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Unity vs Alpha Flight

Unity (4): Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, Livewire, Zephyr, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot

Alpha Flight (13): Guardian, Puck, Sasquatch, Aurora, Northstar

The electric flicker of the surrounding dome licks off the gleaming blade just over the shoulder of the Eternal Warrior. He’s seen battles. He glances over at his oldest friend, Aric of Dacia, who is wearing the magnificent X-O Manowar armor. They nod in agreement, and without saying a word, rush towards their opponents. Ninjak, noticing the trend, takes off immediately after while livewire takes after him. Bloodshot pulls out a rather large assault rifle, and troops along. Zephyr floats into the air, scrunches her face and dashes in as well.

The Maple clad Guardian floats above his team, looks down, and takes off to meet his foes. Puck cartwheels and after him, humming the tune to, “Flight of the Valkyries”. Sasquatch lumbers after, and Northstar and Aurora race out from the back.

The speed of the Beaubier twins reach the front lines first, coming together, seemingly out of nowhere in front of the Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, and Bloodshot. With a smug laugh of arrogance, the three chuckle as Ninjak quips, “Brought no weapons to the fight, eh? Well, cheers to you!” And pulls his swords.

Bloodshot wastes no time stepping in front of his companions and firing, full auto, at the two elf like creatures. Aurora takes off, plucking each individual bullet from the air, as if time stood still. Her brother, taking the same initiative, run up, pulls the gun from Bloodshot’s hands, and disassembles it. He continues on to take Ninjak’s swords, and the Eternal Warrior’s ax. In a moment, the two are standing in front of Unity’s soldiers, Northstar holding two swords, Aurora holding an ax, and stepping over a pile of gun pieces.

“Well, well, good on you…” Ninjak winces, just a fraction of an inch, and the swords in Northstar’s hands let off a control blast. Northstar drops them suddenly and falls in pain. Ninjak uses the opportunity to fly high into the air and kick out at the sister. Being a speedster, she recognizes the gambit and grabs her brother, creating a blinding flash of light, and the two disappear.

The distraction is perfect timing for the rest of Alpha flight to catch up, used to working as a unit, Sasquatch and Puck use the opening to attack. Puck balls up and takes to the air, knocking over the blinded Eternal Warrior, while Sasquatch reaches out and swats Bloodshot clear across the arena. As a followup, he backswings towards Ninjak, who surprisingly, flips over the shaggy arm. Believing it luck, Sasquatch reaches down again to grab the ninja, this time, Ninjak duck under the hairy fist. Puck flips off a second attack of the Eternal Warrior and swing around to help his friend. Ninjak jumps in air and corkscrews around Puck’s leaping strike. While they’re both in air, Ninjak drops a couple of pellets from his belt and a small explosion shoots Puck sideways.

“Got plenty of senses mate, can’t always rely on just one!” Ninjak taunts as he kicks Sasquatch in the solar plexus. Landing over the two Canadians, Ninjak walks back, and picks up his swords.

Oblivious to the battle on ground, X-O sees a similar foe coming at him in Red and White. He fires out of his wrists green plasma blasts. Guardian ducks in and out of the fire approaching the alien armor, avoiding each blast with a skill honed through years of protecting his country. As they reach one another, Guardian reaches through X-O’s outstretched arms and punches him in the face. It has little effect. X-O’s response is a little bit more intimidating, as out thin air, an energy sword materializes in his hands. He slashes toward Guardian. The force field surrounding the Guardian armor deflects the blow, but there’s a spark electric that immediately pulls the attention of the other 8 combatants, and the force of the attacks throws the Alpha Flight leader to the ground.

Using the temporary distraction, Bloodshot uses the moment to get back into the fray, finding the two that fled after the initial blinding light. Retina’s fully healed, his nanites were easily able to quickly scan the arena and  and runs around, flanking the speedsters, to avoid them jumping away again. Sneaking behind them, he grabs a recovering Northstar around the waits and pulls back, smashing him on the ground. Aurora, angrily responds. Faster than anyone Bloodshot has ever seen she reaches out and grabs grabs him around the chest and takes flight. Bloodshot did not know that she possessed this power, and is temporarily confuses as to what to do, he struggles, fight through the grip and begins to fall. Aurora, not willing to give up her prey, pushes down as fast as she can, reaching mach 8 in only a few meters, and facilitates the descent into the ground. The thunderclap as she breaks the sound barrier is instantaneously heard with the nearly concurrent impact. Bloodshot’s body lay still on the ground, a pile of contorted limbs.

Standing up, and breathing heavily with rage and still slightly deafened by the sound she fails to notice the Eternal Warrior charging towards her bellowing, “That’s may favorite ax!”. He punched her in the back of the head, causing her to stumble forward, but not fall. His follow through is flawless, making one purposeful step and striking again, punching into Aurora’s kidney, and spinning her around to face front. Gilad’s eternal training does not allow him to let up the advantage, and he pushes a straight jab driving his left fist into Aurora’s chin, forcing her head down, which flows, almost beautifully, into a hard right uppercut, taking his raven haired dance partner off of her feet, and landing her on her back. The Eternal Warrior walks to his ax, picks it up and turns to finish the job he startled as the brother, now fully recovered, stops him mid stride.

Startled for a moment, the Eternal Warrior slashes down at Northstar, who sidesteps the attack, but stays square with the warrior. An attack, dodge, attack, dodge, again and again, is just enough to keep the Eternal Warrior occupied as Puck tumbles into the fray bouncing off the Eternal Warrior. He calls out to his teammate, “Swapsies?” and gestures to the oncoming Ninjak.

“Oh, yes, I owe this one.” Northstar sprints towards his challenger. Ninjak has dealt with speed before, none quite this fast though, and though his reaction time and anticipation are among the best that the world has ever seen, there’s not much that he can do in the short distance between himself and the oncoming speedster. Faster than a blink, Northstar launches into Ninjak, punching his gut, his chest, his side, his gut again, and then throwing him against the side of the arena. Ninjak’s training takes over completely and he pulls three shuriken and launches them to his aggressor. Northstar deftly avoids the stars however the amusement of it occupies him enough to miss the trip wire that Ninjak set up in the ground. As Northstar approaches, his shins come to a painful halt, launching him to the ground at Ninjak’s feet.

WINNER: Alpha Flight