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JLA (1): Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal), Aquaman

GLA (16): Flatman, Big Bertha, Door Man, Mister Immortal, Dinah-Soarr

Even compelled to fight, the Justice Leaguers looks at one another, they’re an elite team on the greatest heroes the world has ever known. The ferocity suddenly boiling in their mind compel to attack, but it’s obvious their hearts are heavy as they witness their opponents streaking across the battlefield.

The GLA are rushing towards their foes like maniacs. Flatman is flapping as he runs like flag, Big Bertha is shaking the ground with each step, Doorman is slipping in and out of his dark portals, Dinah-Soarr is flying high above the team, and Mister Immortal is chasing behind them, enthusiastically screaming, “CHARGE!”

As the GLA crash towards the Justice League, Green Arrow launches a bolo arrow, snaring Dinah- Soarr, who falls to the ground with a thud. As Doorman flashes out of one of his portals, he’s met with a red streak and he too falls on his face as the Flash races past. The Green Lantern projects out a giant bulldozer and levels Big Bertha. The Martian Manhunter reaches into Flatman’s mind, and he collapses immediately. Almost simultaneously, Mister Immortal finds himself impaled on a trident.