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Inhumans vs Legion of Super-Heroes

Inhumans (4): Black Bolt, Crystal, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton

Legion of Super-Heroes (5):Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, Matter-Eater Lad, Mon-El

Black Bolt feels a gentle tug on the forked antennae on his head. He quickly looks over and points. The stern look on his face cues the Inhumans of their next course of action. They see Cosmic Boy, and spring into action.

“Finally some metal out there, the last fight was a bit difficult, but I should be able to…”

KRACK! Karnak reaches the Legion first, his years of martial training allowing him to knife through while his opponents were focused on Cosmic Boy’s minor triumph. The blow drops the Legionnaire immediately. Karnak turns to the other four. He looks up and down as Mon-El curls up a first. He lifts his right hand and appears to make a tight “OK”, he curls that into an akward fist shape, his foru fingers just barely tucked under his thumb. Before whatever strike Karnak had planned can take place, he stands straight up, silent and still, eyes glowing blue.

“Don’t worry Mon-El, I’ve got this one…” Saturn Girl reaches out with her incredible mind and Karnak’s body freezes up.

Inside his mind he lashes out, “You think you’re the first to try this? I’ll find the weakness, I’ll break out!”

Booming down, all around him Saturn Girl tell him,  “Your mind is incredibly strong, I don’t think I could hold you very long, but your mind only needs to be occupied while it’s conscious.” A window in the all white room opens showing him flying through the air in the arms of Mon-El, and being thrown towards the ground, Mon-El chasing after for a follow up.

“NOOOO!” Karnak begins to feel the wind whistling around his bald head, he runs and jumps through the window to reality and wakes up just in time to hit the ground. He tries to open his eyes and move to safety, but Mon-El comes crashing in, and everything goes black.

“THAT is called teamwork!” Saturn Girl derides her fallen adversary. The moment is all she gets, as the ground beneath her feet gives way to rocky undulations as Gorgon stomps towards the Legion. She bounces with the waves and then floats up off her backside and hovers above the ground. “Not going to do you much good when we all have Legion Flight Rings!” She forces out a psychic blast, knocking Gorgon over.

“Lucky we control more than just the ground!” Crystal gusts the winds into a funnel around Saturn Girl. The surprise releases her hold on Gorgon, who shakes like a wet animal, and lifts himself up. Interesting thing about my powers, Crystal cries out, I’ve got more than just one. She blasts out flames, which get sucked into the tornado, causing a swirling dervish of fire.

“Mon-El, you’re the only one that can save Saturn Girl!” Lighting Lad cries out.

Mon-El takes off towards the funnel but he’s stopped from underneath, as Trition jabs upward with his trident. He looks down, surprised the weapon could damage him. Triton looks back at Black Bolt and makes the two same gestures that Karnak had earlier, Black Bolt’s silent communication, in this case, sign language, alerting the Inhuman King of Mon-El’s vulnerability.

Matter-Eater lad dashes in and takes a huge chomp out of the handle, Mon-El and the fork fall onto the ground, the tines rolling out as Mon-El struggles to save his teammate. He staggers into the inferno, grabs Saturn Girl, and collapses out. The fire sucked out all of the oxygen, and Saturn Girl lay sleeping next to Mon-El as he bleeds out.

“Time to heat things up!” Lighting Lad electrocutes Triton, the bolts coursing through his aquatic rebreather. He continues his assault until Triton is on the ground convulsing. Lightning Lad turns his attentions to Crystal. “Your elemental powers versus mine?”

“Glady.” Crystal pulls the water from Triton’s tank and sends it through the air in a bubble, surrounding Lightning Lad’s head. He panics for one brief moment before electrocuting himself. His unique physiology, immune to the effects, allows the water to boil under 1 billion joules of electricity.

“My turn!” He fires the bolts snake out of his fingertips at his command.

Crystal’s reflexes prove just enough, as she cascades a rocky shield from the ground, nullifying the charge. She topples the rocks, trying to crush Lighting Lad, but he takes to the skies and zips above. As he peeks over the crest, Crystal hits him a torrent of fire.

“Lighting gets hotter than the surface of the sun, I think I can take the heat!” He splashes down a chain of lighting that jumps and weaves a cage around her.

Silently, the electricity begins to wisp away, being pulled by an unknown force. Black Bolts emerges behind his sister by marriage, the energy being absorbed by the fork on his forehead. Surprised, Lightning Lad lets Crystal get the drop on him, and she charges forward, tackling him. She punches him continually until he’s out.

Witnessing the carnage, in a fit of rage, seeing all of his friend’s downed, Matter-Eater Lad rushes Black Bolt, diving open mawed, and he bites down on the fork. He rolls and stands defiantly in front of Black Bolt. He opens his mouth to reveal the hardware and begins to chew.

Black Bolt, in utter astonishment lets out the slightest gasp. The resultant explosion of his sonic release explodes Matter-Eater Lad.

WINNER: Inhumans