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Teen Titans vs Web Warriors

Teen Titans (5): Nightwing, Donna Troy, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy

Web Warriors (12): Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man (India), Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Punk

Swinging through the air like a team of acrobats, the Web Warriors land in the middle of the arena to face their opponents. Spider-Ham takes center stage, reveling in the excitement. “This is astounding! It’s like that whole Spider-Verse thing, except we’re up against a bunch of teenagers instead of an inter-dimensional demon!” he exclaims.

On the opposite side, Beast Boy locks eyes with the pork creature, astonished. “Guys, c’mon. They have a pig on their team but you all make fun of me!”

“At least the pig hails from another dimension and could be zapped back there. You on the other hand are just an insufferably annoying Earthling,” Raven remarks.

Impatient, Spider-Man Noir fires his gun. “Are we here to fight or bicker like schoolchildren!” he shouts.

“I like him,” Raven says as she draws up an interdimensional portal.

“Titans go!” Nightwing gives the order as the teams clash. The fearless leader squares off with Spider-Punk, delivering a swift kick just as his opponent jumps in the air to evade the attack.

“You sure you’re not missing a Blink-182 concert pal?” Nightwing says to his metal head opponent as he delivers a couple of blows with his staff.

“I’ve got plenty of time to kick your ass first bluebird,” Spider-Punk retorts as he unleashes a blast of his organic webbing.

Meanwhile, Donna Troy and Spider-Gwen engage in stealthy combat, trying to anticipate the other’s moves.

“You really waste your time with these losers?” Gwen asks as she swings in the air.

“Says the chick who fights alongside a talking pig,” Donna replies. Before her opponent can trap her with her webbing, the mighty Amazon warrior charges toward Gwen with her impenetrable shield, knocking her out instantly.

To her right, Cyborg unleashes a powerful blast, trying to hit Spider-Man.

“Awwww yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!! Swing around all you want. Ain’t nothing you can do to shield yourself from these guns baby,” Cyborg proclaims. Yet despite the sheer force emanating from his opponent’s arm, Pavitr Prabhakar waits for the energy from the blasts to die out. Once he has a chance, he goes on the offensive and uses his web shooters to tangle Cyborg’s arms together. Cyborg however remains unperturbed, smiling as he takes advantage of the fact that Spider-Man is now attached to him to swing him around and throw him across the arena.

“Touchdown baby!” he exclaims.

As she effortlessly deflects the string of gunshots and webbing that Spider-Man Noir fires at her, Raven nonetheless admires the tenacity and skill of her opponent.

“I must say, this has been fun. Maybe I’ll see you at Hot Topic sometime?” she says.

“I come from a different time period,” he replies.

“Not a problem. I’m not exactly from around here either,” she says with a slight grin.

Before Beast Boy can show off anymore to Spider-Ham by transforming into every farm animal imaginable, Raven unleashes a powerful spell which instantly silences the Web Warriors, and fills the arena with a shadowy overture.

WINNER: Teen Titans