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Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #1

Written by Gerard Way and Jon Rivera
Art by Michael Avon Oeming
Published by Young Animal, an imprint of DC Comics
Jason at the Chapel Hill location is a happy man today. He’s a big Cave Carson fan. I know this because when I asked, “Who the heck is this?” his eyes lit up, and he raved about this adventure geologist who went on underground explorations around the same time as the Challengers Of The Unknown. A DC legend, he’s rarely shown up in the past decades, and then usually in the background of science scenes. But this week, Gerard Way’s new DC imprint brings him back. And he’s a wicked cybernetic eye.
The story is much more straightforward than Gerard Way’s recent Doom Patrol relaunch: Cave is a geologist mourning the death of his wife, trying to reconnect to his college-age daughter, trying to stay relevant with the latest version of his company, trying to figure out what’s going on with this mysterious technological eye. Plenty of mystery surrounds the action, including a variety of characters I’m not sure I should recognize, but it serves a purpose of ramping the tension of Cave’s story without derailing things. A brief visit to Doc Magnus and the Metal Men is a daffy delight, reined in to the “Joss Whedon episode” level of wacky rather than “experimental art thing your roommate dragged you to.” And Michael Avon Oeming, an artist whose thick lines and beautiful figure exaggerations wow us on Powers, is deftly balancing the real world funeral scenes with the slightly absurd action-geology and the climactic monster attack.
This is a fun book, the best Young Animal has put out yet. Pick up a copy, and then in a month, make sure you’re at North Carolina Comicon, where Gerard Way and his team will be running down everything about the entire new imprint for us. See you there!
-MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics