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Trinity vs Circus of Crime

Trinity (1): Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

Cirucs of Crime (16): Ringmaster, Crafty Clown, Great Gambinos, Princess Python, Human Cannonball

Batman steps in front on his two companions, looking out at the goofy scene of a circus in front of him, amongst others, he sees a crazy man in a tophat and a clown, he snarls and growls, “I hate clowns”.

Crying out to the masses, his three heroic opponents in particular, Ringmaster proclaims, “LADIES AAAAAANND GENTLEMENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! You are about to witness something truly incredible!” The Ringmaster twirls are he announces his show, arms spread wide. He pulls up his right arm and points to the middle of his forehead, at the purple spiral afixed to the center of his tall green headpiece. “Please begin by staring deeply into my hat. Focus now, or you may not fully enjoy the show!”

Batman mutters, “Mind control hat? How original.” and small visors slip over the eyelids on his mask. He dashes forward with alarming speed and punches the Ringmaster square in the nose. The hat remains in its place, floating mid air for just a moment, as the body underneath it is thrown a foot or two back and falls, unconscious.

Seeing their leader so quickly dispatched, the Crafty Clown reaches into his own mouth and begins unfurling a handkerchief. At the end of the handkerchief is another, and another, and another, and one more. He hurriedly pulls them apart and hands them to each his compatriots, remembering to toss one on to the unanimated body of the Ringmaster. The four standing members of the Circus of Crime, in unison, begin to enthusiastically wave their white flags.

Wonder Woman smirks and turns to Superman, “One Punch.”

WINNER: Trinity