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Secret Six (7) vs Excalibur (10)

Secret Six (7): Catman, Deadshot, Scandal Savage, Ragdoll, Bane, Knockout

Excalibur (10): Captain Britain, Meggan, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Nightcrawler

“Dibs on the guy wearing a Union Jack,” Deadshot explained flatly as his boot crushed the cigarette that had fallen from his lips just moments ago. He pulled his mask over his face, adjusting his sights so that Captain Britain was locked in his sights.

OOOH dibs on the hot one!” Ragdoll delights.

“Aw, I wanted the hot one!” Knockout eyes Meggan.

No, the BLUE one!” Ragdoll clarifies, “RRRRow!”

“Don’t care. Looks like we’re the only team in here with six people. Either we got really lucky, or REALLY unlucky. Given our history, my money’s on the latter, let’s try to make it quick.” Deadshot lines up the barrel on his left arm and fires.

“I have broken the Bat, I will break these little ones.” Bane charges in behind the shot.

“Don’t have all the fun without me!” Knockout tromps along side Blip.

The bullets bounces off the center of Captain Britain’s forehead, hitting perfectly at the intersection red on his flagged uniform. His head rocks back with surprise. “It looks like I’ve been shot, I’ll have to show him these yanks how to aim.” He rises above his team and zooms across to confront the shooter.

“#*&@. Because why not.” Deadshot complains, “Switching to armor piercing.” He rockets off another shot at Captain Britain, hitting him square over his heart. The shot knocks him out of the sky, Deadshot trots off to pursue. He get about halfway before Brian Braddock, the magnificent Captain Britain, floats quietly in front of him, landing gently.

“You Americans and your guns.” He reaches  out and grabs Deadshot’s wrist mounted firearm. Two rounds go off in his hand and Deadshot tries to escape, and the rifle falls to the ground.

“That was expensive.” Deadshot complains as he pulls a knife and swipes at the hero.

“Bill me, I’m rich too.” Captain Britain grabs and punches him. “If you ever wake up.”

Behind Deadshot’s ill fated advance, Bane and Knockout meet up with Colossus. “Good afternoon friends, I am sorry to have to fight you.” Colossus greets, “But one must do, what one must…”

POW! “Quick, right Lawton?” Knockout calls back to Deadshot after clobbering Colossus.

“Boz moi…” Colossus mutter under his breath, clutching his jaw. He springs around and wallops Knockout back, staggering her a few feet. “I hope, for your sake malyshka, that your fighting skills are better than your manners.”

“Hahahah! This one has spirit, come combatiente, let’s see how strong you are.” Bane pumps the Venom on his electrical wrist mounted injection system. His muscles bulge and he lumber in to grab the Russian. The two lock hands and grapple. B,ane gets the jump and pushes Colossus back, for one, brief moment, he believes that he has the advantage, and then Colossus pushes back.

First he buckles Bane’s hands backwards, then, Bane’s entire body bends back, feet planted. Colossus leans in, and headbutts. Bane drops to his knees. Still locked in the grapple, Colossus pulls Bane to his the feet, drops his arms, and gut punches him. Bane hops a few feet into the air and lands on his face coughing. Colossus stomps forward and PTANG!

Knockout’s punch rings throughout the stadium, Colossus reels sideways. “Aw, come on now, you didn’t think I’d give up that easily, did you?” She drives another blow to Colossus’s face, spinning him around. Her foe still teetering, she grabs his shoulders, lifts him up, and smashes him into the ground. “Strong enough for you, Bane?” Knockout taunts her teammate as she turns around to help him up.

Colossus stands, snarls, just a little, and re-engages. He grabs Knockout and turns her around, punching her head. The shot takes her a little by surprise, and allows Colossus to follow through with a second. He pulls both arms high, towering above the New God, he screams, “DASVIDANIYA!” and smashes down, clobbering Knockout into the ground. He reaches down to continue his assault and Bane is just able to snag his arm and redirect.”

“NO ONE BESTS ME!” Bane knees into Colossus’s side, punches his head, and lifts the his off of his feet. He tosses him into the ground. Colossus rolls over, pops up, and grabs Bane with an extended left arm.

“Please comrade, you are embarrassing yourself.” He tosses Bane aside, “Worry not, rebenok, I will come back for you.” Colossus hadn’t noticed Knockout rising behind him, coughing out the crushed earth kicked up in the fray. He turns to check her status and gets hammered in the face. Status checked.

“Okay tinman, NOW I’m pissed!” She limps to the follow through and punches him again, and again. Each strike pushing him back a step of two, until he lurches forward to stop the offensive, hoping to wrestle her down. The two lock up and push. Through gritted teeth and strained muscles, Knockout feels Colossus starting to slip. She surges forward, and takes control. She grabs him around the neck and slings in to the ground. This time without a moment of hesitation or boasting, she punches down. Colossus falls, out. Knockout sits atop his lofty chest, hair frazzled, covered in dust, and take a deep breath. “Good fight big man.” She kicks a leg into his side. “I’m gonna need a minute here.”

Slinking past the match of titans, Ragdoll makes his way to the fuzzy blue of his affections. “I hope your insides are as adorable as the rest of you.” He whispers in the mutant’s elfish ears.

“Da, you’ll find many things about me remarkable, I’m sure mein freund.” BAMF Nightcrawler disappears in a cloud of midnight sulfur, reappearing a six feet in the air, behind Ragdoll. He strikes out with his two toed foot and kicks him in the back of the head.

Ow! You like to play rough!” Ragdoll lurches forward to attack and BAMF, he disappears again. Whipping around instantly, Ragdoll find Nightcrawler above him again, this time punching chest height. Ragdoll bends backwards 90 degrees, avoiding the punch. BAMF Nightcrawler teleports into another attack, again Ragdoll contorts into an impossible position to avoid.

“You are not so easy to hit, I see.” Nightcrawler pops across, giving himself some distance.

“Ve may be here a while.” He ‘ports again and the two tussle in a confusing cloud of indigo.

Jogging past the smokey confrontation, Scandal Savage arrives face to face with Meggan, “Looks like I get the hot one.” She winks, but wastes no time in attack. He plunges her Lamentation Blades towards Meggan’s midsection. On instinct, Meggan conjures her abdomen into rock hard plates. The attack glances off. “Interesting,” Scandal pulls back, “This could get fun.” She slashes again, Meggan raises her arms and scales appear, blocking the strike. Scandal flips over Meggan, hoping to land as a surprise, preventing the automatic mutations. Wings pop out of Meggan’s back and flap once, propelling her away from Scandal. “This could be a LOT of fun!” Scandal smiles and spins low, tripping Meggan, knocking her onto her back. Scandal pops up and ax kicks down.

Meggan rolls out of the way and on all fours, she grows twenty feet tall, her neck stretches out, her face pulls, the armored scales on her midsection and arms sprout around her body, the leathery wings expand, and a long tail stretches out. “Still fun?” The looming dragon snaps at Scandal.

“Not fun, not fun!” Scandal turns to run, but Meggan flaps into the air and in one thrust, has Scandal in her talons. She tosses her upward, and snaps her up in her jaws.

From the ground, Catman’s gaze follows the dragon around the arena and back to her starting area. As it lands, he’s confronted directly in front of him by a young woman in a blue tights, a leather jacket, and a mask. “Well, hello there.”

“Are those whiskers? What are you? Cat-Man, or something dumb like that?”

“Uh, well, yes…”

“I’m Kitty!” Shadowcat smiles and punches him in the nose.

“Of course you are…” He mumbles through the bloody nose. “Look, I really don’t to hu…” she punches him again. “Okay listen little girl! I…” she punches him again.

“Good luck!” She taunts pressing her advantage, she punches out again, though this time, Catman grabs her arm.

“I’ve had enough of this!” He pulls her into him, ready to punch. He’s a hunter, a tracker, a fighter, he puts everything he has into the punch, he pushes through the target. He’s incredibly surprised to find the he actually punches through the target though, as Kitty Pryde phases through his grip and his attack. He loses his balance and falls on the ground. Kitty kicks him in the head.

Catman turns on the ground and tosses three catarangs. They glide through their target, the same as his punch. She kicks him again.

“Ooh! Cat toys?” She swipes into his utility belt and empties its contents on the ground in front of them.

As Catman scrambling to collect BAMF! Nightcrawler cracks him the back of the head with a kid. “Guten tag Katya, I know you do not require my assistance, but I believe zat I require yours!” He grabs his long time friend and teammate and BAMF

I thought you’d left me forever, oh I’m so glad that I you’re back! I can’t wait to wear your fuzzy skin as a cape!

“See vhat I mean?” Nightcrawler shores up with Kitty. Captain Britain flys over ands with them. Seeing her teammates, Meggan flies over in her dragon form and settles with a WHOMP. She turns back into her human form, standing next to her husband.

“More of them? I hope they aren’t as tough as the metal guy.” Knockout walks up behind Ragdoll.

“I hope they are.” Bane rolls his head, cracking his neck. He reaches down and doubles his Venom dosage. His muscles pop, his veins bulge, and he flexes, ready to fight.

Two’s company, three’s a party, five… I guess we’ll see.”

Nightcrawler BAMFs out above Bane and kicks down, Bane is far quicker than Nightcrawler anticipated for a man his size. He grabs the foot.

“I think not señor.” Nightcrawler tries to teleport away, Bane’s kung fu grip refuses to relinquish.

“Mein Gott!” Nightcrawler pops in and out around around the stadium, bane refusing to let go. He tries one final tactic, launching himself him, and a series of as many short trips as he can make. “I know zat I am used to my powers, I have found most others are not!”

“You will find I do not give up easily.” The two reach the top of the domed energy field encapsulating battle. Huffing and puffing, Nightcrawler passes out. The two plummet to the ground, landing in a cloud of dirt.

“Kurt!” Kitty Pryde calls out.

”Yes… Kurt was his name, I knew that because he and I were very close.”

“You son of a… “ Kitty storms off after Ragdoll. She throws a punch and he swings underneath it. She grabs his arm and he pulls it immediately out of her grasp. He smacks her coolly as he swings it back around. “I see why he hated you so much.”

Hated? Why ‘m hurt!”

“Not as bad as you’re about to be.” Shadowcat dives on top, as Ragdoll impossible pulls himself out from under her, he’s abruptly stopped. He stares down, his legs having been phased into the ground. “Dodge this.” Kitty kicks him in the head.

“I can pull you out!” Knockout walks up


“Suit yourself,” Knockout drops his raggedy hair and moves on to his attacker, she opens her arms and Kitty phases right through. She whirls around and finds Kitty reaching out, pulling her into the same ground, then running off. “Think that kind of thing will work on me?” She pulls her legs up and bursts through the ground. “I’m made of sterner stuff than that one!”

“I’d hope so, for your sake.” Captain Britain saunters up and punches. Knockout takes the hit and cracks back. Meggan rushes to his aid, transforming into a werewolf along the way. She leaps, fangs bared, claws out, and latches onto to Knockout.

While his adversary is tussling with the lycanthrope, Captain Britain gets in his shots. He punches around Meggan with every available opportunity. He smashes down, as hard as he can hitting legs, sides, back, head, until Knockout gets a good grip and tosses Meggan aside.

Turning her full attention to Captain Britain, Knockout unleashes a thunderous flurry of punches. The two box away, each refusing to yield. Knockout is stronger, tougher, has slighgtly more endurance, but the fight with Colossus took a lot out of her. Captain Britain came in fresh, full of confidence. The two stand heaving, each punch losing a small amount of force until a shadow slowly casts over them.

Meggan, morphed into a gryphon, lands claws first on Knockout. Pinned to the ground, Knockout struggles to escape. Meggan’s beak, pounding down, tearing at the flesh of the Fury. Eventually escaping, Knockout slips out from under the monster. Captain Britain pulls together all of his strength and punches Knockout as she gets up. Knockout and Captain Britain both collapse.

Meggan rears her eagle head and lets out a cry before taking to the air to survey her opponents. Just as her feet leave the ground, she notices Bane climbing out of the crater he made, holding a lifeless Nightcrawler. He runs up, springs over her head, and lands on her back. He activates his Venom once more and wraps his arms around her neck, choking her as she flies. She gets a few feet into the air, unable to shake her assailant when an idea pops into her head.

Using her eagle eyes, she finds Shadowcat, standing and ready to fight. Meggan makes a hard turn barrelling through the air on a direct collision course with her friend. Kitty knows the play here. As her friend arrives she phases. The mythical beasts and it’s passenger zoom through. Meggan passes unharmed, but the electric mechanism that affords Bane his strength is compromised as it phases. The wristband sputter with electricity that tracks up Bane’s Venom tube, shocking him. He tumbles off and rolls on the ground. The hose on the back of his head pops off and the green liquid oozes out. Bane tries to stand, but the bruises and cuts of are starting to show. The wounds he was able to push through on Venom take their toll, and Bane crumbles.

WINNER: Excalibur