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Young Justice vs BPRD

Young Justice (6): Robin, Superboy , Wonder Girl, Speedy, Impulse

BPRD (11): Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, Lobster Johnson , Johann Kraus

As the teams face off, Hellboy groans to his comrades that they’re up against a bunch of teenagers.

“Aw crap, these kids wanna mess with us? Even that rookie agent we just got is older than these punks,” he remarks.

“C’mon Red, at least this’ll be a piece of cake. I could use a break after that last demon we took down,” replies Liz Sherman as she draws up a flame of blue fire.

Suddenly, Impulse takes off and creates a whirlwind around the BPRD. In response, Lobster Johnson uses his psychic abilities to stop the speedster; while Hellboy and the others go on the offensive.

“Enough blabbering! Let’s get this over with!” the big red shouts as he fires his gun at Superboy. Despite the impact of the blast, it quickly rebounds off Connor Kent’s Kryptonian body.

“Aw crap,” Hellboy remarks as he gets blasted by Superboy’s heat vision.

The battle commences as the teenage crime fighters charge toward the paranormal super-agents. Speedy fires off a few exploding arrows at Johann Kraus, while Lobster Johnson and Abe Sapien team up to take down Robin.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girl flies toward Liz Sherman, effortlessly deflecting her opponent’s blasts of fire. After several minutes of heated blows and hand-to-hand combat, the Amazon warrior emerges victorious as she delivers a knockout punch.

Hellboy reemerges, only to be met once more with the fiery heat vision of Superboy and a vortex-like whirlwind created by Impulse.

Shortly after, Robin outmatches Lobster Johnson with his martial arts expertise, swinging through the air and delivering a mighty blow with his staff.

“Sorry shadow-man, you’ve got skill, but I was trained by the Bat!” Grayson exclaims.

Surrounded by his opponents, Abe remains the only BPRD member still standing.

“Yes well, I suppose the victor here is quite apparent. No need for me to resist,” he says.

“Wise choice fish-face,” Speedy replies with a delightful smirk. The teenagers emerge victorious.

WINNER: Young Justice