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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1

Writers: Brenden Fletcher, Kelly Thompson
Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Story: Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Ranger, has retired from the team and is now a world-traveling gymnast. When her mom and stepdad don’t meet her in Amsterdam as planned and she can’t reach them, she travels to their home in St. Moineau, France. Upon arrival, she discovers that the place is a ghost town, and that a force of sea-monsters has taken the citizens captive. She learns this from a French native whom she rescues and who helps her locate where the people are being held. Suspecting Rita and Zedd’s involvement, she uses an emergency communicator to contact Zordon. Though he informs her that the Rangers are currently off-planet battling Zedd, he tells her that with the Sword of Light he can restore her powers temporarily. She agrees and sets off to save her mother. Upon locating her and the other citizens, she discovers that an old nemesis is behind this.

Thoughts: This is an excellent follow-up to the main Rangers comic, and gives Kim more depth than ever before. She’s clearly more independent now, and despite being without powers for the bulk of the issue, she still kicks ass. In one panel she throws a stack of gold coins at a sea-monster like they’re batarangs. We also see her knock out goons with her bow and arrow, do some crazy martial arts moves, and ride her bike down the streets of France like someone from the Mad Max universe. She’s slick, smart, resourceful, and her story here feels very organic. I love that she has to do this mission on her own and is confident about it. Writers Brenden Fletcher and Kelly Thompson offer a fresh and exciting story within the Rangers universe; and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo delivers top-notch work, giving the book more of an espionage aesthetic. Colorist Sarah Stern also plays a huge role in separating this comic from the traditional Rangers look. This is a must-read for any Rangers fan.

-Kevin Schaefer