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Suicide Squad  vs Champions (1975)


Suicide Squad (6): Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, El Diablo

Champions (11): Ghost Rider (Blaze), Hercules, Black Widow, Iceman, Angel

The Suicide Squad stand shoulder to shoulder, Rick Flagg raises his rifle, “Squad, I think we know how to handle this, we’re the bad guys, remember?”

“The worst!” Harley Quinn swings a rather large wooden mallet off of her shoulder and readies it for combat.

“I’ll take the Motorcycle guy.” Deadshot lifts his arm and fires.

BANG! The bullet hits Ghost Rider directly between his eyes and has literally no effect at all. He (literally) fires up his Harley Davidson and zooms towards Task Force X.

Deadshot sighs, “One of these guys.” And fires round after round at the Ghost Rider. Hitting square between the eyes, center mass in the chest, even trying to take out the tires. Each shot hits true, but has no effect.

Screeching to a halt in the middle of the group, Ghost Rider launches flaming chains in every direction. He ensnares all five Suicide Squad member. “You’re ALL evil. And you’ll all BURNNNN!” Hellfire pulsing through the chains, thugs, gangsters, thieves, criminals, and killers all burn to ash.

“Next time, leave something for me to punch!” Hercules jests.

WINNER: Champions