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Avengers vs Freedom Fighters

Avengers (1): Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Vision, Wasp

Freedom Fighters (16): Uncle Sam, Doll Man, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, The Ray

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters peer of to their colorfully clad rivals. Uncle Sam addresses his team, “I realize that one may look like he’s on our side, but for all we know, he’s secretly been a Nazi since the 1940’s and he’s been kind of laying low and sabotaged the Nazi’s in the 40’s so that he could gain the trust of the superheros from his Earth and now that it’s been, what, almost 75 years now, and no, NOW, he’s deciding that in like, a month or two, he’s going to take over the country!”

The rest of the Freedom fighters stare at him, confused, until from the lowest of heights, Dollman pipes up, “That might be the single dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard, but I don’t care, I guess, let’s go win the fight!” Turning to face his opponents he realizes that they maybe spent too much time elaborating on a dumb idea, as Iron Man has already taken to the skies and has begun pelting the Freedom Fighters with repulsor blasts.

The first blast hits Dollman’s  tiny frame square in the chest. As he’s rocketed off, a cocky Tony Stark gloats, “targeting computer, little man!”

The Ray, avenging his friend, swings his arms towards the flying armor and prepares to strike when suddenly, out of nowhere, he’s zapped by the astonishing Wasp! He turns to find his foe and is zapped again, and again, and again! Twirling around, looking for his agressor, he’s left defenseless as an Arrow flies in and fells him.

The Human Bomb friends with Dollman for years, uses his keen sight to spot the wasp and grab hold of her mid air with his right hand. As he shakes off the glove of his left to use his kinetic powers, the Vision swoops in, grabs the Wasp, and punches the Human Bomb. knocking him out cold.

The Wasp, released from Vision’s grip, angles high and grows to full size as she get the drop on Phantom Lady. Phantom Lady activates her Black Light Bands and turns herself invisible and intangible. Standing targetless, the Wasp shrinks back down to bug size and takes a lap around the arena to check the other fallen Freedom Fighters and make sure they’re down for the count.

Using her advantage to get close, Phantom Lady streaks across the stadium to the archer that shot the Ray. She looks up into the sky and positions herself just right. She turns visible and whistles at Hawkeye. On instinct he notches and arrow and lets it fly. The shaft passes straight through the phantom form and finds itself bouncing off the back of Iron Man’s armor. Phantom Lady winks at the confused Hawkeye and steps down on his toe, as he naturally bends over, she hits him hard with an uppercut. “Well, at least we got one of them.” she sighs, and goes to investigate the armor that she’s going to have to try to put down.

Iron Man’s sensors pick up more than just the visible light spectrum, and his stealthy adversary does not go quite as unnoticed as she’d hoped for. Iron Man blasts out a repulsor, it moves unaffected though its target, another, and another, to no avail. Preoccupied with the spectral beauty, he misses Uncle Sam, having grown to a height reaching the flying Avenger. Rolling up his titanic sleeves, he swats Iron Man out of the sky and onto the ground.

Captain America jumps onto the mammoth, “I see the stars and stripes, but I’ve seen others hide behind them before too!” Uncle Sam grows even larger, even more powerful, and punches down. Cap takes the brunt of the attack with his shield, and rolls up the Uncle Sam’s wrist to start climbing the giant. Cap socks him in the face and the two tumble back, landing on old shellhead, who had just started to get up. Phantom Lady sees the collision and giggles, “I guess we’ve got too!” and she starts rushing towards Captain America, to defend her field leader.

The Vision swoops in to intercept, but Phantom Lady phases to rush through. She’s stunned as she jams into the robot at full speed and falls at an immediate halt.

“You are not the only one with density manipulating powers, and phase shifting. Though I am the only one who can read a frequency and match it. A noble effort.  And with a twist he takes after Captain Rogers, who’s battling back and forth in a star spangled repartee with Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam is too strong, and somehow, only getting stronger with each of Captain America’s attacks. Captain America is too fast, and his shield is too tough for Uncle Sam to damage his adversary at all. The Wasp watches in awe for just a moment until she see the Vision float into view attack Uncle Sam at eye level, and Iron Man recouped to starts shooting repulsors at his midsection, while Cap jumps and attacks the legs. The Wasp swoops in and starts shocking Uncle Sam at his core. And while he’s fueled by Captain America’s resolve, he’s getting nothing from the Vision and little from the Wasp, with even less from Iron Man and eventually he starts to shrink until he’s back to his normal human height, taking punches from three directions. Cap connects with a vicious hay-maker and Uncle Sam falls. Softly smiling and thinking to himself, “Go get ‘em son, you’ve earned it.”

WINNER: Avengers