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US Avengers vs Rogues

US Avengers (7): Sunspot, Squirrel Girl, Red Hulk (Maverick), American Kaiju, Captain America (Cage)

Rogues (10): Captain Cold, Heatwave, Trickster, Mirror Master, Golden Glider

The US Avengers, an assemblage of heroes young and old. New to the game, and seasoned vets.

The Rogues, a crew of villains and thieves, each of whom has battled the Flash to a standstill more than once. And more importantly, a family.

The Rogues waste nary a moment, in their experience, every moment matters. If you can strike before your foe can think, you have a chance. A swirling blue stream of ice flies across the battlefield, engulfing all five members of the US Avengers. The momentary capture might be just enough to call it a quick end. Perhaps if they being encased were help seconds longer it would have, but the ice explodes as General Maverick doubles in size as he transforms himself into the Red Hulk.

“Unexpected!” The Golden Glider skates towards her adversaries, “But they’re gonna have to do more than bulk up if they want to beat us!” Tossing small jeweled bombs as she passes the Avengers.

Diving over one of the bombs, Squirrel leaps onto Glider’s back, tail waving behind, “You know, you don’t HAVE to do evil of you don’t want to!”

“Off my sister!” Captain Cold shoot off his cold gun at Squirrel Girl. Through years of working together, Golden Glider anticipated the move, and was able to set up Squirrel Girl perfectly. Squirrel Girl drops in a chunk of ice.

“Not gonna work as well as you hoped.” Red Hulk lifts the block and hurls it at the Rogues. I think I’ve seen the “X-Men do this one.”

Sunspot sees the ice and melts it down so Squirrel Girl arrives at the scene ready to scrap. She lands on heatwave ends up perched, squatting on his chest. She looks at his hand and ask, “This another one of those fancy ice guns?”

“Not quite.” Heatwave flares out from his flamethrower, startling Squirrel Girl. As she back flips off the Trickster tosses a mirror over her. The Mirror Master reaches through it, grabs the hero, and pulls her in, then pops back out.

“Cute trick.” Sam Guthrie boasts as he explodes across the grounds. He tackles the Trickster and smashes him into the arena wall. He bounds back and get hit by Heatwave. The flames have no effect on Cannonball’s impenetrable blast field.

Heatwave jumps out of the way at the last second and turns to his partners in crime, “It’s a bit trickier when there’s more than one, isn’t it?”

“Only for morons.” Mirror Master quips back as he pops up through the icy surface Glider is leaving behind her. He punches Captain America in her jaw and slips back through the ice grab Sunspot.

Sunspot burns hot and shakes the Mirror Master preventing another mirror trap.

“We can’t have that.” Captain Cold takes aim to cool off Sunspot but he’s surprised as the Red Hulk steps into his path. Stomping through the accumulation of ice, Red Hulk reaches Snart, grabs his cold gun and crushes it in his fist. Mirror Master pops up behind and punches Red Hulk in the back. It has little to no effect. Heatwave shoots him and he simply walks through the flames to grab Heat Wave’s gun as well. Golden Glider skates around and attempts to ensnare him with an expanding necklace. It holds for a moment, and the Red Hulk flexes. The golden chains snap.

Captain America rushes past, her advance masked by the Hulk. She socks Mirror Master once and he’s out entirely. She takes after the skater, the one Rogue she doesn’t think the Hulk will catch.

Glider reaches her fallen comrade, the Trickster, and rifles through his bag of tricks. She tosses out a toy, she pulls out a yo-yo and launches it at the Captain. Cage deflects the razor edge of the toy with her shield and reaches out to Golden Glider. Just a moment too slow, as Glider takes off again. She works her skates us and forms a small ice bridge, allowing her to take to the air.

Finally annoyed enough to enter the fray, American Kaiju transforms into his gargantuan kaiju form. He stomps down through breaking Golden Glider’s support. Rolling on the ground, she sees her other three teammates have been handled by the Hulk. She sees through the shattered Ice Squirrel Girl force her way back into the physical world and she knows that she she has no hope.

WINNER: US Avengers