12): Manphibian, Zombie, Living Mummy, Man-Thing, Warwolf

You’d think that five teenagers, abducted from their homes, staring down five monsters, would be terrified. You’d assume that they wouldn’t know what to do, that they’d split up and they’d wander off into the woods and get picked off one by one in about 90 minutes. You’d normally be correct. But these five teenagers aren’t your typical teens. They’re from different worlds throughout the universe, they’re from the 31st century, and they’re from the Legion of Super-Heroes. And nothing they face causes them fear.

The Howling Commandos, assume, just like you might, that these kids will be afraid. They’re an… “interesting” team. Pieced together by SHIELD to combat the bizarre. They are the monsters that go bump through the night. They all have their different reasons to’ fight on the team, all of which is inconsequential to the fact that they’re each incredibly powerful on their own.

The Howling Commandos play to their strengths, Living Mummy and Zombie begin to shuffle out. Man-Thing and Manphibian lumber behind them, and Warwolf slowly stalk from the flank. The strategy is usually sound, if they’re unable to creep around in the shadows, lurk through the mud, and sneak through your subconscious, they make themselves painfully known. The eerie, confident march to their prey.

Saturn Girl tries to pry into their minds, “I… can’t really get much of anything off them. Half of them are all but completely mindless, and the rest have such brutal thoughts, that… that I don’t think I can control them.”

Saturn boy reaches out with his power too, “I don’t get it, there’s no metal, not much around them at all. And the chain on the zombie won’t budge.”

“They look like a bunch of old movie monsters,” Matter-Eater Lad chimes in.

“They look like they won’t mind that we have to take them down.” Mon-El adds, and dashes off.

The Howling Commandos were expecting the first reaction the teenagers had, slight confusion, which usually turns into abject horror. They did not expect Mon-El to charge at them, do did they expect his speed. In a flash he’s upon them, grabbing the wraps of the Living Mummy and pulls them frantically. The Howling Commandos however, are not distraught that the usual fear does not take hold. They’ve fought the brave, the warriors, the heroes of their world, and they have strength all their own.

The Living Mummy grabs Mon-El’s wrists, with a mystical strength that Mon-El was not expecting giving the Mummy’s sluggish crawl. He turns the legionnaire to the Zombie and allows the Zombie begins mindlessly thrashing at Mon-El.

“Oh no!” Lightning Lad courses out bolts from his hands. He knows they’ll have little effect on Mon-El, but he’s hoping they’ll slow the Zombie. It has little effect on the Zombie or Mon-El, but the Mummy holding him bursts into flames. He releases the Daxamite and begins frantically trying to extinguish the flames. Free of his grasp, Mon-El flies up and back in with a flurry of attacks on the Zombie.

After getting in a few good punches, and stumbling the monster back, Mon-El dives back in and finds himself caught by Man-Thing. Again, showing a hidden incredible strength. Man-Thing stares into Mon-El’s eye and purses out. “Whatever Knows Fear BURNS at Man-Thing’s Touch!”

“Hate to disappoint you, but that’s not me. Mon El breaks free, grabs Man-Thing by the arm and tosses him across the stadium. His back turned to the rest of the monsters, he’s helpless as Manphibian snatches his ankle and slams him back to earth.

“Can’t have that,” Cosmic Boy cries out and flies into the fray. Searching around the field for something metal to attack with, he looks down at Matter-Eater, “Tenzil, I need that chain, think you can free it up for me?”

Without a second though, Matter-Eater Lad confirms, “No doubt!” He rushes towards the Zombie, quicker than the heavy corpse can move, grabs the amulet sitting on his chest and takes a huge bite out of it. The gem in the center glows ruby as Matter-Eater lad takes another bite, and another until it’s finished. The chain around his neck falls to the ground and the Zombie stands tall and unmoving.

“That… that freed him entirely! There’s not a single thought in his mind!” Saturn Girl warns her compatriot a mere instant before the Zombie begins thrashing around indiscriminately. Matter-Eater lad gets knocked aside as the rampaging undead fit of destruction begins. Zombie then turns to the Legion’s core three and chases after them, but with their Legion flight rings, and the Zombies crawling gate, he becomes an easy evade.

Man-Thing can sense the panic growing in the discarded Matter-Eater Lad, and begin shuffling towards him. He reaches while the Legionnaire gathers himself and prepares to rejoin his friends. He is taken back as Man-Thing approaches. After the brush with death from the Zombie, and the half the Legion’s powers not doing much good, he’s a little afraid of what this one can do. Man-Thing reaches out and grabs Matter-Eater Lad by the arm, and it begins to burn. He thinks to himself, this is it. All of the adventure I’ve been on with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and this is it, this is how I die, burning to death, killed by an actual monster. He burns hotter.

Matter-Eater Lad reaches out in horror, in pain, and without thinking, or knowing, he grabs the Zombie. The burning courses through them both, and that send the Zombie on a far less dedicated march. He stumbles into the still aflame Mummy, knocking them both over, and the two collapse in a blazing heap.

Finally free of the Zombie’s hunt, Cosmic Boy lifts the chain with his magnetic powers and sends it hurtling at the two remaining monsters. It decapitates Manphibian and circles back to wrap around Man-Thing’s neck.

While the physical assault has little effect Saturn Girl flies up to the sole remaining monster. “Just one left, I can push through.” She focuses her telepathic powers, and shuts him down.

WINNER: Legion of Super-Heroes