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Immortal #1

Title: Immortal
Writer: Rob Potchak
Artist: Owen Gieni
Colorist: Studio Makma
Publisher: Keenspot Entertainment

After being alive for more than 700 years, Immortal Elisa thinks she’s seen everything there is to see. She’s fought battles, trained other immortals and met an array of both mythological and historical characters. Now juggling a life in 1997 as both an unsuspecting librarian and a master of sword and sorcery, Elisa and her friends will discover adventures that are even new to someone as old as her.

That is the premise of the new comic “Immortal” from Keenspot Entertainment. Raleigh-based writer Rob Potchak delivers a world of wizards, swords and B-movie monsters in this book, which is beautifully brought to life by penciler Owen Gieni and colorist Studio Makma. Combining elements of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Highlander and a touch of Lovecraftian horror for good measure, this comic is a great love letter to pop-culture. As Potchak infuses his script with numerous sci-fi and fantasy references from the 90s, it’s clear he had as much fun developing this story as I did reading it. Here he’s merged a fun and outrageous concept with an interesting and strong protagonist.

Elisa is really what makes this debut issue what it is. While the pop-culture references and influences are an instrumental component, it’s her story that has me stoked for where this series will go. As a sassy and adventure-loving hero who also partied with Nostradamus years earlier, what’s not to like about her?

If you’re looking for a comic that’s an absolute blast to read, look no further than “Immortal.” This book has action, supernatural elements, great characters and a cliffhanger ending. Potchak has been doing signings all day at each Ultimate Comics location, and will be back in September at Greensboro Comicon. Be sure to bring your copy then and support a great local creator. Now if you’ll excuse me, this issue has made me want to go back and marathon a bunch of 90s sci-fi/fantasy movies!

-Kevin Schaefer for Ultimate Comics