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The Microverse

Standing around in a barren room, clearly somewhere, on some Earth, a hodge podge of heroes and villains scramble their wits to figure out where they are, and how they’ve gotten there. Suddenly, they begin to shrink, tinier and tinier, until it, completely invisible to the naked eye, they eventually gathered into an entire universe that exists within the subatomic, where quantum physics that govern our world vanish, and our fighters are able to slip through the very fabric of time and space, the fantastic microverse.

As our fighters shrink they notice what, at first appears to be a toy stadium, then perhaps a stadium for dolls, and finally they find themselves surrounded by an extravagant arena. The Psycho-Man, seemingly as larger than the area itself looms over the walls. He sets three fingers n his Psycho Control-Box and slides the effects of “Fear, Doubt, and Hate” as intense as he can. His steely gaze fixes on the stadium, and his old foes the Fantastic Four are immediately lifted from their seats and pit against the Crime Busters.