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Legion of Doom vs Young Avengers

Legion of Doom (2): Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah

Young Avengers (15): Iron Lad, Wiccan, Hawkeye, Hulkling, Marvel Boy

Without hesitation, Hawkeye draws an arrow and fires across the arena. “Let’s go!” She encourages her fellow Young Avengers.

Cheetah jumps in front of the bolt and grabs it, tossing it to the ground, she take off on a four legged sprint. With uncanny speed, she’s on her prey. Hawkeye falls to the ground trying to fight the animal of a warrior off. Luckily, her friends are there to help, and Hulking is able to scoop up Cheetah and toss her aside.

The opening gambit is enough however, to allow the rest of the Legion of Doom most into position. Solomon Grundy arrives on a yellow chute and punches Hulking back with monstrous force.

Iron Lad floats up and blasts down at Grundy.  “Impossible! I don’t have any recollection of this event, I have no idea who these people are, or what to do here!” He’s pulled out of the sky by a giant, iridescent, yellow monster, with gnarly teeth and long claws.

Wiccan turns his staff sideways and the two ends are engulfed in blue orbs of magical energy. His stern looks passes as soon as he’s hit in the chest with a green bolt of energy.

“I never cared much magic.” Lex Luthor remarks, almost bored after taking out the young magician.

“You monster!” Hulking sprouts large leathery wings and takes to the air to confront Luthor. Luthor blasts him out of the air, he falls just next to Grundy, who has begun trying to catch Marvel Boy.

“Missed me!” Noh-Varr ducks one of Grundy’s sluggish attacks. “Missed again!” He punches through the heavy attacks, but his punches are ineffective against the mass that is Solomon Grundy.

Hawkeye rolls over and empties her quiver into Grundy’s back as Marvel Boy dances around him. Two normal arrows stick out of his coat, one wraps a bolo around his arms, the tether snapping like string around the zombie. A boxing glove bounces off, a glue arrow cements his feet to the ground, but he wasn’t trying to move much anyways. And finally an explosive arrow causes Grundy to buckle over. He rises slowly, pulls one foot out of the glue, then the other. He stalks towards the injured archer but his leg is grabbed by Hulking.

“Born on a Monday.” Grundy scowls and punches down. Hulkling’s grip fails and Grundy stomps off toward the rest of the Young Avengers. Iron Lad gets up from Luthor’s plast and aims in Grundy’s direction. He blasts out and the shot fires just past Grundy, hitting MArvel Boy square in the chest. Brainiac has two tendrils linking him to Iron Lad’s armor.

Cheetah wastes not a moment diving on the vulnerable Marvel Boy and shreds him.

WINNER: Legion of Doom