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NC Comicon Bull City 2020 Cancelled

Dear friends and family of the show,

After speaking at length with the town of Durham and the DCC it is our unfortunate task to inform you that it has been decided we must postpone the November NC Comicon at Durham Convention Center to a later date in 2021.

Our staff and crew are saddened by the delay, but after countless months of research and discussion with the professionals we have determined that a show of our size and scale cannot safely be conducted during the height of this pandemic.

The good news! We WILL be returning in 2021, at the earliest date that is safely possible. Our first priority will always be the well-being and safety of our vendors, guests, and attendees, and we have no doubts that we will be able to put on a bigger, better, more fun and certainly more secure show as we adapt in these unprecedented times.

Thank you all so very much for your patience and understanding. We cannot wait to see every single one of you at the new and improved NC Comicon, YOUR hometown show!

The Staff & Crew of the NC Comicon