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Crime Syndicate of America vs Planetary

CSA (3): Owlman, Ultraman, Superwoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick

Planetary (13): Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner, the Drummer, Ambrose Chase

Ultraman’s eyes glow red. “They fought a bunch a bunch of gun-toting idiots last time, doubt they’re really ready for us.”

“Oh no, they most certainly have not.” Superwoman grins and cracks her knuckles.

Across the arena Elijah snow sighs heavy. “There’s always more, aren’t there?”

“Sorry old friend, it seems to be our lot in life.” Ambrose Chase places him hand on Elijah’s shoulder. “If there’s one thing we’ve learned studying the impossible, it’s that everything we do is just some ridiculous game in someone else’s story. There’s no reason to try and fight it anymore.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed off. What’ve you got Drums?”

There’s no answer Snow look around and the rest of the team start searching too.

“Drums?” Jakita calls out, where’d you go buddy?” They finally see him at the other end of the stadium, roped up, being held by Owlman and Johnny Quick.

“Looking for this one? Don’t know how he turned off that one guy’s powers last time, but I wasn’t going to wait for him to do it to one of us!” Owlman triumphs. He turns back to the speedster, “Now grab the woman, I don’t know what she does, and I don’t want to find out.

Johnny Quick streaks out in a flash and grabs Jakita Wagner, he tugs to bring her to his teammates and gets jerked by her refusal to budge.

“I’m a little harder to move.” She snatches his arm to prevent him from getting away.

“No problem sweet cheeks, I can phase through.” Johnny smiles begins vibrating his molecules.

“Not if I can slow you down.” Elijah snow reaches out and freezes the villain. Jakita still holding his brittle arm crushes it in two, small pieces exploding out around her fist. She smiles as Quick looks on in horror, the ice extending over his face. Jakita wastes no time finishing what she started.

“Clearly these guys aren’t the heroes some of these other teams are.” Owlman observes, “We’re still up one though,” noting the four remaining members to the Planetary three.

“She looks tough.” Superwoman says joking, “She’s mine!” She jolts forward, almost as fast as Johnny Quick, and punches out towards Jakita. Wagner, prepared, grabs the wrist as she dodges the punch, and strikes back. Superwoman lands on her back.

“Fiesty!” Hyperion shouts. Guess I better help! He takes flight, soaring high, and fires down his heat vision. The beams catch Wagner on her chest at first. She lifts her arms to block them.

“Ugh, I’m not the ONLY one on this team, you know!” Jakita leaps into the air after Hyperion, catching him around the waste. She climbs up and punches him in the face. He’s knocked back just enough that Jakita loses her ride and plummets to the ground.

Ambrose Chase folds the gravity under her, allowing her to land gently on her feet. “We can do teamwork too.” He smiles, reassuringly. Hyperion dives down to attack the team, smashing into the ground between the three members, the ground beneath them scattering, throwing them in opposite directions. He pops up and makes a grab for Ambrose Chase. Chase channels his physics distortion field onto Hyperion. He increases the friction, the gravity, even the time. He tries to pull Hyperion back by altering the strong nuclear force of the ground behind him. It slows Hyperion to a crawl, but he continues pushing through.

Ambrose, putting everything he has into deflecting Hyperion grunts. He thinks about complaining about teamwork, when he see Jakita raise to her feet and run in to grab Hyperion. She an inch away when Chase feels a sharp pain in his back. He looks down and notices the tip of a glowing green sword sticking out of his chest. It fades away and he drops to his knees. He pushes his last efforts into locking Hyperion down while Jakita pounds him into the ground relentlessly. She looks up to see if he’s going to get up, with Ambrose Chase longer holding him down. He isn’t.

Superwoman flies in laughing. “That overconfident idiot.”

Jakita whirls around and grabs her. “Not today lady.” She spins around and tosses her into Power Ring, snickering at the Death of his foe. Superwoman bowls him over but recovers quickly. Power Ring rolls on the ground. Jakita leaps into the air screaming, “You first!” and lands on Power Ring before he can adjust. She turns and addresses Superwoman, “You second.” and two begin to tussle.

Elijah Snow sees Owlman and unleashes his powers on their entire environment. “I know Jakita can take it, I know I sure as $%# can, probably you’re trollop there too, doubt you can.” The frozen snow extending to Owlman’s feet, continues to fill the battlefield. From the outside, the entire fight looks like a violent snow globe.

Owlman steps into the snow and states plainly, “I’ve spent twenty years training for this fight you think I’ve never found a hero with cold powers? If you’re going to kill me, then you’re going to have to do it with your bare hands!”

Snow snarls and draws two pistols. He immediately begins to fire at Owlman. He evades the bullets and pulls two owlarangs, they catch Snow in the chest, and Owlman rushes in, knocking Snow down.

“If you want to win, you’re going to have to kill me.” Snow spits blood in Owlman’s face.

“With pleasure.” Owlman smiles as he drives the owl shaped shuriken into deeper into Snow’s chest.

Owlman stands up next to his fallen target and see Jakita still tangled with Superwoman. He launches a few gadgets out at her, but they all seem to have little effect. Electric shocks, concussive explosives, acids, all do nothing. He takes a moment to analyse Jakita’s strength and try to figure out a weakness. He hears Superwoman cough loudly. He looks up, refocused to see her standing over Jakita’s body.

“Thanks for the assist, your little annoyances gave me just the edge I needed.” She blows a kiss. Owlman smiles wickedly.

 WINNER: Crime Syndicate of America