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Trinity vs Red Hood and the Outlaws

Trinity (1): Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

Red Hood and the Outlaws (9): Red Hood, Artemis, Bizarro, Arsenal, Starfire

As the DC Trinity descends into the Arena Batman confirms his plans with his two team members, it seemed as though this was one of the many situations that the Dark Knight had prepared for, “Just like we practiced, plan Delta-Zero-One.”

“You think you can hold them off for that long?” Superman asked, turning his head to Wonder Woman.

She replied with a grin, “Watch Me.”

Red Hood seemed equally confident about his plan, “Take out Batman and then we win. There’s way more of us then there are of them.”

Roy raised an eyebrow, “Why is that always your plan?”

Red Hood groaned and continues, “Alright, Bizarro, you don’t go after Batman, we’ll handle the rest.


The two teams were lowered down into the arena and both started to enact their plan, Wonder Woman took a giant leap forward and was soon entangled with four of the outlaws, sword in one hand, the lasso in the other as she quickly snagged Starfire and began to deflect bullets from her Amazonian bracers.

Bizarro took off with Amazing speed, hurtling towards Batman and Superman. With his incredible Kryptonian speed Superman scooped up the caped Crusader and began to fly around the arena with Bizarro in tow, gaining on them. Batman pulled a small device from inside his utility belt.

The Outlaws had started to weaken Wonder Woman, though she still made a formidable opponent one handed. She struggled to dodge the barrage of bullets and arrows while trying keep up with the furious melee of Artemis.

“Batman–” Wonder Woman said with a grunt as she endured a blow from Artemis, “NOW!”

The device Batman pulled from his utility belt was nothing more than a tape recorder, but as Bizarro draw close he hit play, and the sound boomed from the Bat Speakers on his belt. It played a simulated recording of the rest of the Outlaws:

“Bizarro is so strong!” laughed Starfire, “He’s the strongest there is!”

“I no believe it!” said Artemis, joining in the laughter, “Bizzaro always weak!!”

“Strong, but also handsome! Bizarro least handsome of them all! Look at Bizarro face!” chortled Red Hood

Bizarro came to a dead stop, his pale white face turning red with rage. Describing how Bizarro feels is at best weird, but for the sake of clarity let’s just say he was very displeased in the conduct and candor of the people he thought were his friends.

“BIZARRO WEAK!! BIZARRO SHOW YOU!” He flew down into the melee, and punched Artemis, knocking her into one of the arena walls. “BIZARRO WEAKEST OF THEM ALL!”

“BIZARRO MAKE YOU HANDSOME!” he growled, gripping Red Hood’s helmet and throwing him to the ground, “WHO HANDSOME NOW?!”

Superman plucked Wonder Woman from the brawl and they flew away and let Bizarro finish off the rest of the Outlaws. “Well done Bruce.”

“Don’t get too cocky we still have to defeat Bizarro,” explained Bruce, tucking the recorder back into his utility belt, “By my calculations we only have twenty five seconds until he’s done fighting the Outlaws.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this” said Superman with a knowing wink before running over to Bizarro in a red and blue blur.

WINNER: Trinity