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Asgardians vs New Warriors

Asgardians (2): Fandral the Fair, Hogun the Horrible, Volstagg the Voluminous, Thor, Lady Sif

New Warriors (15): Nova, Justice, Namorita, Speedball, Night Thrasher

The New Warriors huddle up, Speedball pokes his head out of the circle and pulls himself back down, “Um… guys, we have to fight actual gods?”

Namorita responds, “I think the red guy with a short cape may have some kind of demigod, and we just watched the New Mutants beat him. Besides, I’m pretty sure that my uncle has defeated Thor more than once.”The rest of the New Warriors scoff at the idea that Namor could ever best the Thunder God. “What? If he hasn’t, I’m still sure that I can!”

“And I know I’m good to take out at least one.” Justice coolly adds.

Speedball pokes his head upward again, “ACTUAL GODS!”

Across the craggy expanse Thor jests, “Doth my godly ears burn red with insight?”

“Tis truth, they seem to be disbelief that we are unbeatable” The Lady Sif raises her sword and steps ahead of her companion Warriors three and Thor. “To Battle!”

A round of resounding “AY!” is heard echoing throughout the arena. Thor raises his mighty hammer, Mjolnir above his head, sparking electric. “This is realm is full of strong thunder magics, I am powerful here as if I were in Asgard itself!”

There’s a flash of white light, followed almost instantaneously with a deafening clap of thunder KRATHOOM! The bolt of lightning strikes the very center of the New Warriors huddle. As they were arm and arm with one another, in such close proximity, the chain of electricity circles through them again and again until Thor shunts his elemental barrage.

Speedall, Justice, Namorita, and Night Thrasher all fall immediately, bodies smoking from the attack. Nova drops to one knee coughs hard and stands. He focuses the Nova Force and blasts into the Asgardians, full of rage.

The Warriors scatter as the Human Rocket flies to their position. All save Volstagg are able to dodge, but Nova nails the Voluminous, twin fists pressing into his generous midsection. Volstagg laughs at first, until he notices that he’s slowly sliding back from his position. “Well, we can’t have this!” He punches down on Nova’s back, there’s no effect. He punches down again, still nothing. “A little help here?”

Nova turns, slightly, and angles up, to all five Asgardians’ surprise, Nova lifts the god off of his feet and propels him through the air. Mid flight, he begins punching the god in the face, turns him around, and sends him barreling down. He lands between Fandral, Hogun, and Sif and the resulting shockwave of his impact sends them all off their feet. Only Thor, gifted the ability to fly remains at the ready.

“HAVE AT THE!” The thunderer twirls his hammer and waits for Nova to turn his direction. He launches the weapon with his tremendous strength and the object collides with the crown of Nova’s helm. There’s a blinding light as Nova’s forcefield is taxed to its limit and Mjolnir tries to push through its target.

As sight returns to the onlookers, Nova is seen laying on the ground, Mjolnir at his feet. “Another foe, vanquished by the mighty Thor!” the Odinson calls and Mjolnir comes rocketing back to his hand. To his surprise, Nova staggers to his feet, shakes off the attack and torpedos Thor, punching him in the face, knocking him over.

He turns on the follow through and punches down again, whizzing past to attack the other gods. He bowls through Fandral, Hogun sidesteps and knocks him with his mace. The strike does little good, but in his weakened state, it knocks him off course just enough to allow Sif to make her move. She takes a running start and slides underneath her opponent, as he crosses overhead, missing his charge, she stabs up. Most any other weapon, most any other warrior, most any other time, this thrust would fail to achieve objective. But Nova has been thoroughly electrocuted and bashed in the head by Mjolnir. He’s pushed through the nigh unmovable Volstagg, and been drubbed by Hogun. The Lady Sif’s sword is enchanted by Odin himself, and there’s nary a warrior her equal in all the nine realms. The sword punctures his protective blast and slices his midsection.

Nova’s flight sputters and he crashes to the ground. Trying to recapture his efforts and salvage the victory he stumbles and falls.

The Lady Sif stands, “A valiant effort,” she walks to her fallen combatant, “and a true warrior. Rest easy in the halls of Valhalla.”

WINNER: The Asgardians