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Avengers vs Guardians of the Galaxy-3000

Avengers (1): Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkguy, Vision, Wasp

Guardians of the Galaxy (8): Vance Astro, Yondu, Charlie 27, Martinex, Starhawk

Vance Astro stands, stunned, staring at his idol. Captain America glares back up and down and walks out. Astro raises a hand and waves his teammates back, they wait as the two meet cordially in the middle of the field. Cap extends his hand. “That’s a nice piece of hardware you’ve got there.”

Astro nervously accepts the handshake, “Thank you sir, I’m a big fan.”

“Now let’s see who uses it better.” He winks and trots back to the Avengers. Getting back he looks over, Astro already standing with his companion. “You ready son?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be! Let’s go!” The two teams charge the middle on cue.

Yondu starts the assault, launching an arrow into the air, over his team, and whistling it down. Hawkeye sees the shot, waits for the moment it breaks and shoots it down. Yondu takes another shot, and Hawkeye knocks it out of the air as well. “Looks like we’ve got a couple of archers.” Hawkeye notes.

“You know these arrows aren’t easy to get, right?” Yondu dashes to the flank to get a clean shot off on Hawkeye. He fires straight, waiting for Hawkeye to counter. As soon as the arrow is loosed, Yondu whistles his upward. He whistles sharply as Hawkeye notches another. The Yaka arrow steers clear of the grounded Avengers and sticks in between plates in Iron Man’s armor.

“Argh!” the armor protects him from the arrow penetrating too far, but as he grips the arrow from his shoulder joint and pulls it out, a thin trail of blood follows, and he knows hs armor has been compromised. He halts and tracks the origin of the shooter. “Arrows? Really?” Stark stops and starts blasting his repulsor beam down. Yondu scatters to escape the barrage. Iron Man track the Centaurian around the course until he finds himself face to face with Starhawk. “What do we have here? I’m Iron Man. I’m very rich, a celebrity, incredibly handsome. And you are…?”

“Not impressed.” She blasts Iron Man out of the sky with one clap, releasing quantum energy. Iron Man plummets to the ground and lands at the feet of Charlie-27.

“Good shot ‘Hawk!” Charlie calls above, stepping over the armored Avenger’s chasing after Hawkeye. “You know my buddy doesn’t really like missing.”

“I guess he shouldn’t have tried to beat me then!” Hawkeye pulls an arrow and fires it straight into the mammoth chest of his foe. On contact, a fiery cracks through the air, and orange flames engulf the Guardian. The blast makes way to a cloud of smoke. As it disipates, Charlie-27 begins to laugh.

“Ha haha, ha.” Hey buddy, gonna take a lot more than that.” He lurches at Hawkeye, but Hawkeye, used to tussling with the like of the Hulk and Thor, having trained with Captain America himself, is ready for the obvious tactic. He slides around the behemoth and fires another arrow at Charlie’s side. “Ah! Okay, that one stung a little.”

“He reaches out and snags a hold of Hawkeye. He pulls him back, preparing to throw when Wasp streams in. She shocks Charlie-27 with everything she has. It’s just enough to force Charlie to release his grip. He swats at the pest, she weaves in and out of his clutches until he gets one good smack in, and he presses on.

He continues chasing until Hawkeye fires an arrow into the air as he runs. A line of cable trails behind the shot as the grapple arrow grabs a hold of Vision’s foot. Hawkeye tugs on the rope and spring off, simultaneously evading Charlie-27 and alerting his teammate that he needs help. Vision looks down and scans the Jovian. He immediately calculates the exact force and duration needed, and the gem on his forehead glows. It fires out a thin beam that hits Charlie-27 in the chest and knocks him over. Vision floats down, the beam continuing to push on Charlie’s heart. As he lands, he pulls his head up and beam off.

“Thanks for the assist!” Hawkeye rushes past.

“I am glad to be at your service.” Vision floats up to search for his best match when BONK Captain America’s trademark red, white, and blue shield come flying in, ricochets off Visions head, and spins back to its future owner. Vance Astro.

“You have vast psionic powers. But you cannot use them.”

“I don’t need them!” He charges shield first. Vision phases through the attack and grabs Astro by the scruff of his neck as he passes.

“They would do you little good against myself even if you did posses them at full strength, which I’m reading is… limited.” He tosses Astro into the air and bolts from the ground ready to make an aerial assault when PTCHU Starhawk blasts him, knocking the Avenger off course. Astro tumbles to the ground, breaking his fall with the shield.

Landing on the ground, ready to take flight again, Vision gets encased in a chunk of ice. He turns his attention to the more immediate threat and walks through the ice.

“Not enough for you? How about this one!” Martinex rockets out a torrent of flame. Vision walks directly through, reaching the Guardian and grabs both of his hands.

“Very interesting, silicon based life. Under normal circumstances, I would love to learn more about you.” He grabs the Pluvian around the shoulder and takes to the air. “Unfortunately,” Vision turns downward and increases his density, the two dive, “these are not normal circumstances.” Martinext lands on his back and Vision drops directly on top of him, weighing tons. Martinex’s crystalline body shatters.

Starhawk blasts down at the Vision again, though this time, Vision is slightly more prepared, having learned, he whooshes above to confront her. She looks calmly into his optic centers and state, “Not yet.” She blasts of an odd light that temporarily places his optics offline. Clutching his face, Vision flies back down to the back of the line.

Protecting the android, Captain America stands ready as Vance Astro approaches rebounding off of his fall. Cap hurls his shield, testing the future Major. He swipe it out of the air. The shield returns to Cap. Astro launches his version of the very same shield. Captain America takes two graceful steps and bounds off of the shield as it flies, landing a kick into Astro’s chest. “I’m sorry it has to be this way. He grabs his shield with two hands and thrusts it down. Vance rolls out of the way, pops up, and begins running for his shield. Cap tosses his again, it clips the runner’s ankles, and forces him skidding to a halt. Cap’s shield flies back to his hand.

“I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve too!” rolling to his back, he pushes out with his psychic pulse. As Cap clutches his forehead, trying to fight through, Astro scrambles to his feet and grabs the shield. He turns to attack and gets punched in the face.

“Battle’s about more than a few tricks.” He punches Astro again. Vance swings his shield wildly to push his foe away, but Cap intercepts the attack, slips his wrist down the inside, and takes the shield. “Maybe you can get it back when you’ve shown you know how to handle it.” Cap smashes Astro in the head from each side with the two shields. He tosses the extra on the ground and takes off.

He finds Yondu circling around collecting his discarded arrows and takes off in pursuit. Yondu noticed and fires one off. The arrow bounces easily off the shield. Yondu fires another one with the same result. He stops running and looses a third, really concentrating on it. It dips and dodges, but Captain America’s perfect reflexes are too good, the arrow pings off. This time though, Yondu stares out and whistles hard. The arrow turns off of the shield and swings around, sticking into Captain America’s back. Yondu smiles and dashes off again.

Yondu circles around and confronts Hawkeye. “So, you’re the one that keeps shooting my arrows down, you don’t look like much to me.”

“I’ll just have to cry about that later,” Hawkeye ounches out, bow in hand. Yondu pulls back, avoiding. Hawkeye swipes with his bow, Yondu bends at the waist and dodges. Hawkeye steps in, pulling an arrow, and stabs down. It buries into Yondu’s thigh.

“Quick, I see, Yondu pulls out the arrow and stabs a matching wound into Hawkeye. “Not going to be quick enough.” He yanks the arrow out of Hawkeye’s leg and stabs it into his side. He sees Iron Man streaking over to help. Yondu reaches into Hawkeye’s quiver and grabs an arrow with a unique head. “Let’s see what this one does.” He shoots, hitting Iron Man in the chest. The arrow expands a foam, covering the Iron Man suit, locking him down. He lands on the ground and foam sets as adhesive. Yondu punches Hawkeye before taking off again.

Vision tracks Yondu’s movements, waiting to get clear shot as Yondu grabs Hawkeye’s quiver and starts firing random trick arrows. Vision is familiar enough with the set to counter each, but the constant barrage is occupying his primary focus capacitors. It’s a tiny glimmer of hope, as Vision notices dancing amongst the hail, the demure Wasp.

She arrives unnoticed in Yondu’s face, “Try this on for size!” zapping him. He drops him bow and buckles over. She buzzes around and continues hitting him. Yondu can’t focus enough to track her down, and he falls to her assault. She takes off after the Vision to help with the final member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Starhawk flies around Vision, firing off her concussive light blasts. The shots phase through Vision one by one. After witnessing a handful of her energy flythrough the android, the blue energy around her hands turns green. She lets loose and the energy connects. Her cosmic blast forces Vision to go solid and she follows it up with her another force blast. THis time, it connect solid, and Vision it dropped to the ground.

Trailing behind him, Wasp takes up after he falls. She hits Starhawk with her bio-electric wasp sting. The shot hurts, but normally wouldn’t be enough fell Starhawk. But, the coursing energy is specific enough that triggers a premonition. Starhawk grabs her head as it’s flooded by her cosmic surroundings. She sees the Beyonder pulling together Battleworld, she see him talking to the Watcher. Finally, she sees Vision jetting off of the ground and bursting forth with his solar energy beams.

As Starhawk struggles to shake the forewarning, the synthezoid takes off and fires. It’s too much all at once while she’s defenseless, and the Avengers win.

WINNER: Avengers