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Detective 1000 Midnight Release Party!

Tuesday 3/26 11:30 pm – 1:00 am at Ultimate Comics

Detective Comics is reaching a landmark issue with Detective Comics 1000! Come celebrate this historic event with your friends at Ultimate Comics!

When Batman reaches a milestone like this you know Ultimate Comics is going to celebrate with a huge event. Come out to this midnight launch party and be one of the first people to buy and read one of the biggest comics of the year!

To celebrate this big event, we’re going having a big Batman sale Tuesday night and all day Wednesday! Get 25% off all Batfamily trades, statues, action figures, and back issues! Grab some classic Batman stories to go with your new issue of Detective 1000!

We’ll have all the orderable covers! Find your favorite and preorder it today or preorder the whole set! We’ll have some more Batman shennanigans themed for the party so stay tuned for more info. Expect us to be showing Batman movies behind the register!