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The Deadside

The Deadside, a cold, heartless purgatory. The air hangs thick with decay as the teams from this bracket are seated in a giant stadium made of twisted bone and dark magic. There’s a low hum of far off screaming and a dim purple light radiating from somewhere casting odd shadows throughout the land. The seats are a pale grey, and the ground a washed out brown detritus. As each team looks around they notice the remaining seats are filled with Deadsiders, zombies, and demons. Master Darque looks on from his Emperor’s throne, as the bizarre occurrence played plays. Unable to move and very confused, trying to make sense of a their new surrounding, their glances dart from familiar faces, to complete strangers, to monsters, and back. Without warning, ten individuals, the Justice League of America and the Great Lakes Avengers, disappear and materialize in the center of the stadium.

There’s a flash of purple light and strangely, the two teams deem it necessary to fight one another. The game is afoot.