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Inhumans vs Batman Inc

Inhumans (4): Black Bolt, Crystal, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton

Batman Inc (13): Mister Unknown, El Gaucho, Man-of-Bats, Nightrunner, Knight

The Inhuman royal family exchange stern and knowing looks. Through years of working with their silent leader, they know what to do. Gorgon steps out front and begins stomping the ground, creating a low hum throughout the stadium.

The Batmen stumble around as they try to get their bearing for their ensuing response. Nightrunner, quite adept at navigating difficult terrain, nimbly bounces over the protruding earth as it dances before him. Man-of-Bats slowly begins to jog toward the phenomenon, while the other three Bats follow suit. Nightrunner reaches the disturbance first, leaps off of ground and kicks out towards the hooved man causing the imbalance.

Mid air, Nightrunner spins around, Karnak slips in, seemingly from nowhere, and slices an open palm across the back of Nightrunner’s knee. Nightrunner rolls away as Man-of-Bats charges in and punches Gordon square in the nose. The punch is formed through years of training, crime-fighting, and exercise, though to an Inhuman, there’s little effect. It gets Gorgon to end his terrain obstruction, however the grin that appears shortly thereafter says almost everything that the Batmen of Many Nations need to know.

With the seismic quakes stopped, Mister Unknown, is somehow, through an open battlefield, able to sneak up behind Karnak. Apparently you can’t see the flaw in something when you don’t see it at all. He reaches into his utility belt and places a small metallic device on the back or Karnak’s bald head. There’s a large shutter of electrical current as Karnak writhes and twitches, before falling to the ground with a cloud of black smoke.

Triton stabs into the mist to notice Mister Unknown mysteriously missing. Though slightly out of his element, Triton still possesses incredible strength and durability. He’s not the least bit surprised as a rope bolo with twin orbs come hurling at him, ensnaring the aquatic Inhuman around the chest and arms.

El Gaucho follows through with his attack launching into his incapacitated foe with a stern uppercut. Triton stumbles back, shakes off the attack, and bursts out of the rope. El Gaucho, looking more than a little concerned, flips back, shakes his head, and reaches into his jacket to see what might have more effect on the monster in front of him. Overconfident, Triton lunges forward reaching out as he’s slashed from the side.

Knight, shining in his armor,stands over his foe, sword in two hands, waiting for retaliation. Triton turns his head slowly as El Gaucho reaches out and punches again, this time, directly into the sword wound. This attack’s efficacy is felt slightly more than the previous one. Without waiting, Knight lashes out again.

Mid strike, he’s blown back by a gust of cold air as Crystal joins the fray. Using her base elemental powers, Crystal pulls up the dead Earth in front of her family, pushing the Batman back. She searches the area, the air itself for water to wash the Batmen away, but can scarcely find enough to make the air palatable. So as here nimble assailants start cresting her new formed hills, she simply uses the wind to once again gust them back. She walks over to Triton to check on her wounded cousin, when out of the shadows of her landmass Mister Unknown appears once again. He drops to the ground and kicks the feet out from under the Inhuman princess. He follows the attack up with an ax kick to her midsection and disappears again.

Unfortunately, this time he disappears into the sturdy hands of Gorgon, who, upon scooping him up off of the ground, flings him across the stadium. He stomps one foot down and shatters the rock fort constructed by Crystal. Gorgon stomps again, amid the rock shards pelting the other four Bats and strikes down with one hoof around them. They fly back, scattered to the four walls of the stadium. He looks around, accounts for all 5 assailants, picks up Crystal, and then grabs Triton. “You okay?”

Triton response blankly, “I’m fine, let’s check my brother.” As the two walk to the incapacitated Karnak, they find themselves bombarded by a number of various gadgetry. Knives, bat shaped throwing stars, nets. As the agents of Batman Incorporated have the Inhumans surrounded, using every trick in their utility belts. One stray object, its specific identity lost in the mass, strikes Gorgon’s head particularly hard and he’s felled before reviving his teammate.

Crystal’s demeanor goes from confident to angry. “Enough playing around!” She turns to the scattered Batmen advances upon them and waits for them to all be within striking range. She creates a huge fire ball that chases the Batman around the circle and take them all out.

WINNER: Inhumans