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Mysteries of Love in Space Review

Space is a common theme in the DC Universe with adventures stretching from Sector 2814 to the Phantom Zone. But the beloved heroes are no stranger to love with iconic couples such as Clark and Lois, Bruce and Selina, and Diana and Steve.


Just a few weeks shy of Valentine’s Day, DC has released an eight story one shot anthology, Mysteries of Love in Space. Seven of the tales are new features, but the final entry is an encore printing of a classic Adam Strange story.


Despite the brevity of the featured stories, each one is familiar in a way that speaks to anyone who has ever been in love. Featuring both new and well-known characters that are staples to the DC universe, some of the tales are tender and heartwarming, others doleful accounts of manipulation and heartbreak. Reading through the narratives will draw a smirk and then a sigh as you sympathize with godlike and extraterrestrial beings struggling to cope with very human emotions.


The art for the volume is a more realistic style with the characters drawn in a way that feels natural for conveying expressions and body language. The Adam Strange encore story features the art styles that is typical to early silver age comics.

This issue is an enjoyable read showcasing out of this world adventures with relationships and connections that are down to earth.