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Justice League International vs Nextwave

JLI (4): Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Green Lantern (Guy)

Nextwave (13): Monica Rambeau, Machine Man, Tabitha Smith, Elsa Bloodstone, The Captain

“Hey!”  Shouted Tabitha Smith, formerly known as Boom Boom, Meltdown, and a few other awful codenames into her phone.  “What gives?  Hey!  Can you hear me?”  She looked up quickly, glaring.  “That was, like, an important call!”

“No time, Tabby.”  Monica snapped back, turning her gaze out across the arena floor.  “I don’t think we’re even in the same – “  she began, before a booming voice announcing the brawl interrupted her.  She winced, holding her ears, as three of her four other comrades did the same.  

“Haha, fleshy ones,” muttered Aaron Stack, the Machine Man.  “Your pathetic, flimsy ears are no match for my superior auto receptors.”

Elsa Bloodstone, famed monster hunter since childhood, pulled her hands from her ears, a cross scowl adorning her face as she followed Monica’s gaze across the arena.  “What do you think, darling?  Will we have to beat the lot of them to bits?”

Monica sighed and rubbed her head, glancing at the quietly triumphant Aaron, Tabby furiously mashing the buttons on her phone, and The Captain, who sat up from his spot on the floor and looked dumbly at the empty beer bottle in his hand, then squinted in confusion up at the sky.  She shook her head, sadly, then looked back out again.  “This sort of thing happened all the time in the Avengers.”  she said, wearily, then looked back at her team and barked out, “Saddle up – it’s time to beat people up because some **** on a throne wants to watch us do it!  It’s creepy but this is what they wa – Aaron, stop snickering!”

“Well, Toto.”  Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, remarked to the man at his side.  “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”  He frowned, bringing a hand to his chin to rub it, thoughtfully.

“We weren’t in Kansas anyway,” his companion, Booster Gold, replied, as he squinted across the arena.  “New York, remember?  Wait -”  he turned to grab his friend by the shoulder, shaking him violently.  “Ted!  Are you in there, buddy?  Do you remember who I am?”

“Doce mãe de misericórdia!” Beatriz, better known as the heroine fire, blurted at the two.  “Can you two stop goofing around for one second and take this seriously?  Did you hear them – we have to fight!”

“Don’t you worry, doll,” Guy Gardner drawled as he inspected his fingernails.  “Luckily, you’re with the greatest Green Lantern there ever was, I’ll mop the floor with ‘em before your nails can dry.”

“Doll?”  Fumed Bea.  “Doll?!?”  As she swung her head to glare at the red headed Lantern, licks of green flame danced along her clenched fists and upper arms, even as her friend, Tora, put a steadying hand on her shoulder.  

“Bea!  Guy!  This is no time to argue with each other!”  she pleaded, holding a hand up to the Guy as he smirked at the fuming Beatriz, a smirk that vanished when Ted Kord nudged Booster Gold and muttered.

“He said greatest Lantern ever, but I don’t see Jon around,” he joked with a barely concealed snicker, which burst into a loud “Bwa ha ha!  Hey – fire, turn it down a little, I smell burning!”

Beatriz shrugged, baffled.  “It’s not me, Beetle, I’m settled down.”

“Then who – “

“Tick tick tick tick – “ muttered Tabitha Smith as tendrils of fire snaked across the arena, curling around the squabbling opponents.  She grinned slowly, impishly, as she swiftly brought her hands together. “Boom.”

The resulting explosion scattered the five member of the Justice League International, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Fire tumbling away while Guy raised his hand swiftly, wrapping himself and Ice in a thick protective bubble, which was punted away, bouncing and rolling across the coarse ground.  

The Captain is so absurdly strong that he once turned a man’s hand to jelly while high fiving him.  They were, in their defense, incredibly drunk.  But it was incredibly surprising to the Brooklyn native when he flew after the bouncing green ball and directly into it, only to bounce off with a yelp, skidding across the floor and into a wall with a loud thud.  

Elsewhere, Nextwave’s surprise attack met with mixed success.  “Lick my exhaust ports!” shouted Aaron as he lept towards the tumbling Booster and Beetle, his arms extending and hands turning into what looked like incredibly unsafe logging equipment.  

Ted recovered just in time to leap and tumble out of the way, “Hey, man, watch it – you’ll put someone’s eye out!”

Booster pressed a button on his force field belt, likewise activating it just in time to ward off the machine man’s attack, then squared up with Beetle as the two of them faced down their foe together.  “Hit him like we did with Ivo’s last creation?”  he casually asked Beetle, who nodded once, then looked over Aaron’s head with his mouth agape.

“What is that thing?” he asked loudly, pointing just above his head.

“You think I’m going to be fooled by your simple organic tricks?”  Aaron seethed, staring directly at the dynamic duo.  “You disgust m -”

The sudden flash of bright light from Ted’s BB gun took the robotic man by surprise, blinding him momentarily.  Booster lept into action, firing a few Booster Shots™ from his gauntlets into Aaron while Ted leapt towards him, sending one foot crashing into his head with a loud clang.  Ted winced, but Booster dashed in for the finisher, swinging a fist into an uppercut and connecting with his foe’s jaw, sending him sprawling to the ground.

“Hey!  That wasn’t bad!”  he exclaimed, turning to his friend as Blue Beetle hobbled on his injured foot, groaning.  He held his hand up for a high five, which was gladly given to him while the duo celebrated their win.  They never say the shotgun being swung at their heads until it connected, sending both of them sprawling.

“That’s the problem with you yanks,” groused Elsa.  “You never know when it’s appropriate to celebrate.”  She peered skyward, seeing two illuminated figured roar around the sky, one wreathed in green flames and the other bursting with all manner of colors.

With one well aimed blast, however, the green fire was seemingly extinguished and the brazilian tumbled from the sky, saved only by the sudden ramp of ice that appeared to slow her fall and send her rolling across the arena.

Gritting his teeth, Guy Gardner stood with one hand raised, Ice by his side with chill frost falling from her hands.  “Just wait here, toots.”  he said over his shoulder.  “I got this!  Hey chumps!  Come get some!”

With his battle cry sounded he ignored Ice’s shout of, “Guy!  Wait!” and charged to the fight, a giant fist of green energy emitting from his power ring and slamming down where the three remaining members of Nextwave had regrouped.  The three women scattered, with Elsa rolling to her feet with her guns drawn, peppering the Green Lantern.  He laughed haughtily, creating a shield of energy and sneering at the monster hunter, taunting her.

“You horrible little man.”  she scowled, then dodged the sudden ball of ice that was flung her way by Ice as the caught up.  The second, however, caught her in the side – not just hitting her, but freezing her to the floor.  Her eyes widened as Ice approached, the air cooling around her.

“I’m so sorry, I wish we didn’t have to -” Tora begin, before streams fire skirted around her and exploded once more.

“She just, like, seemed really boring, y’know?”  Tabby asked Elsa as the two of them watched Ice as she was launched into the distance, unable to be helped by Guy while he attempted to fend off Monica, the former avenger.  

“C’mon, lady, can’t you do better than that?” he teased as another burst of cosmic rays bounced off his protective bubble.  He brought his defenses down to swing a green bat at her as they fly across the sky, but quickly had to block her next attack.  

“I’ve had enough of your **** mouth,” she retorted, then turned around and sped away, leaving the Lantern laughing behind her.  

“That’s right, babe, run away!  Hey – there’s no shame in being scared, I’m Guy Gardner, after all!”  he called after her, resting his hands on his hips.  He floated, proudly, until the woman turned, speeding back towards him – then vanished.  “Hunh?”  he asked dumbly, looking around.  “That’s cheating!”  

The blast of electricity hit him solidly in the back, causing him to jerk and spasm, then fall from the sky.  With a sigh, Monica raced to meet him, catching the unconscious man carrying him to the ground, only to drop him with a heavy thud, eliciting a groan.

“Shut up,” she muttered, tiredly, giving him a kick, then looking around the now peaceful battleground.  “Is that all of them?  Sit rep – Elsa?  Aaron?”

“Always a good day when I get to put some Colonials back in their place.”

“I’ve got something to put in your place.  Hah hah.”

“Shut it, Aaron.  Okay, where’s The Captain and what the **** is Tabby doing?”

“This one’s cute!”  Tabitha called as she scrawled a series of digits on Booster Gold’s chest with red lipstick.  “You think he’ll call?”

WINNER: Nextwave