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Thunderbolts vs Planetary

Thunderbolts (6): Red Hulk (Ross), Elektra, Punisher, Venom, Deadpool

Planetary (13): Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner, the Drummer, Ambrose Chase

As the Thunderbolts are brought down to the arena floor Deadpool muses, “Man I kinda missed the ol’ battleworld. You guys remember the Beyonder? Oh man I loved it when he went to Spidey’s and just wrecked the bathroom–” but soon he’s met with the stern gazes of his teammates as they try to work out a strategy, shrugging “Well, I guess you had to be there.”

The remaining four of the Thunderbolts take the opportunity to try to map out a plan, the years of military training among them giving them a bit of tactical strategy, but their opponents seem to just be four regular people off in the distance. After a few minutes of deliberation Thunderbolts draw their weapons and begin to get into position–after all their opponents look like four regular people, and one of them is pretending to play the drums.

Elijah Snow looks around impatiently, hands tucked into the pockets of his trenchcoat “Drummer, can you get us out of here? Not really in the mood to be a pawn in someone’s game.”

The Drummer waves his sticks in the air, beating against imaginary drums and using his technopathic power to try to mine Battleworld for any information. “Looks like the crazy cosmic being on that throne wants us to fight. Those people standing on the other side? They want to fight us, with guns. Lots of guns, and a Hulk.”

It’s that very moment that general Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross transforms into the imposing Red Hulk, leaping towards the arena at the Drummer. The Punisher and Agent Venom follow behind with covering fire, round after round of bullets rattling from their machine guns as the cross the battlefield with Deadpool and Elektra behind them.

The bullets are quickly stopped in place by the temporal powers of Ambrose Chase, each of them floating in midair before falling to the ground.

The Drummer wave his sticks in the air for a few beats, the Red Hulk looming over him but after a few beats the raging red giant reverts to human form and falls unconscious at he hits the ground without his super strength to protect him.

“Just guns now,” quipped the Drummer.

The battleworld arena quickly starts to frost over with ice as Elijah snow eyes the four remaining members of the Thunderbolts, his incredible ice powers dickly turning their guns into unusable ice blocks. Jakita charges in and knocks out the Punisher and Elektra each with a single punch.

Jakita moved closer to Deadpool, as more ice began to form around Agent Venom. “HEY BEYONDER” shouted Deadpool across the now Icy Arena, “I’M ON THEIR TEAM NOW!” Deadpool reached over and delivered a powerful knockout punch to Agent Venom.


WINNER: Planetary