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The Lost Boys #1

The Lost Boys #1
Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Scott Godlewski
Published by DC Comics, Vertigo imprint
It’s October, and it’s time to spend your nights watching your favorite scary movies! I’m betting 1987’s The Lost Boys is pretty high on your list, and so is DC. Whether or not you follow your movie with the direct-to-video sequels (The Tribe and The Thirst), you’re going to love what Tim Seeley has in store for this comic book sequel to the bloodthirsty teens of Santa Carla.
Life is back to normal in the seaside California town. Sam is selling comics at the Frog Brothers’ store while his brother, Michael, helps at a retirement home between dates with Star. Grandpa runs the local chapter of vampire hunters, but the meetings are mostly excuses to go for a beer these days. But tonight, an old enemy brings a new gang of bloodsuckers to town, and Santa Carla’s going up in flames.
This comic is a terrific read, setting the stage for a spooky vampire story that’s accessible for new readers but dripping with loving homage for the movie’s fans. The art is clean, very much like Rebekah Isaac’s work on Buffy, and the actors are recognizable. There’s plenty of blood but a tasteful restraint from gore.
Happy October, everyone. Come on by any of the Ultimate Comics locations, especially the new North Raleigh site, and pick a little something up to feed that craving. And if you act quickly, you can get one of the variant covers with that purple-leather-pants saxophonist we all love so much…
-MATT CONNER for Ultimate Comics