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Legion of Doom vs US Avengers

Legion of Doom (2): Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah

US Avengers (7): Sunspot, Squirrel Girl, Red Hulk (Maverick), American Kaiju, Captain America (Cage)

These specimen appear unremarkable. They should be destroyed so that we may gain access to the beings that organized this magnificent spectacle.” Brainiac thirstinf for the power that assembled them.

Lex Luthor adds, “Remarkable or not, they’re stuck in another one of these fights, just like us. I think that I saw one of them turn into a monster.”

“Monstersss? Who is a monster?” Cheetah sneers. She takes off on all fours, lighting quick.

Solomon Grundy tromps off, muttering, “Grundy a monster,” sounding somewhere between an ambiguous statement and a question.

“I don’t care who they are, they’ll know fear.” Sinestro floats away.

“Ooh look! Kitty!” Squirrel Girl’s eyes show big as she recognizes the charging cat. She bolts to confront her.

“Where I come from, cats is usually the ones chasin’ after squirrels.” Cannonball remarks. “Ah reckon we should git to helpin’.”

“Ah reckon we should.” Sunspot chuckles, making fun of his long time friend, Sam Guthrie’s thick Kentucky accent.

Captain America secures her shield, fixes her goggles and charges

General maverick looks down to check his Hulk plug in. “Tarnation! I just used this thing, now what am I going to… wait a minute… it’s good to go again? Well alright, let’s do this!” he punches down and pops up the Red Hulk and takes a huge leap into the fray.

Cannonball makes first contact. He sees the large awkward, gnarly yellow monster terrorizing the field. He knows that he can’t be hurt while blasting, so he has no qualms pushing through it. As he rockets through, the construct dissipates. As he follows its trail, the yellow energy reconstitutes itself as a large triangular shield. He knocks into it. Unlike the monster, it doesn’t explode on impact, but does slow his attack. He pushes with full power and shield begins sliding back towards its owner.

Sinestro grabs his left wrist, his ring hand, with his right to stabilize. He forces out all of the energy he can as the unstoppable object will not yield to his construct. Beads of sweat begin to form on his ample brow as Cannonball exerts as much force as the ring can hold.

As the two grow closer Sinestro retools his shield into a chute, aiming his adversary upward. The momentum forces him into the energy dome holding them, knocking him back down, until, until he smashes into the ground. Sinestro snarls and diverts his attentions elsewhere.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Squirrel Girl catches up to Cheetah. As they reach one another, Cheetah dives off all fours and reaches back a deadly claw. She slashes out. Squirrel Girl is just agile enough to jump over the attack, but Cheetah comes down with a fistful of tail fur. Landing on her feet, Squirrel Girl collects her tail and stares sternly at Cheetah. ‘Hey, NOT cool! You can’t just go around snatching at people’s tails!”

At that moment, Red Hulk lands with a WHOMP! Just behind her. Looking over his shoulder he comments, “Bad guys, remember?” His landing places him directly in front of Solomon Grundy, and without hesitation, he punches. Grundy goes flying back and hits the side walls. General Maverick smiles with glee until he notices Grundy immediately turn up, and shamble to his feet. “Guess it’s gonna take more than one.” he leaps off again to pursue.

Captain America rushes past and finds Brainiac observing, calculating their opponents. She doesn’t stop to ask questions, she bashes him in his robotic face with her shield. “Recalculating…”

“Recalculate THIS!” She strikes again, with all the strength of her mother and father behind it. The robot topples to the ground. She lifts her shield with two hands high and thrusts down, cleaving the robotic body in two. She lifts high, and disconnects the head from the torso. She pushes down again and pops off the arms, and the legs, and kicks each piece away from each other. “Some kind of Ultron knock-off.” She grabs the head and torso and call back to American Kaiju, “Hey, want to make sure these pieces don’t come crawl back together or something freaky?”

There’s a slight rumble, but surprisingly little else as as a large foot reaches out stomping the robot’s parts.

“I can’t have this.” Lex Luthor scrambles to the air to combat the beats. Danielle Cage follows his ascent and launches her shield. The shot hits Lex direct in his midsection, thrown out with super strength. “I designed this suit to fight Superman! I hardly think your toy frisbee is going to help you.”

He continues to rise until he’s eye to eye with the Kaiju. He opens his wrist lasers and fires. The calm, steady beam begins to cut through its giant hide as Luthor circles around. American Kaiju raises his titanic arms trying to block the shot, but they begin to get cut through as well. A giant finger falls to the ground, Captain America narrowly diving out of the way. As it lands, it shrinks back down to that belonging to Todd Ziller.

“Well isn’t that fascinating?” Lex Luthor flies down and hits the Kaiju with a wide blue beam, rolling up and down. “Very interesting indeed…” He stops the laser show and a blade pops out his gauntlet. He flies straight at the monster’s heart and stabs in as deep as he can. There’s a cacophonous howl as Lex pulls his weapon back and watches the blood retract into this armor. “We’ll have to see what we can do with this.”

As Luthor tries to jet to safety, Sunspot flies in and punches. The fiery fist buckles microns from Luthor’s face as his force field holds. “Seriously? Suuuu-perrr-maaaaaaannn. Superman.” He backhands DeCosta, sending him reeling back a few feet before he can collect himself and push back for another attack.

Sunspot charges back. Seemingly in annoyance, Lex Luthor opens his chest plate, an astonishingly bright, green hued light pours out, and the blast knocks Sunspot from the sky. Luthor continues his rampage on the team of Avengers, targeting down at Squirrel Girl while she remains locked in heated combat with Cheetah. He fires off four missiles, twisting through the air, they each land around the furious women. The explosion send the two to opposite sides of the arena. Squirrel Girl lands back behind where her team first came in and Cheetah lands next to Red Hulk and Grundy wrestling in the corner.

“Ah’m a little ticked ah fell for that mister, but you can’t keep a Guthrie boy down!” Cannonball dusts himself off and takes to they sky again. He tackles Sinestro from behind. “Oof, you insolent whelp!” Only instincts and paranoia, keeping his yellow forcefield up at all times saves him. Sinestro pushes out a giant twisting machination working like a spring between himself and the wall to prevent them from colliding full force. As the two get closer, the construct gets stronger, and pushes back harder for Sinestro. As they construct is folded in on itself entirely, the two stop. Cannonball grits his teeth and pushes out harder. Sinestro does the same, but his construct can only hold so long. It bursts and the two rocket into the wall. The collision affords Cannonball the advantage he needs to whip Sinestro back and forth until he’s out. Cannonball lands on the ground huffing and puffing. “That… that took a LOT out a me. Glad my momma always made me eat mah veggies.”

He’s coldly interrupted by a PAF as Lex Luthor snipes him from the air. “I knew your force field would have to run out sooner or later. He turns to see how much more work he needs to do as, apparently, he is the only member of this team that can get anything done. He sees Captain America has taken the place of Red Hulk, gracefully slipping through Solomon Grundy’s hapless attempts to land a hit and striking with her considerable strength.

As he locks on to Captain America, his field of vision turns solid Red as the Hulk leaps into air and grabs hold. Hanging on with his left, Maverick pulls back his right.

“How many times do I have tell you people? Superm…” CRACK

Red Hulk’s thunderous punch gets just through the force field and the tiniest of cracks appears in the ultra-glass dome atop the LexCorps battle suit. “I don’t know who Superman is, but we have a saying where I come from son, “Hulk strongest one there is.” He follows up with another titanic punch. The send the two to the ground, collapsing on Solomon Grundy, with Captain America bounding off of the falling combatants, corkscrewing mid-air, she turns her descent into a skyward punch and smashes Grundy in the face. A thick black liquid shoots from his nose. He raises again regardless, though slightly more dazed than moments before.

“Oh enough of this distraction.” Luthor stands and shoots a colossal energy beam engulfing Red Hulk and Solomon Grundy both. The shot knocks them both off of his feet and back into the wall. They do not get up. Captain America rushes in and punches into the armor as hard as she can. Internally Lex Luthor gets an update. “Armor integrity below 50%.”

“I think I’ll have to end this a little more quickly than I wanted to.” He pulls back, rocketing away to get some distance. “If you idiots want to fight monster, you’ve got it.” A small vial pops out of his gauntlet glowing with a swirl of yellow and green. “It took me all of a few minutes to retrosynthetically analyse the blood sample I took earlier.” he lifts the vial to him mouth when a red, white and blue shield comes streaming towards his face. The shield knocks the vial from his hand. Following immediately behind, Danielle Cage grabs the vial mid-air. She tucks into a roll and holding the vial, she tips her head back and drinks the elixir.

“NOOO!” He reaches out into the air and watches as Captain America slowly grows from five foot something to 40 feet tall. She stomps down as Lex Luthor bolts up past the leg. “I beat the last monster.” He fires off his lasers same as before. He pushes out what missiles he has left, and he pops the bladed probe again, punching into her gut. The blade snaps off.

Thhhhisssss monnnsssteeeeerrrrrrrrrrr haaaaaaaassssssssss unbreaaaaaaakle ssssssskinnnn…” She reaches out and snatches Lex Luthor from the air. She tilts her head back one more time, and tosses the villain into her mouth. “Crunnnchhhhhhhyyyyy.”

WINNER: US Avengers