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Spook House #1

It’s almost here! Halloween is almost here! It’s my favorite time of year, and it has been since I was a kid. Trick or Treating was maybe the only outdoor activity I really liked, and I know our cosplayers got their start staying out late on a school night.
This week, Eric Powell launches a horror anthology for kids, and it’ll take you grownups back to those early candy-bag days. The first story follows a tough pair of kids to a haunted house that may be too scary, even for them. Then a latchkey kid faces down the Frog Monster under his sink, and a fifth-grader’s new Rubik’s Cube may lead to her Raising a little Heck.
These stories are accessible for kids but winking at the grownups, like a wicked little Pixar short. Powell’s artistry, so fantastic on books like The Goon or Hillbilly, stays on the right side of Too-Scary, but I will admit to reading the first story pretty quick because, man, that haunted house would be a nightmare to think about too much.
Be the cool house on the block this year and pick up a few copies of this to hand out to the best-dressed little goblins Monday night. Just be careful – that may not be a costume. Happy Halloween!
-MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics