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Justice League Dark vs Midnight Sons

JLD (8): John Constantine, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu

Midnight Sons (9): Ghost Rider (Ketch), Morbius,  Blade, Hellstrom, Jennifer Kale

“Oy!” John Constantine is nothing if not vocal, “Get a load of these gits!” He gestures to his supernaturally charged foes. “A Demon, couple of, I dunno, Vampires maybe? Another demon and some bird?”

“You mastery over the obvious is once again astounding, John.” Zatanna quips back.

“Looks like they picked this lot just for us!” He turns to Swamp Thing and offers the cunning strategy while lighting a cigarette, “Well, get on in then!”

Hellstrom noticing the lumbering Swamp Thing take to walking, rallies his troops, “Midnight Sons, we’re facing…” he’s cut off…

“I think we know what to do” Jennifer Kale prompts. Her eyes roll back in her head and each of her four companions are briefly engulfed in flames. As the subside, each of the monsters feels the effects of the buff. “That should be more than enough to deal with them.”

Blade and Morbius take off to fight the Swamp Thing. They meet halfway. Morbius launches into the air and bits into Swamp Thing’s neck. He pulls out a mouthful of leafy green and spits it out, “That’s more than a bit disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.

“Maybe we just need to trim these hedges,” Blade cooly offers, drawing his sword, he begins hacking away at the foliage of Swamp Thing. Various leaves, sticks, and more fall, an arm, a large chunk of chest, a leg, and the Swamp Thing falls. Blade swipes down disconnecting the head from the body. “What else they got?” He offers to Morbius.

“Not on my watch!” Constantine, peaking to himself while watching his reluctant friend cut down to size. As he begins fiddling inside his jacket, muttering to himself, “vampires, vampires, vampires…”

“How about a little help?” Zatanna offer, “Nedoow Sekats”. And wooden stakes materialize in each of their hands.

Madame Xanadu closes her eyes to read her opponents, “The one with a pentagram on his chest. He’s… he’s the Son of Satan!?”

“Not that I know of,” Constantine answers. He reaches into his pocket and pull out a knife and starts carving things on the wooden stake Zatanna produced.

“Not the best time for arts and crafts John.” Zatanna teases

“Never not a good time love,” Constantine smiles and continues to carve. “Now be a dear an’ keep these sods off a me while I work.”

“The Hellspawn may be the most powerful, but the witch is the most dangerous!” Xanadu prophecies.

“Don’t the witch cast her spells, I’m on it!” Deadman floats through the stadium, over the stalking vampires on their way to attack the spellcasters and jumps into the body of Jennifer Kale.

“Nice try ghost, but you’re not fooling anyone.” Damian Hellstrom sees straight through Boston Brand’s usual shenanigans and fire a blast from his trident at his teammate. The Hellfire pushes Deadman out and reveals his presence to Kale.

“How DARE YOU!” Kale screams, furious that the ghost would even attempt to posses her. She puts her hands together and fires a blast at Deadman. He stops moving instantly and falls to the ground, paralysed. “Good luck dealing with that.” She begins chanting and waving her arms.

Across the field, Blade and Morbius reach their targets, Blade, sword at the ready strikes out at Zatanna,

“DROWS!” shouts and a weapon appears to defend herself, “KCATTA!” The sword starts battling the vampire, mid air, on her behalf. While concentrating on Blade, she’s slightly distracted as Morbius movs in, fangs at the ready.

“Not so fast, fiend!” Madame Xanadu lifts Morbius from the very spot he’s standing and tosses him back.

“It seems you don’t know who you’re dealing with here.” Morbius pushed through the telekinesis and flies at the clairvoyant.

“It seems you are far more short sighted than I.” Madame Xanadu calmly reassures herself as an army of tiny Swamp Things comes roaring back from the center of the battlefield. One for each chunk sliced, in a wave of green, the engulf Morbius.

“Wooden stake for a vampire.” Swamp Thing mumbles, and Morbius is pushed out of a fully constituted Swamp Monster with a wooden stake driven through his heart.

“Not quite.” Morbius coughs as he slides off of the stake.

At the same moment Blade is battling with three conjured weapons when Zatanna sneaks around and stabs him in the heart. Blade falls to his knees and twirls onto his back. As Zatanna bends to inspect her foe she’s greeted with an unfortunate suprise.

“Me neither lady.” Blade uses the moment of surprise to stab Zatanna in the belly. She falls next to Blade and as she begins to whisper a healing spell, Blade rolls out and covers her mouth. “Not this time witch”.

Swamp Thing, though slightly disheartened that his attack didn’t deal final blows, undeterred smacks both vampires across the stadium, to reach down and help Zatanna.

“No bother you, I need you to take out their spellcaster, she’s the only one that can undo my spell, not innit she?” Constantine barks.

Sensing his unease with the plan, Madame Xanadu reassures him, “He’s right, go!”

Damian Hellstrom sees the plant elemental skulking forward and blasts him with Hellfire. “Really, sending a plant to fight fire?” Not the best idea you’ve ever had, now is it?

Swamp Thing presses on through the flames, Hellstrom blasts out again, and again, the Swamp Thing a steaming inferno that will not quit. He reaches his swampy fingers out and grabs hold of Hellstrom, and reaches out for Kale.

“Oh no you don’t!” Hellstrom pushes into the swamp monster, forcing him back. Swamp Thing extends the reach, new, lush plant growth protruding from his finger, Hellstrom hacks the down from Swamp Things grasp, but they just keep coming.

Jennifer Kale cackles with glee, “All finished, why use a bunch of different spells, when I can let these brutes fight it out and take you all out with one!” She boasts. An orange rune appears in front of her, glowing in the sky. Four other appear around it, and lines connect them each.

“My thoughts exactly!” Constantine shouts as he lobs his finely carved stake at the into Swamp Thing’s back. Swamp Thing’s head turns to address the oddity, “Four more you git!” And with a soft nod, Swamp Thing produces five identical stakes, each with the exact spells inlaid. He tosses Hellstrom aside and places one stake in each of Kale’s floating Runes.

“No… no… you… you can’t!” Kale frantically tries stopping her spell, but it’s too late. There’s an explosion of orange Hellfire and the five members of the Midnight Sons are gone.

“Didn’t know what they were gonna try, but knew I’d be able to make it backfire on ‘em.” Constantine takes a draw from his cigarette and coughs.

WINNER: Justice League Dark