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Mister Miracle #1 Review

Writer: Tom King

Pencils, Inks and Colors by Mitch Gerads

Publisher: DC

 There are few comics more anticipated this year than the new Mister Miracle title. Not only is the titular protagonist a Jack Kirby creation, but this book is helmed by one of the best creative teams in the industry today. Tom King and Mitch Gerads have already done some great work together on Batman, particularly the Swamp Thing issue; and they continue to amaze readers with their heart-pounding war series The Sheriff of Babylon. Now, the critically-acclaimed duo takes on one of the older and more obscure characters from the DC lore for a 12-issue miniseries.

If you’ve read anything by King, you know how literary his style is. Mister Miracle is no different, utilizing the same kind of Watchmen influence with its nine-panel page layouts and dense text. The story involves Mister Miracle’s resurrection after a near-death experience, but the execution in both King’s script and Gerads’ visuals is so surreal. The magic of this issue is not so much related to the plot, but rather the storytelling itself. It’s a breathtaking experience that also feels like a culmination of everything King and Gerads have done up until now. It has the high-concept surrealist fantasy elements of The Vision, the epic scope of The Omega Men and the grounded thematic material of The Sheriff of Babylon all wrapped into one book.

In interviews leading up to this issue’s release, King said that the concept originated from a near-death experience he himself underwent. Just as he brings his personal experience as an ex-CIA agent to books like Sheriff of Babylon and Grayson, here he delivers an equally personal and human story. This comic no doubt revels in the DC New Gods mythology, featuring characters like Big Barda, Orion and Highfather, but the emphasis is on the human side of our hero.

Mister Miracle #1 is a stroke of genius. It demonstrates what happens when two master storytellers join forces to create a comic that’s alluring, mythic and multifaceted from start to finish. Get it. Take it to cons to get it signed by the creators. Then frame it on your wall and buy another copy so you can reread that one over and over again. DC has been doing great in the last year, but this just might be their best title yet since the Rebirth line began.


Kevin Schaefer for Ultimate Comics