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Adventure Time Presents Simon and Marcy #1 Review

Writer: Olivia Olson

Artist: Slimm Fabert

Cover: Brittney Williams

Adventure Time’s latest comic, Marcy & Simon, is set right after the tear-jerking 11th season finale with Betty bring Simon back from the Ice Crown’s control to the awkward scientist only seen before and during the Mushroom War. In this issue, Simon decided to go on an apology tour around the Land of Ooo to apologize to princesses and creatures alike for his actions against them as the Ice King. Starting with Princess Bubblegum and the Banana Guards, Simon apologizes for the constant princess thieving and other grievances against the Candy People and goes on to give stolen treasures back to our favorite characters including: Party God, Lemongrab, and BMO. At the end of this grand tour, he gathers the rest of Adventure Time’s minor and secondary characters to apologize, but he seems to begin forgetting princesses’ names: Lumpy Space Princess, Finn, Jake… and even Marcy? Is Simon losing the memories he gained as the Ice King? By the end of this 6-issue run, will Simon even remember little Marcy anymore? Pick up Kaboom!’s #2 of Marcy and Simon at any one of the Ultimate Comic locations!

Simon and Marcy allow me, a diehard Adventure Time fan, to continue to ignore the fact that the show is over with new content that provides more character development for those secondary characters of the show that had some major emotional baggage to them. Ice King was one of those characters that was a joke at the beginning of the series, but slowly grew on us with his tragic history with Marceline and his mental maze faced during his time as the Ice King. I personally look forward to being able to learn more about Simon as a character and see his recovery progress with finally being separated with his creepy alter-ego.