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Motor Girl #1

Art and Story by Terry Moore
Published by Abstract Studio
It’s a good day. Know how I know? The new Terry Moore book came out today.
Terry Moore is this fantastic cartoonist with a penchant for showing a range of women in a variety of genres, from the classic romance drama, Strangers In Paradise, to the compelling sci-fi, Echo, to the lesbian zombie witch book, Rachel Rising. His women have all kinds of body shapes and sexual identities and complex psychologies. And this week, readers get to meet his newest.
Sam is a military veteran working a junkyard and talking to her best friend, a gorilla who may or may not really exist. Someone wants to buy the junkyard, but the UFOs that come down seeking replacement parts may have a better offer.
This book may be Moore’s funniest yet. Readers can spot some of the menace from Echo, but most of the work is about entertaining the audience with a witty gorilla and some bumbling aliens. The cartooning is perfect, showing a beautiful woman with a more athletic shape than, say, a Frank Cho pinup bombshell. It tells a satisfying story and sets up a promising series. Enjoy this good day with your friends at any of the three Ultimate Comics locations!
-MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics