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Guardians of the Globe vs Doom Patrol

Guardians of the Globe (6): Invincible, Atom Eve, Rex Splode, Robot, Duplikate

Doom Patrol (11): The Chief, Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, Flex Mentallo

The Chief wheels around, addressing his team, “Doom Patrol. I know that we’ve encountered more than our fair share of hard to explain phenomena. I also know that the Doom Patrol has always persevered through our shared adversity. This time will be no different!”

“Why not?” Cliff Steele, better known as Robotman, storms off, “Maybe I’ll feel better after some punching.”

“I’ll watch over your corporeal form Lawrence.” The Negative man slips out of his body and rushes ahead. Elastic-Girl and Flex Mentallo follow in suit, somewhat reluctantly stomping off to battle.

Robot scans the Doom Patrol as they’re huddled, taking orders. “Interesting power readings.” He watches the body of Larry Trainor drop. “Most interesting…”

“Interesting powers? I’ve got you covered!” Rex Splode leaps in front of his team, reaching into his pockets and grabbing the small staves he uses for just such an occasion. He pushes them to an unstable molecular stability and throws them. The resultant explosion scatters the morosely advancing Robotman, Elastic-Girl, and Flex Mentallo. Negative Man streaks past, seemingly unaffected.

“How’d I miss that one?” Rex questions without noticing the trail of his blast turning back to him.

“It didn’t, he’s absorbing it!” Robot shouts too late, Negative Man pulls together the remainder of the blast and redirects it at Robot. “Can it tin man!”

“Hey now! Let’s not make this a robot thing!” Robotman bellows from behind, gathering himself up and resuming his march.

“I guess there’s no reasoning with them, Eve.” Invincible turns away from his partner and dashes off, punching Robotman in the gut. The force of the blow bends him in half, dents his steely exterior, and send him flying back.

“I think I see a worthy contender!” Flex Mentallo picks himself up and begins to stride toward Invincible.

Seeing the confident visage of Flex Mentallo approaching, Invincible turns his attentions and confronts him. He punches Flex in the face. The hit turns Flex’s head, blood shoots from the side of his lips and he takes a step back. Flex recenters and punches back. Invincible is stunned that Flex could take the punch. He hits him back, as hard as he can. Flex braces for it, a bizarre “Hero of the Beach” appears glowing above his head, and Mark’s hand crumbles punching into Mentallo’s chest.

Pulling his broken right hand back, Invincible looks confused and angry, he lashes out with his left. Flex Mentallo puts his hands on his hips and puffs out his chest, “Hero of the Beach” appears again. Invincible’s left smashes against the muscular chest.

“Mark!’ Atom Eve shrieks taking to the air, “You bastard!” she forms up large pink glowing constructs around her fists and starts pounding as she reaches the Man of Muscle Mystery. Surprisingly, her constructs push through the Hero Halo and Flex drops. Atom Eve continues to punch until Elasti-Girl reaches out, growing to suit, and grabs her from behind. Eve, furious, busts out of Elasti-Girl’s hand and punches her in the face. The strike topples the giant, but Eve stays in pursuit, shouting, “They always just get back up, don’t they? NOT TODAY!”

ZAP! Negative Man envelopes Atom Eve with negative energy, forcing her constructs to fail, and she drops from the sky, saving Elasti-Girl the fury.

Rex Splode dives towards her to catch her before hitting the ground, he stands her up and asks, “Are you okay?”

“I’m… I’m fine. I don’t know why my powers just… REX!”

Behind them Robotman grabs Rex Splode by the shoulder, and turns him around. Rex fights and kicks trying to escape, but the grasp it too strong. Rex reaches out and grabs a hold of Robotman’s arm and looks back at Eve to yell, “RUN!” Robotman punches Rex and drops him unconscious.

Robotman takes one step away, after the fleeing Atom Eve, when he notices that his arm is beginning to glow. The luminance spreads to his shoulder and grows brighter. “Aw crud…:” Robotman’s body explodes.

“Of course they’d focus on that crude machine first.” Robot scoffs as he quietly sneaks past the Doom Patrol on his way to the Niles Caulder. “I saw the energy form leave that body, and that other man is guarding it for a reason, it stands to reason that’s how I stop him.”

As he sneaks around he notices Invincible’s battered hands, and starts to worry about the uncomputable power of Flex Mentallo as well. He see Invincible take off after him, trying to add to the damage Eve was able to do. “Fascinating, he thinks to himself, “it seems that Eve’s manipulation of the atomic of structure of things was able to force it’s way through, but Invincibles brute was is not.”

Invincible tries to wrap his arms around Flex Mentallo’s midsection and fly off with him, but he continues to slip from his hold until Negative Man soars through the Viltrumite. Invincible seizes up as he’s phased through. Negative Man whips around and blasts down with everything he has. Mark Grayson collapses. With after taking out a few of the Guardians, Negative Man is spent, he rushes back to his body to recoup.

Not a moment too soon, the body of Larry Trainor sits up. He gazes out and see Robot lurking a few steps away. He rolls over and stands. Robot fires an energy blast at newly reanimated body. It bends around him. “I see you have some of the powers when your two selves are bonded.” He rushes towards him, “But I know your physical body holds it’s weaknesses.” Robot reaches to take hold when unexpectedly, the Chief launches himself from his wheelchair, legs dangling behind. He slaps a small patch on Robot’s head piece it falls.

“A little something I keep in case Cliff gets in one of his moods. I can’t guarantee how long it will last though.” He begins fiddling around, probing at the bolts keeping the Robot armor together until he’s able to pop the head off. “My god, there’s a man in here!” Caulder exclaims, removing the helmet.

“Well, ain’t that special?” Trainor walks up to the armor and gives it a swift kick. He hops around after doing so hurts his toe.

The eyes of Rudolph Conner, in the cloned body of Rex Splode, sitting in the Robot armor, open wide. “I may not be able to access my robotic functions, but I don’t need them to exploit your weakness.” he lifts his arm and punches Caulder. Turning to attack his protector, eh witnesses the body collapse again.

Robot moves to strike fast, before the Negative Man can escape, while the body is still vulnerable. He picks him and prepares to dispose of the body when surprising him yet again, the Negative spirit is nowhere to be found. Larry Trainor looks down at the Chief, “Sorry about this.” And he pulls the bandages off of his face. The radiation leaks off in a strange dark glow, focused on Robot. The exposed skin on his Robot’s head begins to form boils and peel off. The two drop.

The depowered Atom Eve is running, chased by Elastic-Girl,  at the far end of the stadium, having witnessed the fall of Robot, Invincible, Rex, and Kate… wait… where’s Kate?!? The answer comes quickly, as three versions of her friend pop out and jump Elasti-Girl. Elasti-Girl pulls one off and tosses it aside, she swats another one and as she reaches to grab the third and pull it off of her, a fourth one is left behind. The three discarded Kate’s attack again, as the fourth is brushed off, falling it splits into two additional. Now six, each clone pops into two and a dozen wash over the towering member of the Doom Patrol.

Flex Mentallo rushes to her aid. He looks into the pile of Dupli-Kates and pulls his arms down, flexing his biceps inward, his “Hero of the Beach” aura pops overhead, and the heap of Kate’s is reduced back to one. Elasti-Girl is nowhere to be found. Flex snarls and glares, pushing his facial muscles to the max, Dupli-Kate drops to the ground.

Atom Eve stands pushing through the Negative Man’s intrusion. Her power begins flickering on and off, like a car trying to start, until POP! She begins glowing with a soft, radiant pink. She pushes out, transforming the air around her into explosive blasts, knocking Flex down, distracting him from focusing his powers. She thrashes down again. She pulls the ground up around him, and brings it crashing down, burying him under a pile of debris. Before he has a chance to flex his way out, the debris turns to water and sits, in a giant bubble around him, as he swims to the edge, the bubble rolls with him.

Eve, concentrating all of her powers on containing the Man of Muscle Mystery, doesn’t notice Elasti-Girl running up to her, hidden in her shrunken down size. She pops up in an instant and punches Atom Eve. The assault sends her to the ground, landing hard on her back. Flex Mentallo washes aside with the water. Elasti-Girl doesn’t waste her advantage and stomps down.

WINNER: Doom Patrol