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Champions (2016) vs Red Hood and the Outlaws

Champions (8): Ms. Marvel, Hulk (Totally Awesome), Vision (Viv), Spider-Man (Miles), Nova

Red Hood and the Outlaws (9): Red Hood, Artemis, Bizarro, Arsenal, Starfire

The Red Hood stands in front of his his peculiar companions, pulls out twin MACs, and commands “Well, I guess we know what to do here.” He raises his arms, and starts running and shooting.

Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk, swoops in front of the oncoming projectiles, shielding his team. As the bullets bounce off his chest. He bends down and picks up one of the bullets, “Rubber?”

Ms Marvel, surprised by the initial aggression, calls out to her compatriots, “That’s what this is!?! We’re just going to shoot first and ask questions later? FINE… EMBIGGEN!” As she grows her legs taller and fists larger, she reaches out and begins smashing the man with the guns.

Bizarro leaps into the fray seeing his new friend, the Red Hood buried under a fist. “YOU NO AM HURT RED HE!” he shouts, lifting the fist and throwing its owner across the coliseum. He looks up to engage the remainder of the team to find himself eating a faceful of webbing.

Spider-Man, trying to pull the behemoth in a red cape towards him, ends up launching himself towards the other team. Ever the improvist, he chatters, “Alley Oop!” and swings into Red Hood’s chest kicking the man off his feet.

As Spider-Man starts swinging around the monster for another pass, his webbing is cut short by Artemis’s ax. She stands ready to strike again as Spider-Man somersaults to his feet. As the ax come down, he leaps out of the way, though strangely, his Spider-Sense doesn’t stop buzzing. As he reaches the apex of his bound, WHABAM! He’s pelted with an energy blast, emanating from Starfire, floating just above. As he reaches the ground with a soft thud, he’s blasted again.

Starfire pulls up for a third blast when she’s speared by the human rocket, Nova exclaiming, “That’s my friend, lady!” Starfire punches down with both fists to shake her assailant. The force is much greater than Nova anticipated. His blast fails and he falls begins falling, unprotected to the ground.

Halfway through the decent, Viv Visions swoops in to grab her new compatriot to gently set him on the ground. As she lowers her altitude, she shares with her team, “I have nothing in my databanks in regards to any of these…” PAFF She’s cut short by a blast produced by an exploding arrow. Arsenal fires another towards the android and she phases out of the way. Her evasion backfires somewhat, as she drops Nova. Amid the hail of oncoming arrows, she loses track of her imperilled and he plummets to the the ground.  Determined, Vision  jets towards the archer and punches him square in the jaw. Before she can scan Arsenal to determine the efficacy of her attack she’s pushed back by a torrent of fire.

Using his fire breath to escape Spider-Man’s webbing, Bizzaro sees Artemis sparring with the Hulk. With lightning speed he strikes, only to whiff as she zips past, around him. Stumbling past his target, Bizarro is unprepared for the force of the titanic green fist of the Hulk.

As Bizarro is reeling back, Artemis charges in and slashes hard into the Hulk’s chest. Astonished that the weapon was able to push through his durable skin, Hulk whimpers, snarls, and lashes out. Artemis jumps over the first fist, sidesteps the second, has the third bounce off her ax, and as she tries to retaliate, notices the ax stops, mid swing. The Hulk, holding the handle, pulls its bearer towards him and violently flings her off.

Gloating his immediate victory, the Hulk fails to notice as Starfire flies overhead. Lifting the musclebound mammoth and tossing him into the air,  she begins an incredible amount of energy. The blasts, much larger and stronger than those she used earlier, continue to increase their intensity. As the Hulk lands, with a loud, “KRA-THOOM” she blasts directly into the crater with all her might. Hulk lifts his head and groans before his it falls. His eyes roll back in his head, and close. Falling gracefully behind him, and landing just beside, is an exhausted and power spent Starfire.

Leaping over the fallen Starfire and Hulk, Red Hood resumes fire upon Ms. Marvel. Even with her elasticity and enbiggened form, the bullets hurt. She bashes down at him with her left fist. “Fool me once,” Red Hood whispers to himself as he dodges the attack. Ms. Marvel strikes down with her other hand, the Red Hood evades the attack once more. Ms. Marvel brings down the left again, and as Red Hood sees the hand coming down, he springs off of rising right thumb and up and flips in air to land a kick square on her nose. As She’s stumbling back, Bizarro soars in and grabs her by the back of her collar, flying her into the, pillowy side of the stadium. Despite the cloudy substance, whatever the force that keeps them in the stadium knocked her out.

Rushing to Ms. Marvel’s aid, Vision’s daughter glides over and catches the eye of Bizarro. Viv pauses for moment to process the speed and strength shown by the crystalline faced man. As she confirms Ms. Marvel’s vitals are still functioning with a quick scan and just as Bizarro takes off after her, Viv wheels around back towards the rest of the fray. Bizarro is far too speedy for Viv to outrun, and precisely as she calculated, he catches up to her just before she can get to the remainder of the battle. Viv’s battlefield observation and analysis, showed that this creature thinks little about what is behind his target and he barrels, careening through the phased form of a Vision, accidentally landing an intense blow onto his teammate, Artemis.

The dust of impact settles with Spider-Man and Vision side by side, to watch Red Hood saunter up next to and enraged Bizarro. Bizarro take off after the Vision again. As the two dart around the stadium, Bizarro mindlessly trying to catch the inanimate robot, Red Hood opens fire on Spider-Man. He dodges, naturally, and spins into an attack of his own. Much to his surprise, the Red Hood is able to step back and avoid the kick. Even with his spider speed, strength, and spider sense, he finds it difficult to land one solid strike. The combat training and willpower of his opponent being too much to overcome, he fires a webline up to Bizarro and take off. It might not do much good, but at least he’s a foe that can be punched.

WINNER: Red Hood and the Outlaws