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The Punisher #2

Writer: Becky Cloonan
Artist: Steve Dillon
Publisher: Marvel

Story: Frank Castle pursues a mercenary outfit turned drug cartel called Condor. This organization has manufactured a drug called EMC, which enhances its users with superhuman abilities. In this issue, he encounters their big bad hitman Face.

Thoughts: This is an action-packed read which has the feel of a 90s action movie, particularly with Steve Dillon’s cinematic art style. While nowhere near as grim and brutal as the Garth Ennis material, it’s definitely not a kid-friendly comic either, much like Greg Rucka’s run. Becky Cloonan’s script keeps the momentum going and allows the visuals to tell the story, while also providing an interesting concept and a worthy antagonist for Punisher. If you’re a Punisher fan or want to learn more about the character, definitely check it out.

-Kevin Schaefer for Ultimate Comics